Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Regional Words and Phrases

All over the place people call the same thing by different names.
Things like the hash mark versus the pound key.

It can be both confusing and interesting.
You might get weird looks for saying what is normal
Or even just asking what the hell people are talking about.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about words or phrases that are different depending on where you are.

1. Pop
   In Iowa, pop is what is known as soda or soda pop in other parts of the US. Restaurant menus call it a soft drink though.

2. Coke
   Also known as pop, aka soda. I used to live in Arkansas and everything was Coke even if it was really a Dr. Pepper. I worked in a c-store and one day my boss told me to change the Coke prices. I asked him if I should change the Pepsi products too and I got the "you are a dumbass" look.

3. Supper
   The evening meal. Known to some as dinner.

4. Dinner
    The noon meal. Known to some as lunch.

5. The deer woods.
   In Arkansas, you don't just hunt in any woods for deer. They are in the deer woods. Never ask if other animals live there too. They don't find it funny.

6. Fixin'
 Being an Iowa girl, fixing means to fix something because it doesn't work or it broke. Down South it means going. "I'm fixin' to go to the deer woods. I need to buy a Coke first."

7. Coupons
   I have always called it coupons with a coo sound. Even though the majority of Iowans have always pronounced it like quepons. My mom thinks coopons sounds odd.

8. Squash
   Midwesterners don't have much of an accent. However most people, especially older generations, pronounce squash as squorsh. It's the same thing with the word wash. Drives me nuts.

9. Barbecue
   Grill out. Some people call it grilling out. Some people call it barbecuing. Around here it is known as grilling. Barbecue is a sauce. I love to grill!

10. Wetback
    In New Zealand, this is a slang term for a firefighter. I used to do a paid to post site and certain words were censored. The company is based in the US and wetback was not allowed. When a New Zealander started a discussion about wetbacks, it wouldn't let her write that. To bypass censors, she had to add a extra t. In the US, wetback is a derogatory term for an illegal alien, usually Mexican although it could be any Hispanic. The term came when many illegals started crossing the Rio Grande River  from Mexico into the US.

What words or phrases do you know that people say in one area of the world, but is different somewhere else?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Look Alikes?- 2/24/12

<- Chuck Woolery- game show host

       Fred  Willard as Aslo in "Epic Movie"->

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's A Game

Jenny from over at The Pearson Report has started a game.

It's The Answer Game or TAG for short.

Here's some questions and here's my answers.
If you want feel free to play along.

Are you signed up for the A to Z Challenge? 
Why, yes I am.

What is your sign-up number? 
38 for Yummy Stuff
39 for welcome to me

Are you ready? If yes...explain yourself.
Sort of. I have some ideas.
If you’re not ready...what’s your excuse? 
I don't have all my recipes. When I do make stuff, I need pictures so I am not done figuring it all out.
For this here blog, I have a few ideas, but will end up winging it like last year, I am sure.
Figuring it out at the last minute made me really stretch my mind and see what I could come up with. 
I have til April so I'm good.
If you want to play make a post with all questions and answers and go on over to the Pearson Report and leave a comment. You will make the tagged list.
I  am only going to do this on welcome to me, not yummy stuff because I'd be posting the same thing twice and not gonna do it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Changes

Is it Tuesday already?
I think I may have missed last week.

I think it is time this world saw some changes.
For the good
Cause, lately, I just see things changing for the worse.

Most of this stuff has been coming at us for a long time.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is about changes that should happen- even if they probably won't.

1. Money shall no longer be the driving force behind EVERYTHING.
   If money wasn't a big motivator, you wouldn't have all these wars and drug cartels and as much corruption everywhere. Or speed cameras. Or concert ticket prices that double in price after Ticketmaster adds their fees.

2. People should believe what they want and others would be OK with it.
   Religion, politics, abortion, you name it. People have their view point and if someone thinks otherwise, they are wrong. Can't we all just get along?

3. Corporation executives would no longer make more money than the actual workers.
   And don't tell me that they are the brains of the operation. Many times it's the idiots that run the show and the lowly worker can't tell them when they are wrong cause the worker gets in trouble.

4. Congress should not have a 401(K) plan.
   I am not a fan of the stock market, but I know it's "the way to go". At the very least, members of Congress and their families should not be able to trade as long as they are in government.

5. We will quit putting safety before freedom.
   All governments know that the majority of people will always put safety first. This allows the government to slowly, but surely erode the freedoms we have or did once have.

6. There will no longer be three weeks of airtime devoted to a famous person's death or fall from grace.
   I know they are people in the spotlight, but leave them or their family alone. It's too bad, but honestly? I don't know them and I really don't care. But,they do deserve to be left alone.

7. People will own up to what they do.
   No more blaming others.  Sure I made the cookies, but no one said you had to eat them all.

8. Once you pay for something, it shall be yours.
   Can you imagine paying taxes on your house one time? Or on your car? I know that is registration, but we all know it is a tax. Just like the gasoline tax is an excise tax so you can't use it when you deduct sales taxes on your 1040A. Yes, I know property taxes pay for schools and such, but that could change too.

9. All parking spots should be made larger.
   I don't know if that would help people to park more in between the lines, but it would be nicer for people driving anything bigger than a Yaris.

10. Healthy food shall no longer cost more than the unhealthy kind.
     I could probably save $100 a month on food if I was willing to eat some of the crap out there. There are things I just refuse to buy because of what's in them. No one should have to choose junk over healthy. But, they do.

What is one thing you would choose if you could?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Being Independent

You know how the face of the Democratic party is the donkey?

You know how the face of the Republican party is an elephant?

Well, I am an Independent and I think I need something.

I THINK it is rather appropriate, don't you?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are You Doing It

The April A-Z challenge is a great way to meet new bloggers and a good way to learn how creative you can be.
I have signed up for this blog as well as my yummy stuff recipe blog.

I am a bit more prepared than I was last year.
I still don't have it all planned, but I know about it ahead of time this year.

Feel free to make a theme
Or just wing it.

Certain letters are tough
But, that is what makes it a challenge.

You post Monday through Saturday during the month of April.
The first is a Sunday so you DO post on that day
No other Sunday though.

Go on over and sign up!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Have a Funky Heart!

Yesterday, I started my day by going to the ER.

When you mention chest pains, it is amazing how fast you get a room.
Try it!
You won't be disappointed.

And than I got to chew 4, count'em-4, baby aspirin.
Just enough water to get them down.

Next, I got the inside of my elbow gouged out by the nurse, who could not find my vein.
If she were a cartoon, the bubble over her head would read
" I'll dig just a little bit more and I'll find it."

She had to give up and drill another spot.
Honeyman said it was painful just watching.
Imagine how it felt.

Next came the EKG and blood tests.
Than an X-ray.

No heart attack and they can't find anything.

They sent me to get a stress echo test and to talk to a cardiologist.

They wanted my heart rate up to 180, but it didn't want to go past 170
so they went with that, because I was seeming to need to stop
Maybe they were afraid my heart was going to explode.

It was normal.

I figured that it would be.
But, one never knows.
It really felt like they were trying to kill me.

Apparently my heart skips beats sometimes and when the next beat comes it is harder and gives me some pain and can make me lightheaded.
It also can give me cottonmouth.

It isn't dangerous, but is annoying.
And funky!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'd Like a Vacation

A nice, long vacation would be so nice.
Maybe a year of no crap would be enough.

Quite lovely, in fact.

But, first I need to win the lottery
or, at the very least, a visit from Dave Sayer.

Publishers Clearinghouse has a new winner February 29th.
I have a feeling ....

...he's not coming this time either.

Money might not bring happiness, but it sure would make me happy to know that if I needed to buy new tires for the truck I wouldn't have to wait until the student loan people deem to send me my interest form so I could file my taxes so that I could afford the tires.

Update on my daughter- I will be taking her to the gynecologist as soon as I can.
How sad that I had to take her to the ER because her primary didn't think I knew what I was talking about.

In other news, my phone company pissed me off today.

Starting on Friday, my phone kept ringing and no one was ever there.
No matter whether you picked it up or let it go to voicemail no one was there.
Just beeps. It even left voicemail beeps.

A phone call to the number that called us led us to a woman saying it wasn't her and she didn't know what was going on.
Windstream was gone for the weekend. Yay me!

I found how to block the call.
It didn't work, apparently.

I got a hold of Windstream today.
I had to call them 4 times.

Than they wanted me to sign up for trap and trace.
The first lady said I would have to do this through the police.
So, I tell this last woman that I am going to talk to the sheriff's office first.

She wanted me to sign up for theirs first, which I would have to pay for.

I told her I was getting mad.
I wanted to use stronger language, but customer service people do not like it when I say pissed off. They tell me they won't talk to me if I say that.
So, damn or hell or shit is really out of the question.

Not sure if it was mentioning the sheriff or being mad or Windstream calling the number that was calling here, but the calls stopped right after the last phone call I made.

And it is really quite pathetic that it takes two minutes of pushing buttons and listening to an automated voice before I actually get to talk to someone. Even if you know the button, you can't push it early. You can, it just doesn't matter.

Thank you, Iowatelecom.
Thank you for selling to Windstream.
I love crappier customer service and more internet outages!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Congrats Sir Paul

You have just gotten an award that has been given to a muppet.

OK, so Paul McCartney won for music
and Kermit got one for....
being green?

That is right.

The coveted Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Not that Mr. McCartney isn't worthy of a star.
It is just that it really doesn't mean that much anymore, does it?

Dogs get one.
That's right.
Lassie and Rin Tin Tin got one.

So do movies
like "Godzilla"
or soundtracks
like "Chicago".

Even cartoon characters such as
Winnie the pooh
and Tinker Bell  got them.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame people are drawing the line, by God.
No reality show stars.

But, if you produce them
that's fine.
Mark Burnett, the king of reality shows got one.


If you'd like to see a list of recipients, here you go.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look Alikes ? - 2/08/12

 Barney Rubble
                            Rick Santorum


Friday, February 3, 2012

Tacos Are Not Just For Lunch Anymore

Awesome news!

We got a check for the cost of having the truck fixed.

Things did not get ugly.
As soon as we walked in the shop, the guy that runs it told us he was going to write us a check.

Apparently, NAPA- the company that was supposed to put money back on our card- gave a $400 credit to the wrong person.
They don't even know who ended up with it.

They were, however, able to verify that it did not go on OUR card.

Which we already knew.

Course, the guy could have called us.
He also was just waiting for us to go in there to write the check.
Said he didn't know our address.

I believe all that info. is in our account.
But, whatever.

Oh, I had another one of those "Damn, I wish I would have had my camera ready" moments.

On the way to the car shop, we saw an interesting sight.
See, it was such a nice day.
Too nice to keep all the windows or doors shut on your vehicle.

Yep, going down the road was a minivan.
The side door was all the way slid open
and sitting there right by the open door was an old lady, staring out.

All the windows were shut-
just the door wide open.

She didn't appear to be strapped into her seat belt.
I hope they didn't lose her somewhere.

"Where's Grandma?"
" I don't know. She was just there."

And to top off the day, I learned something.
My teenage daughter can be very enlightening.

Did you know tacos was slang for vagina?
Who knew?
I thought it was just a food.

I looked it up.
Technically it is the vulva or women's genitalia.
But, I guess she's close enough.