Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down But Not Out

I hope everyone had a great holiday.
I hope it was filled with fun and memories and whatever you wished it to be.

I was sick.
Really, really sick.

I had a fever of 102 degrees F.
and I felt not so festive.

By Christmas morning, my fever was subsiding, but I still felt like crap.

I am still sleeping a lot, but feeling better.

See you soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Sayings From My Youth

I know it's Thursday.
I moved it for this week due to no posting on Tuesday.

Iowa's got some bad weather outside.
I am glad I have power, my tv, and the internet.

Every generation has sayings that seem fairly unique.
Maybe not totally, but they reach a peak and later on you don't hear them much.

That's what this week's ten things is about.

Here we go:

1. What crawled up your ass and died?
    My sister used to say this a lot to me. I may have been just a bit moody in my younger years. For some reason, I never hear it used anymore.

2. Well, duh!
    When someone says something that is commonsensical, it just does not need to be said. Say it and make them feel stupid.

3. Don't have a cow!
    Bart Simpson always added man, but  totally unnecessary. Just don't get so worked up, OK?

4. She must be on the rag.
    Now, it is mostly referred to as the time of the month. Among teens, on the rag isn't used much these days. Back then, if anyone acted bitchy at all, people tended to say they were on the rag.

5. It's a knee slapper.
    This is another one from my sister. When something was not funny, she'd say "that's a knee slapper" and slap her elbow.

6. Doi!
    My other sister would say this one. I haven't heard it too many places since the 80s, but the teenager in the movie Dodgeball said it. It's a variation of duh.

7. Sit and spin!
    When saying this, you must stick up your middle finger or it really has no meaning.

8. Man, he's baked!
    Now, it's high as a kite. Or he's really messed up. Being baked  is when someone is so stoned they just sit there in their own little world looking really out of it.

9.  Just say no!
    Nancy Reagan made it her mission to get kids to "Just say no!" to drugs and alcohol. All the schools had speakers come talk to the kids. I even have a button pin that says "just say no" on it.

10. You are so full of shit, your eyes are brown.
    This is a pretty old saying, but I never hear it anymore.

OK, my power is flickering so I best be going.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Shaking My Head

There are things in life that I just don't understand.

Why do some people have to know everything about everything?

Why do we always have to know why something happened?

Why do we have to know why someone did something?

Why does the manner in which someone dies, seem to matter more than the fact that they are no longer alive?

I believe that there are some things in this world that we are just not meant to understand.
Things just happen.
There is no explanation.

My daughter had childhood epilepsy, which by definition is two or more seizures of unknown origin.
Her brain just misfired for no reason.

Sometimes, you can figure out why someone does something.
Sometimes, you are just never going to know.

It's one of the complexities of people.

I have known so many people that have died of all kinds of things:
massive heart attack, cancer, SIDS, murder, AIDS, stillbirth
You name it. I know someone that it happened to.

And it doesn't matter how.
They are gone and it is a very sad thing.

Knowledge is a good thing.
But, we don't have to stay three forever and continually ask why.

Sometimes, it just happens because it does.

I will not be doing a Ten Things Tuesday (may move to Thursday) due to there being an "All Quiet on the Blogosphere" to show respect to the people that died in Newtown, CT last Friday.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The One About the Award

Gossip_Grl is giving out the Liebster Award.
On my award page, I have one, but it's a different Liebster so it's all good.

In order to accept the award, the honored(me) is supposed to answer a list of questions asked by the honorer.

Here we go-

 1. Have you ever played a drinking game? (alcohol or non alcohol) If so, which one?
If I have it has been so long that I don't remember. Though I do believe if I played one using uh and um as the drinking word, I would be drunk off my ass almost constantly.  

2. Have you ever laughed so hard you snorted or worse yet, wet yourself? Tell me about it.
No, that would be completely unladylike. And you know me. Always a lady.

3. Have you ever had to go so bad you went to an opposite gender public bathroom?
Of course. Got odd looks, but then others followed my lead. Women need more stalls. Technically men have twice as much pee potential space as women because of the urinals. That's just not right since we have a uterus that presses on our bladder making us have to pee A LOT more.  

4. Have you ever been kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese?
Is that even possible? That would be nice though.

5. Tell me about the worse boss you ever had.
I had one that would sit up in her office that overlooked the store and just watched everyone. Thankfully my department was children's shoes and there was one spot back there that you could hide and not get seen.

 6. What was the craziest question you were asked at a job interview?
If I knew that the drug test only detected over a certain level. No, I didn't know that. It didn't matter. I never got to take the test.

7. Have you ever had an argument with a coworker at work?

8. Why did you leave your last job?
When you dread just the thought of walking into work and you feel like your sanity is going, that might be a good time to leave. I thought so anyway. 

9. Have you ever went to a job interview after having a few shots?
I am going to guess shots of alcohol and not heroin. Either way, the answer is no. When I was pretty young, I did get pretty drunk before an interview and just never went to the interview.

10. Have you ever protested? Burned a bra or underwear at a protest?
I've signed online petitions.That is as far as it goes.

11. Are you finished with your Christmas Shopping?
Maybe. If you count getting a tree,definitely not. Pretty much for my husband and daughter. I have to get baking supplies for gifts for others. 

I guess I need to ask some questions.

1. What's your favorite holiday?
2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
3. If you could be any animal in the world what would it be and why?
4. Do you cook and if so what is your specialty?
5. What is your favorite season?
6. What part of the world do you live in?
7. What is you dream job?
8. Do you have your dream job?
9. How fast do you write a blog post? Do you spend hours and lots of research or do you just crank one out?
10. Do you have any superstitions and what are they?
11. Are you finding this as fun as I?

In Gossip_Grl fashion, I am leaving this Liebster award for you to take along with answering the questions I have asked.
If you answer them, let me know so I don't miss reading the answers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Christmas Songs

We all have our favorite Christmas songs.

I would bet you do, even if you don't celebrate Christmas for any reason.

I am not really religious and my family doesn't celebrate Christmas in that fashion.
It is a time to share love and that is pretty much where it ends for me.

I know all the religious carols from growing up going to church.
So, I like listening to all kinds of Christmas songs.

Today's Ten Things Tuesday is a list of some of my favorite songs this time of year.

So without further adieu and in no certain order...

1. Back Door Santa
    This is definitely not church music, but I like it. This is written and performed by Clarence Carter, though it has been redone by several artists over the years. If you get offended easily DO NOT click on the link.

2. Heavy Metal Christmas
     This is Twisted Sister performing it's version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I have the whole album.

3. Be Clause I Got High
     This is made by Bob Rivers Comedy Group. The things that won't get done if you are really doped up.

4. The Night Santa Went Crazy
     It's from Weird Al Yankovic. That gives you an idea what to expect.

5. Little Drummer Boy
     This is from Bob Seger. I have always loved this song. When I went to Sunday School and we'd have our Christmas concert, they'd always have one of the kids that played drums be the drummer boy. Even if the only drummer was not a boy.

6. Do They Know It's Christmas
     A group of artists known as Band Aid recorded this for African relief.

7. Christmas All Over Again
     Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform this.

8. Wonderful Christmastime
     This is from Paul McCartney and the Wings.

9. Happy Christmas
     This is John Lennon.

10. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
     This is the Bruce Springsteen version.

There are SO many songs to pick from. Do you have a favorite Christmas or holiday song?
Let me know!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a Miracle!

I have water!
Not tons and tons.

The toilet fills up on it's own and the faucet has water coming out.

Do you know what this means?

I have water!

I still have to ration
unless it starts to rain more regularly.

But, I don't have to rush into making a decision about drilling a new drill or dumping water down my well and possibly collapsing the brick walls or even hooking into rural water.

I am not sure how it went from being so dry that the hand pump couldn't bring water up to the electric pump being able to pull it into the house in only a couple days.
The hand pump goes down deeper.

I am not going to question it.
I am just going to be grateful that it happened.

For now, I am so happy.

It's a good day!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Waterless In Iowa

It finally happened.

Mother Nature got the upper hand on my well.

The well did me proud.
She stayed pumping out the water throughout the long, hot, dry, dry, dry summer.
Did I mention dry?

But, the fall rains never came.
It's December and not so much as a snowflake to be seen.

My well just couldn't take it anyway.
She fell victim to chronic dryness last eve about 11 o'clock.

There is no large amounts of precip. in the foreseeable future.
I have no idea if or when she will ever fill back up.

Next course of action to is make some calls.
Hook up to rural water or maybe have water hauled and dumped in the well.
Or, go without water until who knows when.

Yay for chemically treated water!
Yay for paying a monthly water bill!
Yay for borrowing money from my inlaws to get rural water!

And there is the waiting until we can get water hauled or water hooked up.

Is it too much to hope that Jasper County, Iowa get buttloads of rain overnight to fill up my well?
Maybe we should all have a blogosphere rain dance.
But, than it might rain everywhere and not everywhere needs it.

Send rain requests to Mother Nature?

I don't know.
I am out of ideas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten Things Tueday- December Holidays

 Have you seen all the hoopla over saying Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays?

I honestly don't understand what is wrong with saying Happy Holidays.
Say what you want, it's all good to me.

But, lots of people seem to be upset that Happy Holidays is used. It is supposed to be Merry Christmas for some reason.

I get that people are sick of the whole political correctness in the world.
But when someone is saying something to be nice, should it really matter that they didn't stick Christmas into the greeting?

All this has inspired me to look into the many different holidays we can choose to celebrate in December.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about the different December holidays.
So, in no special order, here we go:

1. Hanukkah- December 8-16
     It is also known as the festival of lights. It is an 8 day celebration commemorating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

2. Yule- December 21 or 22
     This is when the Goddess gives birth to the new sun God. The new God is born on the shortest day of the year.

3. Christmas- December 25
     If you are a Christian, this is the day you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

4. Boxing Day- December 26
     It's a big shopping day now, but roots can be traced back many centuries. It may be called Boxing Day because that is the day charity boxes given to the church were opened, but no one knows for sure.

5. Kwanzaa- December 26
     The word is Swahili meaning fruits of the harvest and celebrated by many Africans to pay homage to their heritage.

6. Festivus- December 23
     For the rest of us. Originally from a Seinfeld episode. Put up an aluminum pole and read a list of grievances that occurred over the course of the year. 

7. The Feast of Immaculate Conception- December 8
     To celebrate the day that the Virgin Mary was conceived by Saint Anne.

8. Saint Nicholas Day- December 6
     Saint Nicholas was a saint and bishop that gave to the poor. He was known to toss bags of coins through open windows. A coin fell into a child's shoe and so began the tradition of putting out stockings for Saint Nicholas to put things in.

9. Bodhi Day or Rohatsu-  December 8
     The day to commemorate the day that Buddha found enlightenment(bodhi).

10. Hogmanay- December 31
     This is the Scottish word for the last day of the year. It is also known to be the Scottish way of celebrating New Year's Eve. Each area of Scotland has it's own Hogmanay ritual. Singing "Auld Lang Syne" is also a Hogmanay custom.

Other awesome December holidays!- There are fun ones like national roast suckling pig day, bathtub party day, and wear brown shoes day.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thoughts of Times Past

It's getting cold in my area of the world.

I'd like to look back on a few memories from spring and summer past.

 Fun with food!

It's deer out in the yard,

 Stormy weather!

 This was fun to clean up first thing in the morning.

 It's time for freezing some corn!

Bob, the squirrel, got tired of me snapping his picture so he left.
I named him Bob because he was quite the barker.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Tale

 This is a repost from a couple years ago when I only had a couple followers.
I normally don't do reposts, but , well, here ya go:

We all have the memorable Thanksgiving story.

Either it's really bad or it is super hilarious.

My story could kinda qualify for both, I guess.

These days Thanksgiving is just me, Honeyman, and Kiddo.
Years ago, when Honeyman's grandma was alive and well, she came over too.

Except for one year.
Oh, what a pleasant surprise that was.

We were just planning on having us and Grandma G. like normal.
The night before Honeyman's brother calls up and asks if they are still invited.
No one invited them.

But, my dimwitted sister inlaw(at the time), thought I did and she told her husband.
So, what are we going to say?
"No, you're not invited. Your wife is just stupid."
Instead Honeyman pretends he has a clue and says it's OK.

He's good at that.

It took me a while to figure it out.
The week before, they were up to visit and I asked her what their plans were for Thanksgiving.
I guess that is some sort of code for " Wanna come over ?" and no one told me.
OR Honeyman.
I thought I was just trying to make polite conversation.
Who knew?

So, we ended up with an extra 4 people for Thanksgiving.
Thank God we always get a large turkey.

So, my brother-in-law and 1 nephew show up at like 10 in the morning.

We don't eat til about 3 or so.
Grandma G shows up shortly after.

I'm left in the kitchen to cook everything and talk to no one.

About noon I put out the snacky foods, which include little smokies.

Sister-in-law shows up with nephew number 2 right at meal time with a crockpot full of
-you guessed it-
little smokies.

Anyway we eat.

My sister-inlaw eats tons and tons of food.
But is not happy no one is eating the smokies she brought.
Maybe if she'd have brought them sooner.
Just sayin'.

So everyone is visiting and sis-inlaw goes to the bathroom.
This is the fun part.

She clogged my frickin' toilet!

She comes out and Kiddo goes in.
Mind you, my daughter is about 5 at the time.

The water is rising in the toilet so Kiddo tries to flush again and it overflows.
She freaks thinking its her fault.

My sister-inlaw sees what is happening as we are cleaning up.
She gathers everyone up and leaves.

She just leaves and lets my daughter think it was all her fault.
Poor thing just cried and cried thinking she did something wrong.

Way to own up to your big dump, Lady.

But, that Thanksgiving will be forever known as the Clogged Toilet Thanksgiving.

Awww, memories!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Movie Quotes With Meaning

 Don't certain movie quotes stick with you?
They have meaning.

I have done memorable movie quotes before.
But this week's Ten Things Tuesday is about movie quotes that make me think of certain things.

1. You do things like they don't matter... to anyone but YOU! - An Unfinished Life
     Sure it's your life. But, unless you have no one else in your life-family,friends- it is not just about you. Sometimes it would be nice if it was. But, life does not work that way.

2. What does God need with a starship? - Star Trek: The Final Frontier
     This makes me think of Herbert W. Armstrong who was the leader of the now defunct World Wide Church of God. His members tithed and he bought a jet with the tithe money. Illegal-no. Immoral as hell, yes. 

3. Looks like someone doesn't have your back anymore. - Constantine
     This was from Satan to Gabriel when Gabriel made God angry. This brings to mind a couple ministers that were found guilty and sentenced last week for tax evasion. Pastor David Montgomery and his wife Bridget from the Restoration Temple Church of God in Christ moved some money from their construction company into the church accounts to avoid paying taxes. Ronald Weinland of the Church of God- Preparing for the Kingdom of God took tithe money and opened a Swiss bank account after converting the money into foreign currency and than later brought it back to the US. He claims religious persecution since he just sent the money over there in the first place because the economy was going to collapse and the Church needed to go on.

4. The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther! - Star Trek: First Contact
     We all need to make a stand. Sort of like the union/Hostess dispute. The union made concessions, but the company wanted more. How much do you just let them take before you say enough is enough? I have seen companies do it before. The unions concede and the company ends up closing anyway. And the CEO got a big raise from everything I read.

5. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and awhile you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
      Ain't that the truth! Stop and appreciate what you have.

6. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.- Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
     This was about the history and it is so true now. Studying history is to teach us not to make the same mistakes. It does not always work, because people are sure this time will be different. But, many things are just getting forgotten. In everything. People have forgotten what manners are, how to use their brain, how to plant a garden.

7.  The natural state of mankind ... and I know that this is a controversial idea... is freedom. - Amistad
     People call this the land of the free. More and more laws and rules are added all the time. I remember a time, I could go buy over the counter decongestant over the counter instead of behind the counter and I didn't need an ID either. I remember when you could walk outside the hospital and see smokers cause they couldn't smoke inside. Now, they have to leave the property. They can't even climb in their car and smoke because it is in the hospital parking lot.
I don't like being around a lot of smoke, but last time I checked smoking was still legal. 

8.  Why do you have to insult everybody?
   I'm being honest, asshole. I would expect you to know the difference.- The Breakfast Club
     I will have to say that sometimes I may come across a little more harshly than intended. I am not trying to be rude. I've commented on blogs before and the author seemed to think I was offended. Maybe I am just a bit harsh sometimes. I never thought so.

9. Just because the road is rocky doesn't mean your spirits should get rocky, too. - Quigley Down Under
     This can sometimes be tricky. It is really hard not to get down when the world seems to be spitting on you left and right. Or you are really tired. Or you really need to eat a snickers bar.

10. It's not who I am underneath, but what I *do* that defines me.- Batman Begins
     It's not about your last name or how much money you have. It's not about a nice car or even how you look. What matters is what's inside of you and what you do with it. You can be a good person, but too shy to stand up for what matters. Be the person that does things that matter. Be a good friend. Be all that you can be.


Have a great Tuesday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going Insane

I've been a little unsettled lately.
A little bit may be an understatement.

How can you help someone that thinks they are fine?

Everything's fine.

Except it's not.

It is self destructive
and I am powerless to do anything.

I can't even just put it out there.
On here.
It's my blog
But I can't.

It may get seen by the person it involves and everything I have read says to not be critical.
Bad idea.

It can cause me to lose touch.

But, it has been bugging me.
More and more all the time.

Last week, I knew I needed to post.
I couldn't get anything to get in my head
save for this crap.

That word about sums it up.
Or maybe

I talked about it with Honeyman, as well as other family and I feel a little better.
Not completely.

I just have this sinking pit feeling in my stomach.
I don't know if it will ever leave.

Maybe if the situation ever resolves itself.

Monday, November 12, 2012

To Wheat or Not to Wheat

That is the question.
As you may know, or not, I have not eaten wheat in many months.

It was an experiment to see how my body did with it.

To be honest, I did have wheat twice.

Once, because my daughter made something for school and she wanted me to try it.
The second time was just a couple weeks ago.
I made some regular bread for the wheat eaters.

Hot, fresh bread smelled so good.
I ate a little bit.

I didn't feel so good afterwards.
Head felt funny-like a blood sugar spike- and slightly nauseous.

I cut out wheat and the rest of the family just cut back.
All carbs were lowered.

It has done us all good.
We've all lost weight and inches.
I haven't had this sharp stabbing pain in my lower back in months.
My husband had a blood test and they checked everything and his blood sugar has not been so good in years.

Since I cut out the wheat, I have lost a little over 20 pounds.

I don't crave sweets.
In fact, most sweets taste overly sweet to me.

I have pretty much mastered cooking without wheat flour.
I even made dumplings without wheat flour and they turned out good.

From what I read, many people can't have just a little wheat.
They say they will and end up eating a ton and really feeling sick.
So, I have done my best to have none.

I did find that eating that bread did not make me start wanting wheat again.

So, that is good.

I am, however, thinking of dropping my total ban.
There are certain things that I used to cook with that contained wheat.
Like cream soups.

I can buy no wheat brands, but they are not the right size and they cost a lot more.

I am still not going to go back to eating wheat bread and wheat pasta.

I am still debating this.
If it was just me, I wouldn't care.
But is it right to not make this or that anymore because of me?
Not sure that it is.

But, I don't want cream soups to be my gateway wheat.

I figure if cutting out the wheat made me have headaches and be really tired until it all got out of my system, it can't be the healthiest thing for me.

So, I can't eat my mom's stuffing at Thanksgiving.
I'll come home and make some cornbread stuffing.
And it will still be tasty.

I have willpower I can do it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Great Quote

Isn't this the way it should be?

Why did all the old presidents have the greatest quotes?

Now, we get "Thousand points of light", "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", and "Stay the course"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons You Didn't Know About the Election Today

The United States is electing a new or not so new president today.


There could be recounts.
Maybe even a trip to the Supreme Court.

Remember the famous hanging chad incident of 2000?

Boy, was that fun!

Whether you vote or not, if you are reading this you are in the know.
But, some people may not.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is why you may not know there is an election today.

1. You are not from around here.
   Most people around the world seem to know about the election, but maybe you live on an island or in a cave. It's understandable.

2. You have no phone.
   It's not enough to not answer it, because campaigners sometimes leave messages.

3. You don't have TV.
   Or, you don't ever turn it on.

4. You don't listen to the radio.
    Not as many radio ads as on TV, but they are still on it. That was my last refuge. And than it was gone.

5. You don't ever use the internet.
    Believe it or not, I still know people that have never come in contact with the world wide web.
I offered my mom our old computer once and she said she didn't know what she'd do with it. There may be others.

6. You don't check your mail.
    Republican, party, Democrat party, Obama campaign, state Republican party , state party candidates, 2 different Romney campaigns, state Democrat party, and than all the PACs and Super PACs all send out mail. How many trees have to die?

7. You take a lot of drugs.
    Not just recreational. Could be prescription. Some of those can make you really loopy and you have no clue what the hell is going on.

8. You don't talk to anyone.
   I try to stay away from political discussions, but sometimes you are just there minding your own business and BOOM! your FIL blindsides you with political talk. You are left wondering where that came from.

9. You never leave your house.
    If you do, you will see all those signs everywhere. Some people have yard signs that are just HUGE.

10. You are an infant.
    They can't read yet or understand what they are hearing. Who is running the show is not important as long as they have love, food, and a dry diaper.


Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Am a Deleter!

I did it.
I deleted my first relative on Facebook.

Should I feel bad?
I do and I don't.

I had said that I wouldn't delete people over political crap and I haven't.

This was sort of political, I guess.

Why can't people respect someone else's opinion?
Why is that so hard?

I've hid all the posts calling names like retarded and stupid.
I suffered through reading that libs are the worst thing on earth and rethugs are scum.

What got me today was my uncle telling his former foster daughter not to ever post something like that so it appeared on his page. He would delete her.
And if she had those opinions she was no longer his daughter and friend.

This was all over a poster with a Bill Maher quote about insurance.

What made me so mad was the fact that someone should be allowed to have their own opinion without someone saying "If you don't agree with me, I won't like you anymore. Na na na boo boo. Stick your head in doo doo!"

What are you- 2?

So, I went to his page to delete him and I see he is voting no on prop 37.
I just have to shake my head at that.

In case you don't know.
Proposition 37 is to requiring GMO labeling in California.
The anti-labeling campaign is in full swing telling the voters how bad it would be for them, the consumers, if they really knew what was in their food.
Costs would go up and the food doesn't need labeled cause there is nothing wrong with it.

Did the snickers bar go up when they had to start telling you there were peanuts in it?

Bt corn causes insects stomachs to explode, but that's OK.
You go ahead and eat it and we aren't going to tell you that you are eating it.

If you don't care if you eat it and that it was never tested before being fed to the masses and that the government says its OK, that's fine.
But, why be against letting people have a choice?

That's his opinion.

I am just getting sick of all the negativity.
Can't we all just get along?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- The Good About Getting Older

Last year, when I turned the big 4 0 I did a post on 10 reasons why I was staying 39 forever.
I have since determined that the 4th decade is not so bad and that it's just a number.

So, this weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about being comfortable about my age.
I turned 41 yesterday.

1. I can admit I am over 40.
    Before I turned 40, I dreaded it. One day and I'd cross over to a new number. I hated it. Now? I can't say I love saying those high a numbers, but I can say that you are only as old as you feel and I don't feel old.

2. I don't care about gifts.
    I don't know why it happened. But, it seemed to correlate with the year I turned 40. When I was little, I didn't get much for gifts and I always wanted good gifts and now I just want something that shows me the person cares. Wash my dishes, make me something, call me. That is what really matters.

3. I am who I am.
    I am not sure if this was due to just turning 40, but I know I am much more comfortable with who I am than I was even a couple years ago. Life is not so much fun when you worry about what other people think.

4. I am smarter.
    I don't just think the news is automatically true. I delve deeper and look at everything. Maybe more informed is a better word.

5. I am healthier.
    I think that goes hand in hand in being more informed. I feel better and am healthier since I quit paying attention to what the government and news people are saying what is best for our health. I just wish I had paid attention sooner.

6. Elections should not be based on one issue.
    When I was younger, I based my yea or nay on the basis of one issue. That one was a make or break for me. Now, I realize that when everyone does that, things don't work. Get all the facts and than choose the best candidate overall.

7. It's OK to tell my mother that she isn't right.
    I'd probably say more to her, but my dad will have to listen to her complain and I don't want to subject him to that. But, I will voice my opinion more than I used to. Sometimes I get sick of her little comments and something needs to be said.

8. It's OK to experiment with cooking.
    I never used to deviate from a recipe. I never made anything that I didn't learn from my mother or a cookbook. Not anymore. If it sounds good, I stick it together. If it turns out good, I give it a name. If it doesn't, we shall never speak of it again.

9. I trust my instincts.
    If something feels wrong, I pay attention. I get feelings about certain things. I used to try and not listen and in the end I should have. It could have saved a lot of money and frustration.

10. When someone dies, don't JUST be sad.
    Also, be grateful that you knew them and that they were in your life for as long as they were. You can't just remember the bad in them passing. You have to remember the good times you shared. It's what gets you through.


Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- That's my Status!

 This week's Ten Things Tuesday is a list of some of my Facebook statuses.
If I give an explanation, it is under the status.
None really do, I just felt like giving ya one.

1. Everyone should be born with a bullshit radar.  Maybe they are and some people's are just broken.

2. Sometimes trying to talk sense into someone is like hitting your head against a brick wall.  It's useless and now my head hurts.

3. How lucky are we? Stone Sour tickets on sale for cheap so we got 'em and they are now sold out.
    Tickets were only $5 at a small venue in Des Moines. Show sold out in under 3 hours and almost no notice was given before the sale.

4. I hear thunder!
     In a drought, that sound is some mighty sweet music.

5. A word is just a word. Fuck, shit, tacos, damn.
6.  What's good about the upcoming elections? The PACs, campaigns, and political parties are keeping the post office in business.

 7. Sometimes you just have to let go of all the nasty crap before it chokes you.

 8. Bullshit wrapped up in a pretty little bow is still bullshit.

9. I could stand to win the lottery right about now. I guess that means I'd have to buy a ticket...

10. Hi, my daughter's name is ___________ and she has a sharing problem.
     If she had to go 15 minutes without sharing on Facebook, her head would explode. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I'm back in my room.
Just two months later.
Or 2-1/2.
But, who's counting?

It is so nice not to be sleeping 1 and 1/2 feet off the floor anymore.

The closet is not completely done and my shelves for the wall have not been built.
But it's all good!

 Not too bad for a DIY job! Took three coats when it was supposed to be one, two at most since it has built in primer.
 I know. I didn't paint the inside of the closet. After painting the walls, I just didn't care about a space no one will see but me.
 Nice moulding around the windows, wouldn't you say?
 The TV went up as soon as the paint was done so it wouldn't be sitting around on the floor.
I didn't do such a bad job on the floor.

Now, life can get back to some sense of normalcy.
I hope.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- October Goodness

October is just a nice time of year.
Not too hot and not too cold.

Maybe it is if you live on the equator or the North Pole.
I don't.
So, it's good for me.

But, it's not just the temperature outside.
This week's Ten Things Tuesday is on great things about October.

1. Moving back into my bedroom.
    Woo Hoo! OK, it hasn't happened yet, but we are on target for a couple days from now.
My closet door isn't on yet and my shelves still have to be built, but I can live with that.

2. Product evaluations
    I do surveys for extra money, ya know. Sometimes that involves trying out the product. It's been a little dry in that department. Not this month. I have 4 going on right now. Go me!

3. Halloween
   So, some churches are calling it an evil holiday. I even saw an article about some minister wanting to change Halloween to Jesusween. Well... Halloween, if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

4. Rain
    Over the weekend it rained here so much. My well was much appreciative. It rained over 2".

5. Home Improvement sales
   We are already a few hundred dollars over budget so finding a sale is so nice. Plus, my light was on clearance.

6. My birthday
    It's the 29th. I don't care so much about the day except for the birthday dinner. I have always let the birthdayee pick what they want for dinner. And no substitutes will be made. I can even make sweet potato fries and Kiddo can't say boo.

7. Having some garden things still alive
    It froze here, but my broccoli and Brussel sprouts are still going. So is my cilantro, oregano, and chives. The herbs still living is odd, but a good thing.

8. Finding out Beyonce is doing the superbowl halftime show
   This means I don't have to worry about missing something good when I go to the bathroom, get snacks, clean, etc. I would have worried for months.

9.  Making baked sweet potato chips
    I tried them a few days ago. They are awesome! Now, I don't have to buy the ones that have extra ingredients I don't want.

10. Leaves turning colors
    I love seeing all the leaves on trees turning colors. It is especially neat on a hill with all the trees displaying different colors.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Is It November Yet?

I'd really like to say November 7th,
but we all know the bitching about who won will commence as soon as the returns come in.

I am going to give it to the 20th before things settle down.
That may be a wee bit optimistic.

I am tired of all the labels and names.
I am tired of being labeled stupid for having a different viewpoint.
I am tired of the stupid people being stupid by calling other people stupid when their facts are skewed by their feelings.

I wish I lived in a country where people actually realized they had more than 2 choices and that voting a different way would not be "throwing their vote away".
If enough people thought this way, it might make a difference.

I hate talking politics with people.
I can do it with Honeyman, because I know it's not going to lead to an argument.

I read this quote on Facebook today.
Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions. G. K. Chesterton 

I really don't agree.
When is accepting another person's ideas having no conviction?
I don't have to like your opinion or agree, but I will tolerate it.
I will respect it.

I have friends on Facebook that won't be friends with someone that is a liberal(GASP)
or a Rethuglican(Oh no!)

Guess it's a good thing I am neither.

Of course, I am starting to wonder why I am friends with them.
Oh yeah.

I tolerate.
They don't, but that is another thing.

That and I hide their political rants and photos.

Maybe I am getting the meaning of the quote wrong.
But, that is what I get.

Another thing I was thinking of this morning, was something George W. Bush once said.
Either you're with us or you're against us.
This is where US politics is right now.

Two major parties and no one wants to compromise.

I don't believe either one is the answer.

I will vote.
But, I am not holding out much hope that things will actually change.
Well, for the better anyway.

Go Puppets!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- I Remember When...

I do not feel old.
Not a bit.

But, I have seen my fair share of changes in this thing we call life.

Some good changes,
some bad changes,
some things- not good or bad- just different.

That's this week's ten things Tuesday.
Just stuff I remember.

1. Dialing a phone
    No pushing buttons for me. You stuck your finger in the number hole and dialed to the right. It was novel when the neighbors got a fancy new kind of phone with buttons. It still looked like my phone except with big ole buttons. I wanted one.

2. Popping popcorn on the stove
   These days I have an air popper. Once in a while I'd like to do it the old fashioned way.
Pour a little oil in a big pan, add some popcorn, put the lid on and shake it back and forth over the hot burner. But, I have a flat, ceramic top stove and I'd be afraid I'd scratch it.

3. Wringer washers
   When I was little, the new automatic washers were making their debut. However, my mom liked her wringer-washer. It took her all day to do laundry. Finally Maytag quit making them and she was forced into the modern era. She actually liked having her laundry all washed and hung up BEFORE noon. Who knew?

4. Heating up leftovers on the stove
   Yes, I remember life before microwaves. We got one for my mom when I was 13. She still has that same microwave. I can't even tell you how many microwaves I have gone through.
The glass plates make great platters FYI.

5. No FM radio
   It was AM or nothing. Oh we had FM, but hardly any stations were actually on it. But, when FM took off, all the good stations were FM while the lame stayed on AM.

6. There was no cable OR satellite
   But, now that it is available, I think most of the shows are junk. Does anyone remember when you could buy a satellite dish and than you could just watch without paying for it every month?
Sort of like buying an antenna.

7. Gas was under a dollar
  YES! Under $1 a gallon. It didn't even go much over a dollar until I was pregnant with Kiddo. It hit $1.36/gallon and that was so expensive. Now, look at it 16 years later.

8. Generics came on the scene
   All you could buy was national brands. No off brands or store brands. Then the no label products started popping up. I called them black and white brand because the label was black and white and just said what was in it. My mom used to buy black and white brand spaghetti sauce. She hated it that I called it black and white brand. I was supposed to call it generic. Hey! It was black and white.

9. The 8-Track
    They were a fat funky looking version of a cassette. You had to have an 8-track player, of course. I wonder if anyone that went out and got one got pissed when they turned out to be unpopular. But, if they kept it, they'd be able to sell it for a lot of money today.

10. The Laserdisc
      It was like a giant DVD. It came out about the same time as VHS and Beta max video cassettes. I think you know who won the war. I did see a movie on laserdisc once. It was pretty cool to see a movie that way. Now, the discs are so much smaller and it doesn't seem all that impressive.

What kinds of things do you remember from when you were younger?

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a Thought!

If you don't meet anyone here, that means God wants you to be alone.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hey All!

I thought it was about time I posted.
I did say I'd be posting more regular and than I didn't.
That was bad of me.

This past week I dug my sweet potatoes.
That's a lot of work,
especially when the ground is dry and really hard.

But, I did it!

Tonight I had to cover my herbs.
Chance of frost or freeze.
I am not ready for this yet.

The bedroom is coming along.
I hope to be painting in the next few days.

 my new closet
new wall started
 my honey working hard on the wall
 new wall, door and closet

Another thing I have learned is that the next room we do, I need to make the budget.
Coming up with an idea of what we need and listening to someone telling me that he's "not taking that into account, but it's not that much" is not a good way to make sure I have enough money.

What other news do I have?

My baby girl turned 16 last Saturday.
Where does the time go?

Oh, I am thinking of maybe doing an ebook on my recipes.
I'm still looking into the ins and outs.
We will see.

Well, that's the skinny.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Things That Piss Me Off

First of all, I should say that I am aware that it is Patriot Day a.k.a. 9/11.
I know what I did that day, as I am sure you do.
I don't like it called 9/11 because it makes it sound like 9/11 should only be known as a day of tragedy.
There is so much more to that day.
I know people that got married and that were born on that date.

So, I am not going to do a post about it.
Instead, I choose to do a Ten Things Tuesday post.
It has been a while. Hopefully the craziness has passed so I have more time to get back to posting regularly. More or less.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about things that piss me off.
Here we go, in no special order.

1. Friendship that is lopsided
    This is why I don't have many friends in real life. Many of them want to be called or have you go see them, but they never want to return the favor. I get sick of people that want a friend but don't know how to be one.

2. Shitty parents
     I hate people that have kids and don't teach them manners, buy them everything, and let them run wild. They want babies, but don't seem to want the kids when they grow up. My heart breaks for the kids and I just want to slap the parents.

3. Political ads on TV
   Remember when we just had to sit through the ads by the campaigns? Now we have third party ads. Every commercial break. Almost every internet page.  Come on November! You know the only people wishing November would never come is the manager that is going to no longer have all that ad revenue coming in.

4. Political photos as shared on facebook
    No more photos of a U-Haul on the front lawn of the white house saying moving day on November 6. PLEASE! Why would he move in November anyway? His term would be up in January. Does it not bother you that voters do not seem to grasp this? It's symbolic, you say? I say it's stupidity.

5. Getting my phone number asked when I am buying something in a store.
   They just want to sell my information to other companies. I guess I shouldn't care if they mail stuff thereby saving the post office from sheer demise. Still, it's annoying. I don't really enjoy walking out to my mailbox to collect junk mail. Just say NO!

6. Paying copays or deductibles at the doctors office
   I remember the good old days when having insurance meant you could go to the doctor when you needed to. Once the insurance paid their part, you got sent a bill.
Not anymore. They have it all figured out how much you owe and you have to pay that day. Which sucks because- A) sometimes you are broke and have insurance, but can't afford your share that day or, B) the doctor's office is wrong, you overpay and have to wait 4 months to get a refund.

7. The automated clearing house
    It used to be great. Pay a bill and know the check won't clear til the money is in the bank. Now, you never know so you have to wait til you have the money or you get an overdraft fee, but if you wait you get a late fee.  You can't win. And if you do write a check in person- they take it, run it through their little scanner thing and give the check back. I paid a lot of money for those checks. All pretty with peace symbols. And just what was the point of me wasting one of them if you are just going to give it back?

   FICO should be known as Fuck Income Challenged Organisms.
It screws the little guy. I love that commercial. I am not a number, my name is Stan. Well, good for you, Stan. You have been FICO'd.

9. People that use religion to judge others
  If memory serves, one of the ten commandments is thou shall not judge. That's God's job. Not yours. Not a one person on this earth has adhered to every single thing that is in the bible. Until you can say honestly that you have, shut it.

10.  Directv
      First, they keep raising their rates every year. Second, their programming is getting worse. Third, no anniversary gift from them this year. Lastly, they took off about the only channels I watched  for a while because of a stupid fight between them and Viacom. Do, I blame Viacom for it ? Yes. But, I blame Directv too. Both big babies. Making 2 billions dollars profit a year is not enough. Oh, me so sad!
I am in the process of researching outdoor antennas so they can be booted.

So, what kinds of things piss you off?

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, September 3, 2012


 Here are the latest pictures of the remodel. Here we have started on the walls.
Some things I have learned.

Carrying sheetrock is done best by taller people than me. I can't carry it like other people because from under my arm to the floor is 4 feet- which is how wide a sheet is.
I have to put on hand on the bottom and one hand at the top and carry it while the other person carries it the normal under arm way.

Sheetrock is easy to break. It is actually made of gypsum, which is chalk, and just hitting it with your foot can ruin a corner.

 This is the drywall lift that we rented to do the ceiling. You lay a piece on it and turn the crank to raise it to the ceiling.
It would have been nice if the wheels locked.
Ah well, it worked. We have a ceiling.
Lacey has fun running through her "tunnels". Every day she has to go in and see what we have done.

Mudding of the sheetrock has started. Once that is done, along with the wall built, I get to paint.

Besides the remodel, my garden has actually started producing so I am canning and freezing things.

Between the two, I have not had much time to post much. I hope to change that soon.
Sorry for not getting to many of your blogs either.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking a Breather

The reunion went well.
Afterward, I stopped over at Mom and Dad's and I helped Dad pick his tomatoes.
Holy moly, that is a job all by itself.

The remodel is still going on.
My bed is still in the livingroom.
Things are still all over the place.

Wherever it fit, it went.

It took three days just to tear out all the plaster and slats.

Never let it be said that I am not a hard worker.

I got hit in the head with my pry bar and the general consensus is that I may have gotten a slight concussion.
I know, I know.
Way to go, Ruth.

It's all good.

We have new windows and insulation!

This gives you an idea of how badly the room needed done.

Turns out there was a door to outside at one time and it was plastered over. We also found a couple spots where doors were changed from the large sliding into the wall kind to the ones on now. 
The doorway in this picture will be gone. 
A wall is going there- along with a new closet.
We moved the door to another wall.

I had forgotten how much fun this remodeling stuff was.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Know You Want To

So, how long has it been since I posted last?
I don't even know.

That must mean it has been a while.

I have been mourning the loss of one of my zucchini plants and the possible demise of the rest.
Between worms burrowing in, the heat, and the drought they don't stand much chance.

I am sad.

I am also rationing water.

Being on well water has it's perks.

No fluoride added.
No water bill.

On the other hand,
I could run out of water.

I am saving my dishes rinse water for watering my garden.

On a bright note,
we will start on my bedroom in the next few weeks.
Honeyman got the week off so it's a go.
Windows and doors are on sale this week so we are getting those.

It's very therapeutic tearing out the walls and ceiling.
Honeyman thinks its a big mess.
I think it's progress.

Especially since I have lived here for 12 years and the whole time there has been a big piece of plaster missing from the ceiling.

In a couple weeks, I am going out to my family reunion.
My niece got me to go with her last year after several years of not going.
I actually enjoyed going.

I am trying to talk my sister into going.
I'm doing my best to convince her to go.

Go! You know you want to!
I'll bring coleslaw if you say yes.

I wish I was a jedi.
I could wave my hand in front of her face and that would totally work.
Laura loves her coleslaw so maybe I could be known as the colelaw jedi.

Go! You know you want to.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Just Fer Lookin' At

Yes, I have been missing quite a few of these lately.
It's late tonight.
But, I couldn't get on earlier.

This weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about things that really have no rhyme or reason.
They are just there.

1. The many checkouts at Walmart
   The store's packed. People balls deep in every checkout line. How many lines are open? 5. If you are lucky. All those extra registers? They're just fer lookin' at.

2. Fireworks in Iowa
   You are probably thinking you look at them everywhere. True. But, in other places you can shoot them off and look. Not so in Iowa. You can legally cross the border into Missouri or South Dakota, or well anywhere and buy the fireworks. You can legally bring them back. You just can't legally have fun with them. That big box of 1000 Saturn missiles? They're just fer lookin' at.

3. Little dogs
   Not poodles or schnauzers. Those are what I call yippy dogs. I mean dogs that are so little people carry them around in purses Hilton style. Their whole purpose is to sit and look as cute as they can. Yep. They're just fer lookin' at.

4. My swimsuit
   I am not much of a swimmer. But, the last vacation we took involved a water park so I needed new swimwear. I wore it for that vacation. Now, it sits in my drawer and when I get clothes out I see it. It's just fer lookin' at.

5. Boot Hill
   I don't have a picture or anything. Many years ago out near my hometown, people started nailing boots and shoes to a telephone pole. With a sign for Boot Hill. No reason. Just fer lookin' at.

6. Stuffed animals
   Not the toys. I mean actual taxidermy stuffed fish and birds and deer and bear.
I have some in my house. I really don't see the point. That is what pictures are for. And it's cheaper to take one than to get a fish mounted just so you can look at it.

7. Justin Bieber
   This one comes from my daughter. I have to say though that I do find it amusing that he walks into glass doors and windows an awful lot. Plus, without him there would be no lesbians that look like Justin Bieber website. I guess he is just fer lookin' at. And laughing.

8.  Monster trucks
   I think they are pretty stupid looking and due to the overly large tires, they don't really work as well as they were meant. But, some weirdos think they are cool to look at and I guess that is all that matters.

9.  Locusts
    AKA cicadas. I am not sure they are even for looking at. They irritate me with their noise and their outer shell is hideous. Once they come out they aren't so bad. I guess. They are a bug.

10. Fake fruit
     Who invented this? Why? To look pretty? Really? O. K.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

And There Were None

There were six baby barn swallows in the the nest. Except for a time or two, you never saw all of them.

One by one they all flew away. Now, there are none. They grow so fast.

And this is what they leave for me to clean up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yes, I Am Actually Posting

I was going to post yesterday, but by the time I got done going through my emails I got tired and went to bed.

A couple days before that I was going to write something, but I had no idea which thought I wanted to use so I gave up and went to bed.

The day before that I was going to post but I had eaten way too much sugar the day before and I was all depressed and just wanted to go to bed.

Have I mentioned too much sugar makes me depressed and/or cranky?
It kinda sucks knowing that a day or two after I pig out on candy I am going to pay for it.
Most times I do good.
I just had an "I don't give a shit" moment.

To be honest, I have no idea where I am going with this. 

My garden is doing well considering how hot and dry it has been.
Next month we will, hopefully be remodeling our bedroom.
Crappy and nice pictures may be coming soon.

Here's a picture I took last week coming back from the eye dr.

Really, who needs a campground when you can just set up in your cornfield?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Taking a Road Trip

I have been busy and have not been here much.

Sorry. Life gets in the way.

I have been picking and freezing peas
Walking into town with my daughter
and going places like orthodontists and 50th anniversary parties.

In fact, I thought my road trip would be a good topic for ten things Tuesday.

I didn't get many pictures of what I saw on the way or they didn't turn out.
You'll just have to trust me.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about my road trip to my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party and my commentary on things seen and heard.

             When plain water isn't good enough, go Artesian!

2. West Branch
    Birthplace of the former president Herbert Hoover. The little house is still there.
Is there an East Branch?

3. Herbert Hoover Highway
   If you take that, will it lead to depression?

4. My cousin's son
   He's 9. I saw him once-2 years ago and he remembered me. My thoughts were " How does he remember me?" Sparkling personality or fabulous red hair? It's a toss up.

5. Food
   They had some I could eat. Nuts and potato chips. Or cheese. Awesome! I didn't know if I'd be able to have anything.

6. Clear skies and no stink
   The landfill in Iowa City had caught fire recently and skies had been smoky and it was no pleasant odor. They covered it, but it was still burning underneath. I was pleasantly surprised.

7. I didn't need to hear that.
    My cousin's(same one) daughter came up to me and told me she threw up in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing, little girl.

8. I don't need to see that.
   My uncle is on dialysis. My aunt suggested my sister and I go ask him to lift the sleeve of his shirt up so we could see what his arm looks like from doing the dialysis. Eww! I don't want to even think about it.

9. It's the Ox Yoke Inn!
   The Amana Colonies is an area along Interstate 80 where German's settled and they have a little village. Great touristy spot if you are ever passing through the state. I have not been to the Ox Yoke Inn in years, but they have great food and they used to give out fresh bread and butter with the meal. Super good!

10. No music
      Not that it is a bad thing, but the trip there and back involved no radio on in the car. I went with my sister and it was quiet. I don't know the last time that happened.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

There's a Study for That

Did you know that getting shots or being poked with needles won't hurt so much if you look away or close your eyes?

I know!
It's amazing!

I've always heard that, but I couldn't be sure it really worked.
Now, I do.

Cause they(don't remember who exactly) did a study.
Now, it's legit.

It's not just a story.

Now, I'm wondering about that study.
Was it a government paid for study and how much grant money did the people get to do the study?
Did people go to labs and get poked repeatedly while looking and not looking?
Did they get poked so much while they looked that their arms went numb so they couldn't feel it when they looked away?

And another thing.
How do I go about getting grant money for a study about something everyone already knows about?

photo found on

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's That Time Again

What is tougher than having ONE computer in a house made up of three people?
Remember, one of those said people is a teenager.

My daughter is out of school for the summer.
And she had to return the macbook back to the school for the summer too.

Honeyman uses the internet to sell or try to sell things on ebay.
I do surveys and blog related activities.
My daughter writes stories, and chats with people.

We all have to sleep so it gets pretty interesting trying to find time to peruse the world wide web.

Technically, we do have another computer.
Sure, it's a Windows 98 SE and there is no monitor.
But, there it is.

It is also slower than shit and not wi-fi compatible.

On the plus side, I am finding more time to clean my house and other things I really don't want to do.

Well, looking at the clock, I see my computer time is about to come to an end til...

...I don't know.

Be seeing you, when I can.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Happiness Is

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts the last few days.
I thought making a list of what makes me happy would be beneficial right about now.

So, without further adieu...

... this week's Ten Things Tuesday is about what happiness is to me.

1. A hug
   Hugs just feel good. They say " I care", " I want you to feel better", or "It's good to see you".

2. Peanut butter and chocolate chips
   Grab a bowl, stick in some peanut butter and a big ole handful of chocolate chips and you have quite the treat. You may need a drink. YUMMY!

3. A monkey water bath
   Who doesn't love one of those? Check out the link for an explanation. The short version is just a really hot bath. It feels really good and so relaxing.

4. No school
   Who would think that at my age I would care about such a thing? I am not an early morning person, but I have a teenager that the state seems to think needs to go to school and the school thinks the bus needs to stop at my house at 7 am. Being the good mom I am, I get up with her and make her breakfast and pack her lunch. Have you smelled the lunch they serve at school? Ugh!

5. Baking
   I find it relaxing. If I did it as often as I wanted, the whole family would be extremely rotund.

6. Talking with my daughter
   I hear so much about moms and teenage daughters never communicating and it makes me realize how fortunate I am.

7. Seeing my garden grow
   I have broccoli starting to head and my cabbage will be soon. I can pick some green onions. My peas are starting to pod( I'm a pod person!). It will only get better from here. Yes, I am just a little excited.

8. Paying the last payment
   It just feels so good to be done paying for something. Two months ago it was the orthodontist. This month is Honeyman's student loan. Yay!

9. Seeing my dad
   My dad is getting old. He's got emphysema and still smokes. He is more frail every time I see him. I am glad that he is still around. For how long is anyone's guess. I need to be grateful for the time I get with him.

10.  Having friends stop by
    This doesn't happen too often. Everyone is so busy with their own lives. Plus, we are on totally opposite schedules.  Such is life!

What kinds of things bring you happiness?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Look Alikes?- 5/21/12

 Ellen Degeneres

 Ann B. Davis a.k.a.  Alice from "The Brady Bunch"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just Call Me Grammar Nazi

Or grammar nerd.
Or grammar police.
Or anal retentive.

The choice is yours.

But, bad spelling irritates me.
I normally just let it go.
I don't point it out.
That would make me more of a nerd that suffers in silence, wouldn't it?

The police or Nazis would be mean.

Everyone makes goofs now and then.
But, some people do it constantly and very badly.
Almost to the point that you cannot decipher the words.

Learn to pay attention to the little squiggly line under words, People.
It may be useful.

I have mentioned it before
but, I am saying it again.

It is congraTulations, not congraDulations!

I was told it came about from greeting card companies trying to be clever with their
graduation cards.
It's not clever, it's stupid!

Do you know how many people are spelling it congrads or congradulations now?
A whole freakin' lot of them.
And not just for graduation.

It's annoying and I know too many people that are writing it!

I just saw a status on facebook and while I like the sentiment, I cannot like it.
I just CAN'T!

I'll write on his wall about said subject later.
Not about the incorrect spelling though.
I will let that go.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

You may go about your day now.