Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Funky Songs

So, I am in a bit of a funk.
I thought, what better way to get out of it than music.

Particularly funky music.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is songs with funk/funky in the title.

1. Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry

2. Renegades of Funk- Rage Against the Machine

3. Funky Cold Medina- Tone Loc

4. Brand New Funk- Jazzy Jeff

5. Funky Town- Lipps Inc.

6. Give Up the Funk- Parliament

7. Funk for Your Ass- Fred Wesley

8. Violent & Funky- Infectious Grooves

9. Funky Drummer- James Brown

10. Funky Monks- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I've Got the F Word


I really don't know what has come over me.

I am just in a really bad FUNK.

Maybe it's the weather.
Freezing rain, rain, fog.
Dreary, gloomy, icky.

Last Friday my father-in-law had a quadruple bypass.
He is doing well.
Except they found out his kidneys aren't great.

They have to do more testing to find out the extent of damage.

I love the man to death
But in a lot of ways
he is his own worst enemy.

When he was pre-diabetic he wouldn't make any dietary changes.
He could just take a pill.

When he started having heart problems he changed nothing.

He kept eating how he wanted.

Honeyman said maybe this surgery will give him a wake-up call.
Cause if he doesn't make changes, what was the point of going through all that?

I worry that now he knows his kidneys have damage
he just won't care to.

I am bored.
I am so ready for warmer weather.
I want to go outside.

I have started an ebook for recipes.
My plan is to do a series of them.
One for dips, another for bars and cookies, and so on and so forth.

I need to clean up the computer.
See about installing windows 8.
It's on sale right now.

I really don't like the whole tile thing on it
but, I've heard if you don't have it, there is no start menu.

But, I have Vista and I think my programs are getting a little tired and in need of an upgrade.

So, why am I bored?
Cause I really don't feel like doing jack shit!

That's what happens when I'm in a funk.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tax Dollars at Work

Gotta love tax season!
Or do you?

My household makes more money so I pay more in taxes and get squat back as a refund.
That is just how it is supposed to work.

But, prices of everything are going up so it doesn't feel like I am making more.

But, I pay more in taxes.

And lucky me, Iowa has the 5th highest state income tax.
Right in between Rhode Island and New Jersey.
Not much lower than California.

I believe in paying my fair share.
I really do.

Though for the amount of state tax money I paid in last year, I think they could afford to put more gravel on my road.

Instead that money is probably helping pay for my governor's pension.
He is governor, so he gets a salary for that.
He was the governor before, but stepped down.
So, he gets a pension for that.

He gets a salary and pension.
It's legal so he is completely fine with getting both.

My tax dollars at work.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let There Be Water!

 Look at me!

I am now the proud owner of a big hump of dirt in my yard,
a smaller hump of dirt in one of my driveways,
and a water bill.

On the bright side:

I have ample water.

I am now caught up on my laundry and have extremely good water pressure.

In other unrelated news, it seems we have a new cat.

He appears to have been dumped. He is definitely not an outdoor cat.
He has also not been fixed.
Our guess is that he started spraying and rather than neuter him, they just dumped him.

Taking him to a shelter would cost them money.
So, that's out too.

People who dump animals should be shot.
Poor guy just seems so lost.

We named him Stanley.
He's a lovey kitty!

Ahhhhh, good times!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- January Gratefuls

It may come as a complete shock, but I am not always full of lightness and sunshine.

I try to remember to be grateful for what I have.
If I don't, I get depressed.

I get caught up in the what ifs and start eating tons of sugar
which gives me more depressed thoughts along with anxiety
and than I get crabby.

So, it's good to be grateful.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about what I am grateful for in this awesome month of January.

1. People that do nice things- just because.
    Smart Ass Sara from Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos is a sweet person. Her blog is about her family and she says things how she sees them. She also does a lot of book reviews. One of her books sounded like something my daughter would like and I said so. She sent me the book. How amazing is that?

2. Getting rural water
    The crew has finally showed up and started digging. By the end of the week, I will get a steady supply of water and another new bill. I choose to be happy that I can now do several loads of laundry in a day.

3. My BIL made it through surgery
   He had to have a vertebrae removed from his neck and replaced with a cadaver bone and a steel plate. Surgery went well and he is home.

4. Money at the end of the month
    How awesome is that? It is really nice to have a little money after paying all the bills. Not tons, but I'll have more than $5 to my name when the next pay day comes around. I do have a question? Does it always seem to take a few months after getting a couple bills paid off for you to actually notice the extra money? Cause it always does with me and I don't know why. Maybe cause I seem to be playing catch up with bills a lot.

5. 45 degrees(Fahrenheit) in January
    Right now it is in the 20s, but last week it got to 45 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 46. This is great. No winter coat. In January! I love it!

6. Making my dad's fudge
    I have not made my dad's recipe for fudge in many years. You have to cook it to the soft ball stage or use a candy thermometer and I don't always have the best luck doing that. So, I usually do shortcut fudge. But, I wanted his fudge so I made it Saturday night. I had problems with it setting up so we have it eat it off a spoon. But, it tastes amazing. Except now, I have a fudge problem. It's here so I must eat it. Lots of it!

7. Seeing friends
    I don't get much of a chance to get together with people due to schedules. It is great to see friends that I usually never get to see more than a few times a year.

8. No orthodontist visits
    Kiddo is now in the maintenance phase of her treatment so we don't have to go as often. Do you know how long is has been since I went more than a month without a trip to the ortho? Too damn long!

9. Popcorn and potatoes
    A friend of mine has a pumpkin patch. They also grow potatoes and corn. Some of it popcorn. It is amazing! I went over and got some popcorn and potatoes a couple weeks back and she gave me extra because they had so much. Let's hear it for locally grown and yummy!

10. Remembering to take my turkey out of the freezer
    Honeyman gets a turkey at Thanksgiving, but we go to my mom's. I was sick over Christmas and than kept forgetting to take it out to thaw. So, we are having turkey tomorrow or Thursday.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Take That, "Friend"

I'm gonna do it!
I mean it.

For months I have thought about it.
I have even mentioned it.

I never follow through.
I don't know why.

I keep saying I don't have time
Or, that I don't want people to feel bad.

But, that is not true.
I have time.

And honestly, these people are probably not going to know
OR care.

I have 157 people on my facebook friends lists and I never see or hear from half of them.

They are either never on or they just never do anything.

They never comment on anything I do.
They never "like" anything I do.
They never send messages or use chat.

They seldom,if ever, write a status.
And if they do and I comment
they never respond to me.

What is the point?
Why did you friend me?

Sure, I have deleted a few people here or there.
A person that referred to their friends as fans.(Someone is thinking a bit highly of themselves)
A person that wanted people to delete her if they didn't vote how she did.( I did get a friend request from her later)
People that I think made an account, a few friends, and never returned.

One person I did delete over religion.
I have many family and friends that are uber religious and I have no problem with it.
But, when everything from a tire blowout to a headache is caused by Satan, that is a bit much.
Plus, her friends seemed to have a habit of requesting my friendship because I was on her list. 

I better get started.
Now, that I have written it down, I am committed.
No turning back.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Meanings of Words

Meanings of words evolve over time.
Words are shortened.
Sometimes they are completely different.

That's what this week's ten things Tuesday is about.
Words that have changed over time.

1. Jelly
    Once, jelly was only known as something inside of a donut or what you put on toast. Now, it is also the new way of saying jealous. Not sure if someone was being lazy or just thought it was cute when they came up with that.

2. Thong
    I may have mentioned this before. A thong is now a style of underwear that is like walking around with a permanent wedgie. When I grew up, you had a pair of thongs and you wore them on your feet.

3. Flip flop
    A flip flop is what I used to call a thong. A flip flop also has another meaning. It means to go back and forth on the issues. Does anyone remember when John Kerry ran for president and people were waving flip flops around in protest at his rallies? Because he is the only politician ever to say one thing and do something else.

4. Coke
    Coke started out as Coca-Cola. It is also short for cocaine. Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine. The company still processes the coca leaves the same way and cocaine gets produced. (It's all legal. They got a pass.) It is just not added to the drink anymore. Where does the cocaine go? Take a guess, you might be right.

5. Fairy Tail
    It used to be spelled fairy tale and was a children's story. Now, the tale becomes tail and it becomes Japanese anime.

6. Disk
    It used to be a round celestial body like the sun. Disk was also known as a gardening term. You turned over the soil with a disk( there were actually lots of small disks on it). Now, disk basically refers to a floppy disk or other disk on the hard drive in your computer.

7. Alcohol
    Alcohol used to always mean rubbing alcohol. Alcohol has always been adult beverage, but it was never referred to as such. It used to be booze or hard liquor.

8. Rubber
    In some places, a rubber is known as an eraser. Many years ago, a rubber in the US is what we now call a condom. I still remember this song we had to watch in school about safe sex. "If you want to play it safe, use a rubber". In 2010 "Rubber" was a movie about a psychopathic tire. I am NOT making this up.

9. Trunk
    You can have the trunk of a tree or the trunk of a car. When referring to a person's body, the trunk used to mean torso since it was the main portion of the body- like the trunk is the main part of the tree. Now, it's called the core. A person's trunk is now the butt since on a car the trunk is in the back. Except the old Volkswagen Beetle.

10. Roughage
    Does anyone still say roughage? I think that last time I said roughage I got odd looks. The new term is FIBER. Same thing. Kindler, gentler word.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Did you hear?

It is no longer permissible to finger shoot someone and say POW!

I know.

What is the world coming to?

A school in Maryland suspended a six year-old for 1 day for doing just that.
The family is allowed 10 days to file an appeal.

But, come on.

First it's pretend guns.
Next you won't be able to play air guitar.
After that, who knows?

You just may not be allowed to use your brush as a microphone.

Whatever happened to telling the kid that it isn't nice to do that and to just stop?
Apparently, there was a similar incident so this needed dealt with.
That's why you tell them again to stop.

Six year-olds don't always listen the first time they are told something.
Two to one the kid thought he just got a day that he got to stay home from school.

If the kid doesn't understand the punishment or why what he did was wrong,
what good did all of this do?

And isn't this whole thing just a bit over the top?

For the full article read here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Hopes For the New Year

Every year New Year's Day rolls around and I am just sure it'll be a good year.
As the year progresses, it just doesn't seem to turn out as great as I had hoped.

This year I am changing my tactics.
Instead of being sure, I am going to be hopeful.

Hopeful is good, right?

This week's ten things Tuesday is about things I am hopeful for in 2013.

1. I'd like to win some money.
   Publisher's Clearing House is awarding $5000/week forever in February and while that would be awesome, I'll take a sweepstakes win from one of my survey sites.

2. I want a dear loved one to leave a cult.
    It's hard to watch someone you love throw her future away on something that she believes in so much and that you know with every fiber of your being is a bad thing.

3. I want to take a monkey water bath.
    We are biting the bullet and getting rural water. We will still be able to use the well outside. I have no idea when it will be done. I guess one day they show up and dig. I have not had a really nice, deep, hot bath since the night my well went dry.

4. I want chickens.
    I never thought I'd ever say such a thing. But, I'd like fresh eggs and it is not always easy getting over to the farmer that sells us eggs. Getting the chickens are the easy part. Building the coop to keep out the other critters is another story-according to Honeyman.

5. I want my antenna.
    I had one ordered. It never came. Now, it will have to wait until it is warm enough to put up. This time, I am going to Radio Shack so I know I will get it. I am so looking forward to telling Directv that I don't need them anymore.

6. I'd like the world to quit being ruled by money.
    If that was the case, I wouldn't need my first hope. Everything is about money. It really is hard to do without and as life goes on, it takes more and more.

7. I want touchscreens to go away.
    Maybe my household is in the minority, but we all hate them. Give me a button or keyboard any day.

8.  Can everyone just stop with blaming?
    When did it start becoming OK to not take personal responsibility? That is the reason I did it. They caused me to be the person I am. Who cares? You did it. Own up! At some point, each one of us has to take responsibility for the actions we take.

9. I want GE products labeled.
    You can call it GMO too. And if it has those ingredients, you can't call it natural. We have all been raised that the government is looking out for our best interests. But, the government doesn't know what the effects of additives or GMO ingredients will ultimately do to our bodies. Or they do and just don't care.
Yes, I know we will all die someday. That's not the point.

10. I want my government to quit taking away our freedoms/privacy.
    We lose more and more freedoms all the time. Many times the government says that "it's for our own good" and we need to be safer. It is well known that when faced with a choice of freedom and safety, the majority of people will opt for safety. I'd rather have my freedom.
If I want to walk down the street scratching my ass, I'd like to do it without a camera watching.


Have a great Tuesday!