Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- The End of the Year Edition

There are always best of of worst of for the year.
I decided to do a ten things Tuesday on the highlights of my year.

Here we go:

1. Published a book
     It is currently in the createspace estore and hopefully by tomorrow it will be available on Kindle. It's a cookbook on dips.

2. Got rid of Directv.
     I lobbied hard for this and finally after a couple years, I got my wish.

3. Sister alienation
     I am not sorry. But, it ain't easy knowing my own sister doesn't want to hear from me.

4. I got Christmas presents that I asked for
     Lots of years, I got nothing or things that I didn't care about. This year was a nice change.

5. More family time
     Honeyman got a day job with weekends off. We get to do family things that we haven't done in years.

6.  Climbed on my roof
     The antenna wasn't going to put itself up so we tag teamed it.

7.  Bought things for myself for no known reason
     I didn't need them, but I bought them anyway. This is almost unheard of.

8. Sent out Christmas cards
     For the first time in several years, I actually did it.

9. Started buying cocoa powder in bulk
     Almost 9 pounds costs $32 plus shipping. Even with the shipping, I save over buying it at the grocery store. If I had a bigger house, I would so be a prepper.

10. Did not win the PCH sweepstakes again
     I was so sure I had a lock on it this time. $5000 a week for life to be given away. ON MY ANNIVERSARY. It was a sign. It had to be. They must have gotten lost. No other explanation.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Who Is This Phil Person You Speak Of?

Last week I saw a post on Facebook stating that everyone was changing their profile picture to Phil.
No last name.
Just Phil.

I am just left to wonder just who this Phil person is.
I had just been watching Better Off Ted on Netflix.
Do they mean that Phil?
Dr. Phil?

Turns out they mean that Phil guy from Duck Dynasty.

A week before that I saw this lady, they kept calling Miss Kay.
She was promoting a cookbook.
Honeyman says that it is probably the mother from Duck Dynasty.
They say her last name and he says that has to be her because that is their last name.

I am not here to say whether or not Phil should be allowed or not allowed to say what he said.

I hear Duck Dynasty and think "Oh." and tune it all out.

It's nice they make lots of money from duck calls.
It doesn't make me want to watch the show.

Unless it is the name Cher, Madonna, or Beyonce, I need a last name.
Do you know how long it took me to find out who the hell Snookie was?

I have enough reality.
And the few times I have attempted to watch reality TV, I found it really boring.

Example: Jack Osborne taking an entire show to put his contacts in.
I can do that in my bathroom without turning the TV on.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Lesson In Getting Things Done.

Step 1. Bitch.
Step 2. Bitch with more details.
Step 3. Get really upset and maybe bitch a little more.

It gets results.

But, really to get the greatest possible results, do this on Facebook or Twitter.

It just doesn't look good on their page if someone complains how they were treated.

I've done this twice now and I made progress.

I did it a few months ago and got my husband's credit card rate lowered to a more acceptable level.

This time, I got half my fee back from the mortgage company.
OK, it's not in my bank account yet, but I got a call and I am going to receive a formal letter.
I can live with that. Once it's in writing, they are legally obligated.
In fact, since all our calls are monitored, there is a record of that somewhere.

Would I have liked the whole amount?
But, I will settle for half.
Better than $0.

They made sure to tell me that they were doing it as a "goodwill gesture".
Or damage control.

Honeyman once told me that all women have a bit of bitch in them.
I guess it does come in handy sometimes.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Tis the Season

Well it's a no go on the home refinance.
Apparently a 100 year old small farmhouse on 4-1/2 acres is just not worth enough.

Credit came back fine.
So did the debt/income ratio.
We had enough money in the bank.

The place is worth more than we wanted to borrow.
Just not enough.

So we wasted $537.

But onto more interesting things.
Today is Tuesday.
Time for Ten Things Tuesday, which I have missed the last few.

This weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about what this time of year is all about.
So, here we go:

Tis the season for

1. Conversion
     Scholars have come to the conclusion that Jesus was actually born in September, but I have seen people date his birth as early as late spring. Why did they pick December 25th as the day to celebrate His birth? That date is during Yule and the best way to get pagans to change their religion is if another religion is right there to take it's place.

2. Shopping
     Sales out the wing wang. I still don't know what I am getting for my daughter, but I am sure I will find a bargain.

3. Checkout lines are all open.
     The only time that happens at Target and Walmart is during the holiday season. Possibly Kmart too. So many have closed, I can't find one.

4. Waiting
     You wait for stores to open. You wait in checkout lines. You wait in return lines. You wait to see if anyone is going to send you a card this year.

5. Eggnog
     You can make it anytime you want, but you can only buy it at the store this time of year.

6. Sadness
     Some people get the blues around the holidays. I do. When I was a teen, my grandma was found dead on Christmas Eve. That's a phone call I won't forget. Neither is having to go to my other grandma's on Christmas Day to celebrate. Cause that is just what you do.

7. Candy canes
     Is there a way to eat them without getting all sticky?

8. Christmas movies
     They make tons of made for TV Christmas movies every year. But, I am a fan of A Christmas Story.
I watch that and Scrooged every year.

9.  Decorations and lights
     I am a fan of simple and tasteful. Putting up gazillions of lights and lawn decorations is why I am glad I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have to see it.

10.  Making cookies
     People that never bake cookies, bake this time of year. My daughter, nieces, and I get together and make cookies. My sister doesn't celebrate Christmas anymore and she doesn't talk me much so she doesn't come anymore.


Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

OK, So What Is It?

Is it a hair product?

Is it a wood cleaner?

Or, it it something closely resembling cheese?

Only you can decide.