Monday, May 10, 2010

Velveeta Cheese Pizza

Do you have any bizarre memories featuring food?

I do.

Velveeta Cheese Pizza.

I don't remember how old I was.
My oldest sister was on a canoe camping trip and my dad was working over the road.
So, it was just my other sister and my mom.

My sister and I wanted to make a pizza.
Never did it before.

Mom finally OKed it.
But would not buy mozzarella cheese.
Cause cheese is cheese. And what's the difference?

But, we had Velveeta cheese food at home.
So we used that.

I remember it plain as day.

Had the pizza crust, the sauce, and hamburger.
And for cheese we had Velveeta.

And we hated it.
It was nasty.
It didn't taste like pizza was supposed to.

Mom got mad.
She went to all that trouble and we didn't like it.

Now, my sister and I have a good laugh about the Velveeta Cheese Pizza that was the worst damn pizza we ever tasted.

You just don't make pizza with Velveeta.

Oh, the memories!

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