Friday, March 30, 2012

I've Been Slimed!

If you are from the US, I am sure you have heard of "pink slime".
I am getting a little tired of hearing it.

BPI is now on their campaign to save the ammonia poofed mechanically separated meat.

Governors are getting involved.
Tom Vilsack, my not so beloved ex-governor and current secretary of agriculture is too.

"People are being laid off and that is just wrong for something that is safe."
"They've been doing it for 20 years and no one has gotten sick or died."


How does anyone really know?
They never mark anything.

Besides what about the recalls of millions of pounds of ground beef that has what in it?
Oh, that's right.
Perfectly safe to inject pink sort of beef stuff.

"But, meat won't be as lean."

That's a crock of crap too.

How do I know?
My parents used to buy a side of beef at the locker when I was a kid and it was leaner than what you could buy in a store.
Later on, they bought calves and had them butchered after they got bigger.

If you were raised on beef like that, you know beef doesn't taste the same anymore.

BPI is trying to make consumers feel like they are being the bad guys.
BPI and the government were never honest about what they were doing.

If you knew half the stuff that is "generally recognized as safe" by the federal government you would be saying "EWWWWW!".

People want to know what is in their food, bottom line.
Mark what it is and if people don't mind, let them buy it.
Others can avoid it if they want.

Choices are good.

And if you have ever picked up a can of chicken or chicken noodle soup and saw the ingredient "mechanically separated chicken" and wondered, now you know what that is.

You didn't think that was only beef did you?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

I took an unscheduled break.
Something, I apparently needed.
I didn't realize I did.

But, I had nothing I wanted to put down into cyberspace.
I thought of saying pen and paper. But, that's not right. Keyboard and CPU just doesn't have the same ring.
As I was saying-

I had


All the thoughts in my head were just not there.

Than I realized the A-Z challenge starts-
This coming Sunday!

Holy crap!

My brain seems frozen.
What do I do?

First plan of action-
Finish my list of recipes for Yummy Stuff.

Amazingly enough, I am stuck on the same letters as last year.
There are not as many k recipes as you'd think.
Almost every food that starts with the "k" sound seems to actually start with a c.
Unless you count kohlrabi, which I have never cooked.

I don't have anything done for this delightful blog.
I have a few ideas.
That is as far as that goes.

But, isn't that the fun?
For me, it is.

See, what I can just pull out of my brain that day.

Now, I must go decide where to plant my onions in the garden!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Just Want Some Bath Salts

That's all I want.
Bath salts for my bath.

Can I have any?
I don't know.
Can I?

Can I?

"Bath salts" are illegal in the state of Iowa.
Bath salts are fine though.

This is all just a little confusing.
They are called the same thing.
But, quotes around the words make them bad.

"Bath salts" are a synthetic drug and are not to be confused with bath salts- which are for putting in your bath.
If you find it in the health and beauty section, you should be good.

But, there is a list of the "bath salts" that aren't really bath salts.

Taken from IA DPS-
"Known street names or product names for the “bath salts” of concern include Black Rob, Maddie, Magic, MDPK, MTV, Super Coke, as well as packaging labeled as “Bath Salts” or “Incense” and including a product name such as Aura, Blue Silk, Bonzai Grow, Charge Plus, Euphoria, Hurricane Charlie, Ivory Wave, Lovey Dovey, Ocean, Pixie Dust, Red Dove, Scarface, Vanilla Sky, White Dove, White Girl, White Lightning."

So, if some employee accidentally places these in the health and beauty section of the store, you need to take this list OR memorize( your preference) it so you don't get arrested for drug possession.

Maybe I will have to figure out how to make my own so I can "effervesce" without fear of consequences.

You don't think they would raid my house, do you?

" I don't know. She's so quiet. Who knew she'd have a "bath salts" lab on her property? Are you sure she wasn't making bath salts?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Randoms

I have no real theme today.
It just didn't pop in there.

A few other things did,
but than I remembered that it's Tuesday.

Ten Things Tuesday
So, those other thoughts will have to wait for another day.

For anyone that is a new reader or follower, I do Ten Things Tuesday.
Ten things
On Tuesday.

I pick a theme, usually.
And I come up with 10 things in no particular order.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is random information you may or may not know about me.

Yes, I know I just did some random facts when I got an award.
Here are some more:

1. I once donated my hair to Locks of Love.
   Some little kid could be wearing my hair right now. How cool is that?

2. I collect cookbooks and recipes.
   I have no clue how many books I have. Honeyman built me this 4 foot long shelf.Not big enough.

3. I have never had a bird poop on my head.
   It happened to my mom once. Right after she washed her hair. Ewww! Being outside is dangerous.

4. Last year,I won $1,000.00 in a sweepstakes.

5. For exercise, in nice weather I walk around my yard.
    It is that big, plus it has inclines/declines( depending on your point of view) and flat areas. Good for the legs.

6.  I have 5 one-dollar bills and $2.46 in change in my purse right now.
   I hardly ever have actual money in there so I don't know how long it has been there and how long it will continue to stay there. Probably a loooong time.

7. I found a dime when I did laundry last week.
   Who says cleaning is a thankless task? Someone left me some change, People!

8. I like really spicy food.
   I slice hot peppers and put them on salads. You gotta leave the seeds in or it's not the same. Good for what ails ya!

9. My daughter says conpuzzles.
  This, I wonder about. Is it a combination of confounds and puzzles or confused and puzzles? I must be conpuzzled too, because I just don't know. I am afraid to ask- it may be neither.

10. I clean my bathroom with vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap.
  The chemicals in actual cleaners make me cough and eventually unable to breathe. I like to breathe so I had to find an alternative.

Have a great Tuesday!
I am going to hang laundry.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Want Bundt Cake!

Thank you, Al Penwasser.
You and your K repost has given me another thing to crave.

I gave up wheat just a few days ago and my cravings have not yet gone completely away.

"Are you crazy?", you say.
That is yet to be determined.

I have survived the headaches and brain fog.
That and the fatigue.

Now, I feel pretty good.

I may have to change some of my recipes, but I am confident.

I was OK when Honeyman and I went to Subway.
I got a salad.
Good, but could have been bigger.
With more chicken.

But, than I check my email and there is a comment about bundt cake from that post.
Oh, yeah.
Bundt cake.

I make this fantastic lemon bundt cake.

   Ahhh, bundt cake.