Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just What Kind Of Hook Up Is This?

I gotta tell ya.

I am a bit confused by what anniversaries and engagements mean to some people.

To mean, an anniversary is when a couple celebrates the anniversary of their wedding.
And an engagement is something that means a marriage is coming. EVENTUALLY.

First off, the anniversary.

I know all these people that aren't married celebrating their anniversaries.
This confuses me.

Some people celebrate the day they met.
Some celebrate their first date.
Some, the day they moved in together.

I am sure there are as many reasons as people.

But, when people that aren't married say it is their anniversary I never know what that quite means.

And I have to say, I can't even tell you the date my husband and I met or started dating or even moved in together.
Maybe I am the odd ball and women are supposed to know these things.
I just never thought it mattered so I never checked the calendar.

And what about people that say that they are engaged, but have been that way for years.
They say it doesn't matter.


Fair enough.

But, why are they saying they are engaged but not getting married?

They can just be a couple content with things and not giving a crap what people think?
I guess I just don't see the point.
They obviously don't care too much about getting married or they would have done it.
And if they don't care about being married, why bother being engaged for 5+ years.

Just sayin'.

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