Monday, May 10, 2010

Too Many!

OK, we have outdoor cats.
A lot of outdoor cats.
Not as many as we used to.
But, still enough.

We want no more.
So we finally got all the females fixed.
Except for one. She kept leaving and her last litter she had elsewhere.
The vet was seeing some major dollar signs in his eyes.

So, we spent a good chunk of change on making sure we have no more mouths to feed.

Now, what happens?

The one we didn't fix decided to move back her in all her pregnant kitty glory.

We still thought, OK, last time she left to have her kittens.
She is not a people kitty so she hides from us all the time.

She was gone for a few days so we just thought she left to have her kittens.
Had her kittens, yes.
Somewhere else, no.

She went out and had them under the trees where we have a big piece of metal.
Had three of them.


Kittens are so cute, but we so did not want more.

All the other litters were hard enough to try and give away.

But, now the plan is to let her go until the kittens are about 6 weeks and ready for weaning and than take her to get fixed.

Gwen is gonna be excited. That kid loves cats and kittens sssooooo much.
She'll give them all names.
Cause they all need names.

Over the years we have had so many kittens and she names them all.
And remembers their names.

Once we had 3 sisters, all black. To Lon and I they were the black ones cause we couldn't tell them apart after they got older.
Gwen always could tell.

The best laid plans.

See ya!

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