Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Funny Pic of the Day

Don't we all feel like this some days?

Why I Voted Third Party

I have heard all the crap there is.
Anything other then voting democrat or republican is a wasted vote.
You will let Trump win.
You will let Hillary win.

Unbeknownst to many. third party voters aren't stupid.
We know we aren't going to win.

The deck has been stacked against a third party for many, many years.
Do you really think the two major parties want a competitor?

My reason for voting differently is because there are things I don't like in either side.
I am trying to fight for the future.

The thing is you can't keep doing things the same way and expect things to change.
By keeping the same two major party system, that is what we are doing.

If 5% of the voting population voted for one of the other parties, that party would receive $10 million in federal campaign funds next election cycle.
If 20% voted, that party would be able to take part in debates and would not have to fight every state to get put on the ballot.

Yes, I do know that it would take a lot to get people to vote for a loser.
Nobody likes to vote for a loser.

Republicans have already said they won't work with Clinton if she wins and it will probably be the same way for Democrats if Trump wins.

It is going to be a stalemate, much like under Obama.

People talk about how this election is too important and the Supreme Court and all that.
But, everything is broken.

The Supreme Court needs nine justices and one died. The Senate decided not to let anyone that Obama nominated to even get hearings.
Congress can't even do their job.
But, some people thought that was great because Obama is a terrible president.

Maybe I am deluding myself.
I try and tell people about why third party voting can make a difference and they get quiet or tell me how wrong I am.