Saturday, May 22, 2010

Changin' It Up

I got my new Victoria's Secret catalog today and I started to wonder about the evolution of words.

You know.
Underwear words.

When did G-strings become thongs and thongs were no longer footwear?
They are now referred to as flip flops.

It was just like all of a sudden EVERYONE decided at the same time the world needed to change words on the unsuspecting people.

To me, it is no big deal if my mother calls flip flops thongs.
When I grew up, that's what they were.
But, my daughter thinks she is being dumb.

At least she has stopped giving Grandma odd looks over it.

Thongs are panties to her and always have been.

And why are boy shorts a type of underwear?

They don't look like boys or mens underwear.
And they look nothing like shorts I have ever seen a boy wear.

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