Monday, July 28, 2014

Changing Times

I've been so busy lately.

Not much to report on the job hunt. I did find out there is a vanpool that goes from town to Des Moines. Hoping to find more details and maybe other locations.

The rain stopped and the garden dried hard as a rock.

Kiddo and I were able to powerweed until the ground baked and the weeds could not be pulled.

I've been making pickles.
My zucchini is starting to produce a lot.

Honeyman and I have started a new landscaping project.
Kiddo has a playhouse that we plan to turn into a chicken coop.
There are rocks around the playhouse so we are moving them and making a rock garden around the A/C unit outside.

I am also really learning to go over labels with a fine tooth comb.
I normally always have and stayed away from certain things.
But, things I didn't know I needed to look for really are what I do.
I went to and printed out a list of alternate names for msg.
I've been making my own salad dressings and I will have to find other toothpaste or make my own.
My vitamins aren't even safe. Which would account for the reason that they really didn't give me any more energy and in fact made me more tired. And they are whole foods vitamins too.
I found out that I ate and drank a lot of stuff with msg and that accounted for my big reaction.
I accidentally drank some on Saturday and now my tongue went numb and now it is all irritated like I burned it.
I will get the hang of this.

Saturday was my family reunion.
We came home with a bunch of gluten free crackers, no one wanted to take home.
A couple kind have maltodextrin(msg) so they are for Honeyman. But, a couple other kind are OK.
Oh, and it was nice to see everyone.

Kiddo is a senior.
Already registered.
She wants me to take her senior pictures.
I don't know if I should be flattered that she has faith in me.
Considering the fact that she hates her picture being taken, she probably just doesn't give a shit.
Just have Mom do it and get it over with.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

But Why

Mother Nature...
Where to start?
She just needs to stop with the rain.
Not forever.
Just, let my garden dry out.
I have algae growing out there.

I got jury duty.
As you recall, transportation is an issue for me.
This is gonna be fun.
Not to mention, the whole looking for a job thing.
Chances are, it will take me a while to find one so do I take a job knowing I might have to take off right away?
Would I even get hired knowing that is a possibility?
How would I set up an interview if the court decides I will have to go in?
I am all for doing my duty.
Timing could be better.

Now, it seems I have developed some sort of food allergy.
I have not pinpointed it yet.
I will probably have to get tested for sure.
All I know, is certain foods are making my mouth go numb and my throat swell a little.
At first, I thought vitamin B-12 deficiency.
That can cause mouth problems.
So, I started taking vitamins and I wondered when I'd quit getting numbness in my mouth.
Fast forward to this week-end.
I eat some Cheetos and I lose all feeling in my tongue and my throat swelled a bit.
Maybe I should have gone to the ER.
But, I could breathe so...
So, Cheetos are out.
I barely have them, but it makes me sad.

I am leaning toward dairy or MSG as the cause.
I have always had some problems with milk, but just phlegmy after drinking and getting really cold.
But, the last month or two, I have been getting numbness and now the throat problems.

Either way it sucks.
MSG is in almost everything. Even if it goes by a different name.
And I love cheese.
I REALLY love cheese.

Good times.
Very good times.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

It Has Been Fun?

I have made a decision that could be a very good thing.

I have decided that it's time for me to go out into the big bad world.
For years, I have stayed home.
I do a lot of work at home.

But, my daughter is a senior now and I feel like contributing to the coffers.

I foresee a few bumps along the road to employment.

1. I have not worked in so long that I don't remember when I quit.
    I know where, which is good.
    I just can't remember the year, let alone the month or day to put down on a application.

2. Skills, or lack thereof.
     I don't type very fast. I never finished college. I can not run a backhoe.

3. Transportation
     I don't have a spare car, which I really hate to drive anyway. I live in the boonies so no public transportation.

But, I am determined. It may take a while and things will have to be figured out, but I can do it.