Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm Not Dead...

I just went to Cincinnati.

My niece is pregnant with identical twins and received a diagnosis of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
Surgery was what the doctor recommended.
Seeing as how you can count the number of hospitals that do this kind of surgery on one hand, we had to travel.

TTTS or twin to twin is when one twin gets everything and the other one not so much.
The larger one has more stress on organs and it is pretty serious.
One or both babes might not survive.
They definitely wouldn't without medical intervention.

So, my niece and her husband were going and I was not going to just let them go by themselves.
It's a scary thing, going through surgery or waiting while the one you love goes through it.
Not to mention facing the fact that you might lose your child or children.

It took 10 hours to drive there- with stops.
Next day was a full day of tests and the next the team meeting.
Day after that was the surgery.

After that we stayed at the hotel until her post surgical tests.
After that, we got outta town.

Since I got home, I have been trying to catch up on everything.
I have a few amusing photos to share.

Not as many as I wanted to get.
But, it'll do.