Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have some banana bread in the oven.
So, since I am up for a while, I might as well be on here.

I am in a baking mood tonight.
Earlier I made some chocolate cupcakes w/ chocolate frosting and now I am doing banana bread.
I will have to get those on my yummy stuff blog soon.

I looked and I haven't put anything on there in 5 days. I am seriously behind on all my stuff.

But, things get so busy this time of year.

But, I made a goal for myself and I pretty much screwed the pooch.
I can do better.
I will do better.

But, anyway I had fun at Lazerfest. Except for the cold, rainy weather.
I saw my cousin there who I have not seen in years.

I was able to put some plants in the garden. About time.

Ooooh, oooh!
Can't forget.
Gwen has Tae Kwon Do test Sunday.
She tests for her temporary black belt.
This is very cool.
We are letting people know.
It is a given this time. The instructor signed off on it.
Go Gwen!

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