Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be A Mom Why Don't You?

Here's my gripe for the day.

Why do some people have such suck ass parents?

Being a parent isn't always fun.
Far from it.

At the same time why do some people think all they gotta do is take care of the physical?

They never think about being there emotionally.

Some, they don't want to or for whatever reason can't.

Others just don't even seem to think that there are things they could help their child with.

I must say that I am actually proud of myself as a mom.

I used to really question how well I was doing.

But, I see my daughter at 13 to be a great kid.
So, I know I did good.

She still talks over things with me and I hope that never ever changes.

She values my opinion and she has a pretty good sense of self worth.

She has gone through so much in her short life and I am glad she came out the other side better.

I take my job as a mom seriously and it is my job to guide her through things and always be there for her in whatever way that may be.

Some parents I just want to smack up side of the head and ask them what in the hell do they think they are doing.

And just cause the child is older and maybe headstrong does not mean they don't need their mom or dad.

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