Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don'tcha Hate It When?

You turned the caps lock on for one reason or another and you forget you have it on.
Than you start typing and using the shift
and everything that is supposed to be in little letters is in big letters
and everything that is supposed to be in big letters is in little letters.

And since I am not always looking at the screen as I type(surprise!)
I have to delete a whole bunch of stuff and start all over with the caps lock off.
When I hit the caps lock it tells me it is off or its on.
But, after a few seconds that goes off the screen and than I am left to my own absentmindedness.

Yes, even I have my brain dead moments.
Thankfully, those moments are mostly things NO ONE else knows about.
don't tell anybody I do that.

I wouldn't anybody to think I am not totally together all the time.

Yeah, I know Better!

So, here I am with my brain feeling all fuzzy.
I am eating a bowl of chocolate chips.

Yeah, I do that.
Sometimes, I throw in a spoon or two full of peanut butter for those two great tastes together.
Move over Reeses, I have peanut butter and chocolate chips!

I don't keep a lot of snack foods in the house, but I always have baking supplies.
Sometimes I just forgo the baking part.

So, this morning I was feeling pretty decent when I got Kiddo on the bus.
So, I pulled some weeds in the strawberry bed.

Than Honeyman got home and I got tired and started losing motivation.
So, I took a little nap.
Now, my brain feels kinda muddled.

It actually feels like something is sitting on my brain and smooshing it.

Do you ever feel that way?

I tend to when I take naps.
What is all that junk about power naps being refreshing and taking siestas are actually good for us.
I tell you what; power naps are a load of crap.
Lay down for 15 minutes and you will be ready to go.
HA, I say! HA!
It takes me at least that long to get to sleep.
The only time I have one is when I dose off in the chair, cause it's so cozy.
But, when I wait up my neck is crooked, my arm is asleep(cause I'm laying on it), and I feel like ass.

Feel like ass- that is a honeyman expression. Not sure if it refers to butt or the animal. But, either way it means like crap.
So, I would assume butt.

So, I shouldn't ever really take naps, but I do anyway.
You'd think I would learn that they don't really help.

But, hey this is me I am talking about.
Sometimes, I know better.
I just do it anyway.

But, if I lived completely by the I know better rule, I would have no fun and I'd have a lot less stuff.

Sometimes, you just gotta cast aside the thoughts and do what you want.

Not all the time, cause that would just be dumb.

Ignorance may be bliss
But, stupidity is just plain stupidity.

There is a difference you know.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To School Time( Yay or Boo)

It is really hard to decide.

On one hand, I have so much more time to do things around the house without worrying about stopping to fix lunch and do mom stuff.

On the other hand, I now have to start getting up at 20 minutes before 6 in the a.m.

That means when it's dark outside.

I have never been much of a morning person.

I went through a short phase as a child when I got up around 6, but that didn't last too long.

And, I am having a hard time getting used to functioning at such an early time.

In fact, I feel like I need to go to bed now and it is only 7:00 here.

I get so much done when it is just me all day.

At the same time, the first two hours of my day are spent trying to get myself going.
I love my overstuffed chair.
I really do.
It is just so hard to get out of it and do things like clean.

I often wonder if I should be a coffee drinker.
Maybe it would help.

But, I just don't like the taste.

I have thought of trying flavored coffee, but I don't want to cause what if I hate it?
Than I am stuck with it.

And being out in the sticks, it's not like I have a Caribou or Starbucks to just buy a cup to find out.
We have a Casey's, a diner, and a Subway.
The Casey's has cappuccino- 2 flavors.
Than you have coffee.

Yeah, the possibilities are just endless.

So, when I think of the new school year it is always bittersweet.

Maybe in a month or two I'll get used to being up in the dark.
Til then, I will just suffer.

Celebrate Good Times!

So, yesterday was my anniversary.
The big 1 - 3.

So the hubby and I went out for dinner.

We didn't do a lot do to it being a school day today and having to get up BEFORE dawn.

But, we had fun.

It is all about being together, not all about what you do.

I got my flowers in the morning.

We went to a different place this year.
Usually it's the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant.

But, we went somewhere new this year.
We went to Old Chicago.

It was great.

We had these buffalo chicken pizza roll appetizers.
I had them use ranch instead of bleu cheese dressing.
Cause Bleu Cheese-EWWWW!
It was yummy.

For dinner we each had these monster calzones.

The waitress brought us a HUGE cookie for free since it was our anniversary.
How sweet!
Can you say good tip comin' your way?

Than we each had a drink.

We don't do that too often.

But the Old Chicago has like a million types of beer.
OK, 110 but who is counting?

And I tried a chocolatini.
I had never heard of a chocolatini.
But, it was scrumdiliumptious.

The honeyman had a Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale.
That was pretty tasty too.

All in all it was a great night.

Friday, August 27, 2010


What is with all these made up words?

One half this word and one half that word and it's a brand new word.

Am I chillin'?
Or am I relaxing?
I'm both,
I'm chillaxin', dude.

Now, I have used these words before.
That is so a funky word.

But, can you just stick any two words together for a whole new word?
Or, do some words not make any sense?

Let's see.
Fantabulous has already been done.

What if something is just rather plain and ordinary?
How bout plordinary?

I don't see that one catching on too well.

How do these things start and just catch on?

It is the same thing with couples names.

People's name are now being stuck together so it is just one name.

Celebrities get this and so do couples on soaps.
Why is this?

Not that I want one name for my honey and I.
But, just for the hell of it...
I am wondering what we'd be called.

Maybe Luth?

Or jumble them up and have it be Luthie?

And is this cool?
Or just a very lazy way of speaking?

I am voting for both.
I think it is just


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did My Name Go Somewhere?

OK, maybe this is just my hang-up, but I hate being called Mrs. Lon Pearson.
I am not my husband.
I have my own first name.
I didn't drop it when I got married.

It just completely irritates the shit out of me.

I know.
It's supposed to be the correct way to address invitations.

Maybe 50 years ago.
Let's live in the now people.

I linked my last name to my husband.
That is traditional.
Also easier when you have kids.

But, when I filled out the marriage license I didn't change my first name to his.

Calling me by his first name says to me that I am not a separate person.
I so am.

Maybe that goes back to the bible thing.
Like in marriage, they are now as one.

What made me think of this is that my cousin just got married today.
She has lived with the guy for 18 years and went by his last name.
They finally decided to get married.
Now she announces she is now officially Mrs. his name.

So, apparently it doesn't bug her.
So, maybe I am kinda odd about this whole thing.

It just makes me seem like I am not important enough to have my own name.
Lord knows, it is damn hard to write Mr. Lon and Mrs. Ruth Pearson.
It would be so much easier to write Mr. and Mrs. Lon Pearson.


Course, you could skip the Mr. and Mrs. part.
Just put Lon and Ruth.

I'd rather have that anyway.

But, you mention that you hate it and people give you weird looks.
Am I supposed to be OK with not being given my own identity?
We are all different.

I think if it were the other way around, men would hate going by their wives first names.
It would make them feel like they were not their own manly selves.

So, I guess I am behaving man worthy.

Not that it is something to be proud of.
Just sayin'!

What Life Has Become

So it's Friday night/Saturday morning and I am making tea.
Not for hot tea to drink.
I am making a jug of tea to put in the fridge.

Yes, Ladies and Germs....
I am making iced tea at 2:00 in the morning.
On the night that just 20 years ago, I'd be shaking the booty all... night... long.

What has happened to me?

Is it age?
Is it marriage?
Is it motherhood?

Whatever it is,
it is just sad.

That I should have nothing better to do this time of the night than to make tea.
The only thing that sounds better is sleep.

Whoever said " I'll sleep when I'm dead" has got to be just plain stupid.
I mean, sleep is great.

Plus, you can't sleep when you're dead.
Cause, well, you're dead.

What are people thinking?

Oh, that's right.
They're not!

Maybe they were just so tired they couldn't think and when they came up with that strange logic it made sense to them.

Let's go with that one.

Cause I know I don't think so great when I am really tired.

I ramble and get really goofy.

But, I do also make some great observations at those times.

Working Mother????

Why is there even a term working mother?

Is there a mother out there that doesn't work?

OK, maybe ones that have nannies and don't have outside employment.
But, I am talking about the majority of women out there.

We all WORK.

Either we do it ALL day long at home or we do it at an office.

I work damn hard
and I don't get paid for it.

I clean the house and pay the bills.
I cook and bake.
I garden and can and freeze what I grow.
I fix the computer when it acts up.

When I had outside employment, I never had the time to can or freeze things or even cook home cooked meals.
Which saves money and is healthier.

I don't think staying home is any better than working somewhere else
and working somewhere else is no better than staying home.
There are pros and cons.

And we all have a choice to make.

I guess, maybe not all of us.
But, many of us do.

We have to decide what we believe is in our best interest and in the interest of our family.

But, for any one to say there are stay at home moms and working mothers,just needs to get a clue.

There is working EXCLUSIVELY at home and there is working OUTSIDE of the home.

I have done both and neither one is easy.

There is always something that has to be given up.

No such thing as having it all.

If anyone ever says they have it all, they are just fooling themselves.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surrending To The Weight Gods

The weight gods are coming for me.
I can feel it.

I fight it and fight it and fight it.
I am so tired of fighting it.

The pounds are creeping up ever so slowly and some days I just don't care.
I know that is what they want.

I'll do really good and not overeat.
I will exercise.

I just want to lose the weight.
At the time.

Than comes a new day and I fall off the wagon.
Cause I don't care.
I don't care, I tell you.

I am old enough, if I want to eat 6 oreos at 11:00 at night I can.
I shouldn't have to just never eat after 6 pm over 10 freakin' pounds.

But, than the 10 pounds is creeping closer to the 15-20 pound range.
And I start the fighting the weight gods again.

It is just like this picture ------------------------->

The weight gods are evil.
They want you to eat the cookies.

How many times do we hear nutritionists tell us that food is just a tool to give our bodies energy.
But, why does it have to taste so good.
I think the weight gods are in control of the food companies.
They know if the food is so good, people won't be able to resist.

Bingo, they have just converted millions of willing people into being their food minions.

But, as surely as I am writing this, I tell you.
I will not go without a fight.

I will not willingly turn into a pudge.
Of course, I don't think I'd admit to being a pudge anyway.

So, take that weight gods!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Worth Mentioning

What makes something worth mentioning?

Why is one town more important?
Why is one person more important?

The other day I posted pictures of the start of some flooding along Highway 14 between Newton and Monroe.
I posted pictures of water starting to trickle into Reasnor because of the flooding of the Skunk River.

I personally would like to know how bad it got and if it is still flooding.

But, no.

The news mentions Colfax and than skips all the other roads and towns along the river until Oskaloosa.

No offense to Oskaloosa residents, but so the hell what.

Just because the towns are dinky and areas are rural it doesn't make it any less important.

People live there.
Farmers grow crops.
People take these roads to shop or go to work.

And I for one would like to know what is going on.

I can't always just drive over there.
Specially since some roads were being closed when I was last over there.

Not finding anything out from anywhere.

Who decides?
Who chooses what is "newsworthy"?
Beats the crap outta me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Shameless Sisterly Promotion

My sister has started making jewelry. She makes earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

She gave me one of the pair of earrings that she made.
Here is a picture.

She does a very nice job, don't you think?
She makes them for sensitive ears.
Which is good for me.

Cheapy earrings tend to make my earlobes fill up with hard white crap.
Not something I like.

So, I am truly allergic to crap.

No wonder I am so good at spotting it.

Anyway, if you want to look through more of her fabulous jewelry look her up online at Stone Circle Designs online.

The prices are pretty good.

Handmade AND good quality.
What could be better than that?

You Are Truly... Replaceable

Call me crazy, if you will.
But Queen is not Queen without Freddie Mercury.
Go away Mr. Rodgers,
cause you ain't Freddie!

INXS just isn't the same without Michael Hutchence.

And AC/DC is not quite the same without Bon Scott.

I could go on and on.
But, you get the idea.

Not a fan of replacements.

I do accept AC/DC because Bon Scott said if he ever died Brian Johnson should take over singing duties.

Van Halen did well with Sammy instead of Dave.
But they really seemed like a completely different band.
And that was different because Dave left, he didn't die.

When a band member dies, it isn't the same band and pretending it is doesn't make it so.

I know life goes on and they are entitled to make money the way they want if they can.
But, I will also exercise my right not to spend a dime on Inxs reincarnated or Queen with Paul Rodgers.

And speaking of replacements, what is with KISS replacing Ace and letting the new dude wear his make-up?
Do you know, people actually think it is the original line-up?
Which, I believe, is what Paul and Gene want everyone to think.
Shameful KISS.
Just very, very shameful.

But, many bands seem to not be announcing line-up changes these days.
Do people not really care?
Or are the bands or studios being deliberately misleading?

Either way shouldn't it be made known?
Let the people make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to see a band live with a different guitar player or bass player or drummer.

Hell, the entire line-up of Tantric is different except for Hugo, the singer.

Sure you can find the info. online. But not all bands make it clear on their website.

I don't get it.
I really don't.

Not the same bands.
I wish they wouldn't even try.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling My Inner Zombie!

Ya know that feeling that you are barely alert enough to function and are downing caffeine like no tomorrow just to be that alert?
It's called the zombie phase.
And I am in it.

I am so exhausted.

I went out to my parent's house on Thursday and just came back this morning.
Which, just so you know, is three nights trying to sleep on a hard ass bed that has a plastic mattress cover.
So, not only is it hard, but every time you move to try and get comfortable(yeah, whatever), it makes noise.

I did come home with a buttload of corn and scads of tomatoes.
So, I have things to occupy my time this week.

They also sent cucumbers and I will be making pickles as soon as I get more stuff to make them.

It was a pretty good visit, over all.

There were some not so great moments when a "excuse me, I need in that drawer" would have been nice instead of just shoving me out of the way.
Yes, that really did happen.
Thanks, Mom.

Or, when political stances didn't mesh.
Even though I didn't bring it up, I apparently said the wrong thing and it was seized upon like a dog with a bone.

So, I don't side with illegal aliens.
So, my mom does.

I don't feel there should be an argument about it.
My opinion is not gonna change and hers isn't.
So why discuss it?

And then the illegal alien issue segued into how everyone in the US wants drugs and that's the whole root of the problem.


I really became at a loss for words as how to respond to all of this.

Interesting stuff.
Rather surreal
and maybe laughable, if only in your head.

I love 'em, but I am starting to wonder if they didn't think "Reefer Madness" was a true story.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And So It Begins

Well, flooding is beginning to occur. This is just north of where I live. Look how high the river is.
This is just off the road. Getting closer and closer. Tomorrow it will be on the road.
We had to drive through this water. That was the only way the road wasn't totally covered.
In town, the kids are riding their bikes in the water. It is only the beginning for them.
This is another area of the same town. The water is just pouring in. When we saw this we knew we'd have to turn around and go back from where we came.

My Big Rubber Boots!

So, you know we have gotten a lot of rain?

Let's just say the earth wants Iowa to go back to wetlands.

My yard is squishy.
My front ditch is just about full.
I also have a major mess of a garden.

But, I still have some things growing so I had to get out there.
Hiking boots, which is what I normally wear in the garden, just ain't gonna cut it.
So I hauled out my big rubber boots.

I could sink practically to my knees and I wouldn't get muddy.
I'd have trouble moving, but I'd be clean looking.
These boots are the type that go on over shoes.

I put 'em on and my husband asks if they fit.
Did they fit?
Well, they went on, but they were ginormous.

So, here I go walking to the garden in these mammoth rubber boots.
Every time I took a step it made this whoosh sound.
Fun, fun!

But, I made it into the garden.
I got my stuff picked and only almost got stuck once.

Mother Earth was trying to suck me into her depths.
But, I resisted.
And after several mighty tugs, my rubber boots were free.

I have a feeling I will be wearing my big rubber boots many times this year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Can Never Go Home

So, the kiddo and I are going out to my parents for a few days.

This ought to be interesting.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I love my parents.
In a have to because they are my parents way.

I do want to visit because they are getting up there in age and my dad has emphysema.

And, I do get along pretty well with my dad.
I do with my mom.
In a censoring myself sort of way.

Half the time, my mom doesn't even pay attention .
And the other time she criticizes.
She hears what she wants to hear and leaves the rest.

She reminds me of Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.
Except she doesn't cook all the time and wait on my dad all the time.
That and she doesn't wear lipstick.

Not sure that my husband sees it, but I do.

My mother doesn't know how to give a compliment without making it seem like it's not one.

Often when I talk to her on the phone, I hang up feeling vaguely disappointed.

I hate that I can't really be me around my mother.
I know she loves me since I am her daughter.

But, I am not sure she really loves ME.
She doesn't even really know ME.

I have become who I am after I moved away from home.

I swear.
I laugh at people- not in a mean spirited way or anything, but let's face it-People are STUPID.
I do not go to church or practice any religion.
I let my daughter voice an opinion
and I let her stay up pretty late during the summer.

All of which would get a big thumbs down from my mother.

But, my daughter deserves time with her grandparents.
So, even if I have to bite my tongue a lot.
It will have been for the greater good.

Just Pennies A Day!

Don't you find that phrase just stupid?

Unless you are only spending 1 cent on something, you are spending pennies a day.

Everything can be converted into pennies a day.

I spend about $25 per week on gas or $100 a month.
That comes out to 10,000 pennies a month.
There are an average of 30 days in a month.

So, basically, you are spending about 333 pennies per day on gas.
More in February.

You can do that with everything.
Break it down and it's all just pennies a day.

Car payments, food, electricity.
You name it.

It's all just pennies a day.

The only way besides buying something for 1 penny is if it were a one time purchase and it lasted so long that the cost would break down to less than a penny per day.

Like, an iron.
You spend $20 and it'll last a good 20 years.
Or it should- if you iron as often as I do.
Which is once every few months.

So, you bought the iron.
You have it 20 years so that is like a dollar a year-100 pennies.
There are 365 days in a year.
So, that way it's less than a penny per day.

No counting pennies a day on that one, my friend.

So, why do the commercials try and act like "just pennies a day" is such a bargain?

Yeah, whatever!

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming!

So many people want to give me money.
It is just so unbelievable.

Little ole me.

I am the last living descendants of many people oversees.
The Nigerian government made a settlement to the people of the US that have been scammed.

Let me think.
Oh yeah

I have won lots of lotteries.
But, the money is always in Euros and I need to convert it.

Aren't I the luckiest woman in the world?
To have so many people wanting to give me money.

It is just so insane isn't it?

That and viagra at reduced prices.

But, if I had all that money who needs reduced prices?

That is a thinker it is.

I do find it awful funny that these places say I am a descendant or I won money, but they don't know my name.
Don't you think that is a bit odd?
Shouldn't they know?
But, they don't seem to cause they always want me to send them all my info.

There just seems something not quite right about all that.

I think I best just not even worry about the millions of $$$$$$$ I could have.
Ahhhh well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Now, He Finally Gets It!

So, I have been with my husband for close to 15 years.
That includes our courtship/living in "sin" period and marriage.

After all this time, he finally is realizing my bitchiness at certain times may have nothing to do with him and everything to do with me.

Tonight he actually referred to it as my "process".

While, this is great he isn't getting all uncorked about it.
I just find it a bit, how shall I put it, ODD.

You see, even 6 months back he would get all mad if I said anything to him that could be construed as rude.
And he'd let me hear about it.
How he didn't do anything and I don't need to be that way with him.

Now, that did make me mad and want to get even more obnoxious.

But, usually I sucked it up so we didn't have a fight.

Than, it would simmer and fester and we would end up in a fight.

But, all of a sudden it's my "process" and he just lets it go.

Just makes me wonder when the aliens exchanged my husband.
Or maybe he just had some kind of epiphany.

I don't know what it is.
But, while unexpected it is kinda nice.

I just wish he would have come to this conclusion a long time ago.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Grassy Knoll!

The picture above is of an Atlantic giant pumpkin plant. It is the section of the garden we have never been able to till since May.
I told you I had grass in my garden. I bought this natural weed preventer that adds nitrogen to the soil while it stops weeds from growing. I am wondering if the excessive rain we got combined with the nitrogen didn't cause a grass explosion.

This, of course, is my sweet corn. Strangely enough, we are getting some corn off it. I really thought it would be a goner. Some is, not all though. It is a pain walking through to pick.
This is where pie pumpkins and watermelon was supposed to grow. Guess not! The big bushy things are asparagus plants. Was so wet, I didn't get to harvest much and it all grew and blew over during a storm.
Here is another view of my corn. The farther down the row, the shorter the stalks.

You can see the humidity can't you? Went from inside with central air to outside in IA in August so condensation formed on the lens. Pretty funky.

We will have to mow before we can ever till.

That is if it ever dries out enough to get out there.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Please, Please, Please! Let Me Be Good Enough!

So, I am sure you probably know that I do surveys for extra dough.
Think it has been mentioned.
But, if not, now ya know.

Surveys are great if you have some great sites that are actually true survey sites and not answer yes or no and sign up for a bunch of newsletters you don't really want.

They are also great if you can pass the qualifying stage.

Which for some sites (Mindfield Online) are almost impossible to do. And any surveys I have been offered from them are pretty pathetic.

I got an email the other day from some site that mentioned about 5 or 10 years back people could make thousands of dollars a month doing surveys. But now so many people do them that we are lucky to make a couple hundred.

Wow, I wish I was in on it from the beginning.

But, it took me a long time to find sites that were more than just sites giving you a list of places to go sign up for.

Now, I am just hoping for surveys and being able to qualify.

Especially the ones that are high paying. Or the product evaluations.
I love those.

I really hate that question at the beginning.
You know.
The one that asks if you have done any type of market research panels in the last 3 months.
Like what the hell are you gonna say?

Cause if you say yes, I just did one two hours ago you don't get to do the survey.

Why is that question even on there?

Let's be honest here.
If everyone answered completely honest on the question no one would be able to do more than 4 surveys a year and payouts would never be reached.

Which brings me to the next bone I have to pick with most survey sites.

What is with having to reach payout?
Saying it has to do with incentive to keep you with the survey site.

But some sites don't have surveys available too often so it can takes months to reach that elusive payout.

And once you do, you have to wait up to two months to get your money.

Incentive has nothing to do with it.
The payout threshold is for the company.
They make damn sure they have their money first.

Plus, I have a hunch they do it so they don't have to pay so much.
If you have a payout and it is taking forever to reach it, you just might get tired of waiting and close your account.
So they get to keep all the money that you just earned.

Even if it is only $10, with enough people doing that, it can add up.

So, I advise never closing your account til after you have made at least 1 payout.
Why should they get to keep your money?

That is why I still have some accounts open.
I plan to reach payout and reevaluate whether or not I should stay with them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Positively Medieval!

So, I have been having some problems with my back.

To the point that I wasn't sleeping more than 5 or 6 hours at a timewithout having to get out of bed.

So, I finally went to the doctor.

Big mistake!

Mind you, this was not a chiropractor.
Just your run of the mill GP.

But, he decides that my back is out of alignment and I need a treatment.
Said something about rollers and said the nurse would come in.

I was completely confused, but he didn't mention back popping so I just waited.

The nurse comes in and takes the middle out of the table I was sitting on and it had what looked like barbell weights inside.
She instructed me to lay over the space and than turned the table on.

Those weight looking things were the rollers and they rolled up and down my spine, causing my body to move all funky.
Break dancing, horizontally!

No super painful
But not the most pleasant thing to have happened in my life.

So, this went on for 10 minutes.

So, I thought- Good to go.
Nice waste of my money and time.

But, the doctor comes back in and starts checking me over and than he freakin' pops the hell out of one side of my neck.
That hurt.
I said so and he's just like" that's cause you weren't expecting it".
He tries to do the other side, but that wouldn't pop.
But, strangely enough, my neck doesn't feel right.

I was not happy about this.

I never asked him to start popping things.
I guess I am naive, but since he didn't mention popping earlier I didn't think that was part of the plan.

Now, he tells me to take advil and if I still have pain to come back in 7-10 days.

Like I am going to let him do that to me again.

No, thank you.
I am not into pain.

Do you know, popping my neck like that he could have killed me?
Just one wrong move and bam!
My neck is all broked.

Explain that to my husband and daughter out in the waiting room, Mr. Knowitall Doctor!

Not into torture thank you.

All Over The Place

So what is new with me?

Not a whole lot.

Just doin' the mom thing
and the freezin' blueberry thing.
And wishin' I was doing the up to my eyeballs in tomatoes thing.

This has been such a crappy year for weather.
My sump pump won't quit running.
Now, because of it my electric budget billing went up $20.

Which sucks.

I know it's only $20.
But everything keeps going up
and we just had to go in debt to our ass to buy a decent lawn mower for the big spread.

God, forbid a mower we spent $2500 on would last for more than 3 years.

So we got a new one.
That cost a lot more than that.

And it started raining again.
And the garden is flooded.

The grass is growing in it so much you'd swear I just planted some vegetables in the yard.
I will post some pictures later.

So, things have been just a bit depressing around here lately.