Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a hoot!

So, I have the news on.

Not sure why. I never seem to learn much of anything. Except that the weatherman was wrong. AGAIN!

We got rain. It was not supposed to rain until Thursday. WTH? I have garden to get planted.
That is not gonna happen when I can't even walk out there.

I am big on having a garden.

The first thing I had to have when we moved to a house with a huge ass yard was a garden.

And last year we made it even bigger.

I have some stuff. But, I still need to get corn and tomatoes and my beloved peppers in.

I am a pepper junkie!

I love trying new types of peppers all the time.

Even when I don't need to, I love just going out to my garden and being one with nature.
Ok that was my hippie reference for the day.

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