Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine

Oh my, I will really laugh at just about anything.

And I can make people laugh at things they never thought they would.

I laugh at the news.

When I read the news online, my favorite part is reading the comments about the story.
Some of that shit is just HILARIOUS.
If you have never done this I highly recommend it.

When I was a kid, I didn't laugh much at all.
There was just so much I was told not to laugh about.

People falling down. Come on! Kids find it funny. Many adults do too.

Bodily noises. What kid doesn't love potty humor? So do men. Who do you think came up with "pull my finger"?

People saying something about anyone. Which NO ONE should laugh at, of course. Even if what they just did or said was so unbelievably retarded.

My grandma. Who by the way said some pretty funny stuff and my cousin laughed at her and it was OK.

So, I was pretty much messed up and had a depressing childhood.

As, I have gotten older, I have realized it's OK to laugh at all of those things. It is human nature and if you can't laugh and enjoy your life what have you got.

I subscribe to the George Carlin philosophy of humor. You can laugh at anything, it is all in the delivery.
To me, a joke is a joke.
Take it for what it is.

I even know how to laugh at myself.

Do you know one day I had on a sweatshirt on backwards for most of the day and never noticed?
Shows you how much I look in the mirror.
Anyway, no one noticed it either.
I went in the bathroom and washed my hands and just noticed.
Good Lord.
I laughed so hard that I did that and just walked around and I didn't realize and no one else realized.
It's not like it was a plain colored sweater.
I guess I should have felt stupid. After all, I am 38. I should know how to dress myself.
I should have been depressed that nobody noticed and told me.
But, I didn't.

Ya just gotta laugh.

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