Monday, October 31, 2011

As Seen from My Window


Because cows love to eat corn stalks!


Note this is not hay. It is the remnants of a corn field that has been baled. Corn stalks! Yummy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Schalloween!

 It's my birthday!
I am now 39.2.

But, seeing how everyone else seems to care, have a great Halloween weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- TV Shows are Spinning Off

These days most spin-off of TV shows seem to consist of the same idea moved to a new location and with other characters.

Examples are CSI, CSI:Miami, and CSI: New York.
You've got Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: SVU, and isn't there  Law and Order: L A?

I could go on and on.
There is the NCIS which was a spin-off from JAG and now has it's own spin-off in the form of one in LA.
Criminal Minds and it's failed attempt.

But, I want to revisit the old style spin-offs.
Shows from when I was growing up.
Spin-offs where one character would be in an episode or show and just go off on his own.
You don't see that much anymore.

Back in the 70s and 80s it happened quite a bit.

Top Things Tuesday- TV Shows and their spin-offs:

1.All in the Family
  This was a show in the 70s about a bigot, Archie Bunker, and his family.
Spin-offs included-
The Jeffersons
Archie Bunker's Place- spin-offs came from this one too like Gloria, who was Archie's daughter.

2. Alice
  Alice was a single mother that became a waitress at Mel's, a diner.
Flo was the spin-off. Flo liked to say "Kiss my grits!" a lot.

3. Soap
  This show was so wacky. There was alien abduction, demonic possession, infidelity, amnesia, mob stories, cults, homosexuality. Very rare and controversial in the 70s.
Benson was the spin-off. The butler was sent to go to work for the governor, who was Jessica's cousin.

4. 21 Jump Street
   Johnny Depp's break out show. It was about a group of NARCs. They were all so young and pretty.
The spin-off to this show was Booker. Booker was one of the cops and he got his own show as a PI.

5. Happy Days
I don't know anyone my age that didn't watch Happy Days. It took place in the 50s in Milwaukee. Fonz, the Cunninghams, Arnold(after him came Al). It was a family show.
Mork and Mindy was a spin-off. As was Laverne and Shirley and Joanie Loves Chachi.

6. The Tracy Ullman Show
  This was a sketch variety show on Fox.
It was on a couple years, I believe. It also is where The Simpson's came from. Every week, there were little shorts of the Simpsons and soon it became what we know today.
 Just thinking about how long ago that was makes me feel not so young anymore.

7. Married With Children
   Al Bundy sold shoes. His wife, Peggy, loved to sit on her butt all day and they had two kids-Bud and Kelly.
 Top of the Heap was the not-so-successful spin-off about a single father and his cute, but dumb teenage son.

   I think we have all heard of MASH. Many of us have even watched it. In case you haven't, it was a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea during the war.
Aftermash  was about 4 of the guys that came back and worked together in a hospital.
Trapper John, MD was a spin-off of sorts. It was about Trapper years later. The character Trapper was from MASH but that's about it.

9. Three's Company
   This show was about 3 single people sharing an apartment. One guy, two girls and then there was the nosy landlord.
Later the Roper's moved to a condo and got their own spin-off- The Roper's
Another spin-off was Three's a Crowd which was Jack living with his girlfriend and her father always butting in.

10. The Cosby Show
    This show was about a rich black family- The Huxtables. It starred Bill Cosby
The couple had good jobs and several kids.
The spin-off for this was A Different World. It was about the daughter Denise going off to college.
Strangely, though, she left the show and it still kept going without her. I say strange, since it started out a spin-off starring her.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Down Tonight

                                                     Here is my Halloween pirate.
                                                     I love my pirate.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I keep waiting for things to slow down and go back to normal.
But, so far, it ain't happenin'.

I am still canning and juicing tomatoes.And making salsa
Will it ever end?


Actually when I get done with what is in the house, I will.
It is supposed to freeze tonight.

Bye-bye garden.

Other than that, what else is going on with me and my world?

Due to the harvest of the corn behind the house, the cow has once again been spotted and located by the people thought to be the owners.
And there ends the quest to find the missing bovine.

We are helping Kiddo with her science.
When did 9th grade physical science become so goddamn complicated?

Of course the subject I would be great at helping her in-English- she is getting an A in.

And she is talking about trying to get into Journalism next semester.
I had been trying to get her to do that months ago.
Score 1 for Mom knowing what she is talking about!

I am actually pondering going to Thanksgiving at my parent's house.
It has been years since we did that.

Since we have lived here, most years it has been just the three of us.
One year we did have my brother in law's family over and that was a toilet clogging good time.
And the years before that Honeyman's grandma came over.

I always like making the dinner and dessert.
But, I just have a feeling I need to be going to this one.

And now it seems like our resident spook is moving things in Kiddo's room. She can't find things where she put them and they appear in other places. She gave me a bobby pin she found in her bed.
We don't have bobby pins that I know of and most certainly not in her room.

Odd stuff indeed.

So, that's what's goin' on.
The fun stuff never stops!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Q & A Time

 I first found this through Al at Penwasser Place. 
Jenny from the Pearson Report did it too.
So, I thought- why not?

I have a few spare moments.

1. What is your favorite word?
Cheese. What's not to like about cheese? It can be something yummy to eat OR something to say at picture time.
It's very versatile.

2. What is your least favorite word?

If I have to pick one word and not a phrase- shart.
I don't know why, it just sounds disgusting. Which it kinda is so the word fits the action. Still...

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Strangely enough, I have most intelligent ideas when I am laying in bed unable to sleep.
I don't know which one that would fall under, but I am goin' with that.

4. What turns you off?

Sleep. But, I guess sleep is just stand-by mode so it would have to be death. Otherwise I just keep going.
Like the energizer bunny.

5. What is your favorite curse word?

To me, a so called bad word is a cuss word. A curse is something that a witch or voodoo doctor puts on you.
I don't do that.

Just kidding
Ass- it's a noun. It's an adjective. 
Once again-very versatile.
just plain ass.

6. What sound or noise do you love?

Rock music. Not boy band pop, not techno(or whatever it is called) .
Good rock.

7. What sound or noise do you hate?

Cicadas. Their noise drives me nuts every summer.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Pastry chef. Or run my own bakery.

9. What profession would you not like to do?

A mud wrestler. Rolling around in the mud would put mud in places I don't even know that is possible to wash.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

It's safe, I didn't let any of the dumb-asses in.

So, these are my answers.
Feel free to play along.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Great Things About October

Ah, just making it under the wire this week.

What a day!
Busy and not without mishap, so I am a little late getting this out.

But, here I am with Ten Things Tuesday.
This week is about why October is such a great month.

1. Me
   I was born in October. So, of course it has to be an awesome month. The 29th, in case anyone wants to send me a card or $100. Your call. I am not gonna be picky.

2. The harvest
   Farmers will get the crops out so I can see something besides corn and soybeans. And maybe the cow will finally be found.

3. Halloween
  I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I am not crafty and yet I managed to make most of Kiddo's costumes.

4. The killing frost
   I love my garden, but I am ready to be done canning and freezing things. I am also looking forward to the end of ragweed season(Kiddo's allergic) and bugs.

5. Pumpkins
  They are so pretty and orange. I like all sizes. I grow pie pumpkins and jack-o-lantern size.
It is fun to make jack-o-lanterns.

6. Honeyman's birthday
   His birthday is coming up on Saturday. He hasn't even come up with his birthday dinner yet.
That is what I do. Everyone in the house decides what they want for their birthday dinner and that is what I make.

7. New TV shows
   A new season just started and so far the reruns haven't started yet. I love Criminal Minds(Yay for Emily and JJ being back) and Parenthood.

8. Too warm to snow
   It isn't super hot anymore, but no snow and not -20 degrees yet. I hope I don't jinx it, because it has been known to snow in Iowa in October before.

9. Columbus Day
  Because I really don't know what I would do without a holiday celebrating a man who really didn't discover America. Plus, he was a real nut job.

10. It's the beginning of the fiscal year
   Why is this great? Because we all get to watch and learn how the federal government can screw things up even more by their fiscal irresponsibility. Party doesn't matter. They are all fiscally stupid.

OK, there you have it. And you just thought October didn't have much going for it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Cheap Honeymoon

Sherilin over at laughing my abs off wrote a post about her honeymoon and invited others to share.
So, here is me... sharing.

Honeyman and I didn't have a lot of money in those days.
What makes it different from these days?

You could do more with less 14 years ago.

We didn't do the nice traditional wedding.
I didn't care.

I had done all the big wedding planning before.
The nice dress, the fancy invitations, the minister.
But, the wedding was not to be.

I should have known we were doomed when that first groom-to-be wanted to play Randy Travis during the ceremony.

But, since Honeyman and I were keeping it simple, we got nice rings.

We also made plans to get it done on the Friday before Labor Day.
He had no vacation time, but this way he'd have a three day week-end for the honeymoon.

We went down and got our marriage license and they gave us instructions on getting married at the courthouse.
This was our plan and so this was great.
On the sheet it said we could just go to the family court and find a judge. We didn't need an appointment.
If we did it offsite, judges could charge a minimum fee of $55.

No problem.
The courthouse was fine.

Except, naive me.
I believed it would be that easy.

Did I say we had not a lot of money?
Yeah, we had just enough to go away for a couple days.

And than, we get to the courthouse with Kiddo, my sister, and Honeyman's brother and we can't find a judge to do the deed.
A nice lady called and found one that would do it on his lunch hour, but didn't like marrying people at the courthouse because it was so "unromantic".(Translation-he wanted the money)
By then, we figured we had no option but to have him do it and pay the money out of our measly honeymoon fund.

We went to the judge's house and got married in his flower garden.

After that, we drove down to the inlaws to drop Kiddo off for the night.
We obviously were staying home.

But, they gave us $100 for a wedding gift so we got to go away after all.

Yes, we had about $150-$200 to go on a honeymoon.
It worked for us.
We went just one state over.
To Minnesota- Land of 10,000 Lakes.

We ordered in pizza.
I don't even remember the name of the little town we stayed in.
The room was under $50/night and it was a decent room too.

But, we went to one of those places where they build a little town and have people living like they did 150 years ago.

We also went to a cave.
I like caves.
What was funny there was the DNR guy, telling us about the cave.
Said it's a great place to go during an earthquake.
An earthquake!

I know the safest place I feel when the ground is shaking is underground.
Honeyman and I wanted to laugh.

How many earthquakes are in Minnesota?
And if there is one why would you go into a cave?

OK, they get sink holes once in a while, but I would want to be underground at the point either.

Maybe he meant tornado and said the wrong word?
I can hope.

Probably the most memorable thing about that trip was the news.
Waking up and turning the TV on to find that Princess Diana had died.

It didn't ruin us celebrating our marriage, but it was very unexpected.
So, I'll always remember when she died.

I'd include pictures, but that was before I had a digital camera and I have no idea where all my honeymoon pictures are.