Wednesday, May 19, 2010

People Are So Funny!

I just read a post from someone that said " I can't believe I forgot my cell phone".

Ya know, I do it all the time.
Sure, my cell phone has no service attached so I couldn't call anyone with it.
But still.
I do it.

I often wonder, as I am sure to do.
Cause that's what I do.
I wonder.
About things.

But, what did people with cell phone attachment syndrome do before they had their cell phone?

CPAS or cell phone attachment syndrome is the condition where a person always carries their cell phone with them. To the point that they feel bereft without it.
And if possible, will turn around and go home just to get it.

And the only cure is just to get that phone out of your possession.
And you must never hold one again.

So, I am sure most people will never be cured.

I personally like knowing that people cannot get a hold of me whenever they want.

I know you can shut it off. But why carry it around if you aren't going to have it on?
I know.
Just in case.

I am just glad to know I don't have CPAS.

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