Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Things I Miss

It's been an interesting weekend.

I broke a tiny piece of tooth on a Valentines caramel.
I tried to call the manufacturer and all operators were busy and I got tired of waiting.
I'll try back.

Took Kiddo to the ER for a foot x-ray.
She got kicked while sparring in Taekwondo.
Nothing broken, but she has more bruises appearing.

As my years on this earth grow more plentiful, I find myself missing the way things used to be.
Sure, a lot of things are convenient now.
That's not everything.

1. Eating candy without it sticking in my teeth
     I love Butterfingers. Now, they just stick in my molars and I need a putty knife to pry the candy out. Now, apparently harder caramels are a problem. Sad times.

2. Paying cash
     Having and spending actual green is nice. Some places are not accepting it anymore. Checks or debit/credit only because they don't keep change in the office. What kind of crap is that?

3.  Showing ID to buy alcohol if you looked under 21
     A few years back they changed it. First they changed it to under 27 show ID. Now, everyone has to show ID. At first, it feels flattering that they must think that I look so young. Once I see the sign, the thrill is gone.

4. Clever and/or funny commercials
     I find it amazing how some ads get on the air and how some people think they are great. Apparently, when that puppy/horse Budweiser ad aired during the Superbowl woman actually cried. Really? Now, that's just sad.

5. Automatically knowing what size you wear
     Now, it matters on the brand. First, it started with clothes. Now, it has progressed to shoes and even coats.

6. Store-bought eggs that hard-cooked in 12 minutes
     They seem to take longer and longer to cook the yolk through. There is just something not right about that. Thankfully, I get farmer eggs now and they cook in 12 minutes.

7. Freddie Mercury
     I don't care what Queen thinks. With Freddie gone, they need to pack it in.

8. People not asking for prayers
     People seem to do it all the time. That used to be a church thing. I never know what to say. It's not like I wish the person ill will. I am sorry your daughter/husband/uncle/friend/whoever is sick or in need of a job, but I don't pray.

9. TV shows with reruns only in the summer
     The season started in August and went to the end of May. Now, you are lucky to get a show before October and run to the beginning of May. You are also lucky to get a month's worth of new programming before a rerun is thrown in.

10. Checks going through the bank.
     Before the Automated Clearing House was approved by congress back whenever, the actual paper check had to be processed through your back instead of "electronically represented". No longer can you write a check a day or two before you have the money in the bank cause you will get an overdraft fee of at least $25. Unless, you have figured out which companies use it and which do it the good old fashioned way.
If you are a pay check to pay check kinda person this will possibly add late fees or overdraft fees or, if you are lucky, both.

Of course, I also miss lower gas prices, nicer people, smarter people, and TV that is not affected by the weather.

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Valentines

Since this Friday is Valentine's Day, I thought it appropriate to do a ten things Tuesday for it.
Welcome to Me style, that is.

Lots of things come to mind when I hear the word valentine.
That's the topic of this week's Ten Things Tuesday.

1. Bullet for my Valentine
     It's a band, if you have not heard of them.

2. Tremors
     Kevin Bacon played Valentine in the awesome movie Tremors.

3. Hearts
     Remember drawing your own valentine? Cutting out a heart or drawing one with an arrow sticking out and putting Be Mine on it?

4.  The Valentine's Day Massacre
     In 1929, seven mobsters were killed by the Capone syndicate.

5. Horror movie
     In 2001, there was a movie called Valentine. Five women are stalked as they get ready for Valentine's Day.

6. Saint
     The origins of Valentine's Day come from a saint that was arrested for performing weddings for soldiers and other such heinous crimes. Allegedly, he gave a card to the jailer's daughter that he signed "your valentine".

7.  The bumpy Z
     Also known as the "open hearts collection by Jane Seymour". Kay Jewelers sells them and you always see the ads this time of year. I know she says that you leave your heart open so love always finds its way in. Yeah, yeah, yeah- it looks like a bumpy z to me.

8. Chocolates
     Those big heart shaped boxes filled with an assortment of chocolate filled things. I'll take the truffle and creme filled and you can have the rest. Oh, don't forget caramel. Yum.

9. Flowers
     Specifically red roses. Because they are popular and it is the middle of winter, you pay a lot more to get roses right now. I'd rather get lilies.

10. It's in Nebraska
     The town is located in north central Nebraska. They have a little over 2,500 people so it's a nice little town.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Insane OR Not

Sometimes I feel like I am just losing it.

I feel like someday someone is going to come home and find me sitting in a corner, my hair all sticking up, and strumming my lips with my finger.

I've got so much to do and not enough time to do it.
I have so many things to buy and fix and not enough money to do them.

So much to worry about and very little I can really do about any of it.

We all like to believe we have control of our own lives.
We have control over parts of it.

But, other people say when we work, how much we will get paid, what food we are able to buy and not buy, and the list goes on and on.

I like to know things.
But, I wonder if sometimes I would be happier just not knowing.
Ignorance is bliss and all that.

What if I never heard about the TPP or GMOs or antibiotic filled meat and pink slime?
What if I didn't know about the core curriculum or that the whooping cough outbreaks occurred in children that had been vaccinated?
What if I kept drinking the fluoride?

I just don't know.