Monday, July 23, 2012

That's OK

I don't need to see that.
I'm pretty sure there was no news today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Know You Want To

So, how long has it been since I posted last?
I don't even know.

That must mean it has been a while.

I have been mourning the loss of one of my zucchini plants and the possible demise of the rest.
Between worms burrowing in, the heat, and the drought they don't stand much chance.

I am sad.

I am also rationing water.

Being on well water has it's perks.

No fluoride added.
No water bill.

On the other hand,
I could run out of water.

I am saving my dishes rinse water for watering my garden.

On a bright note,
we will start on my bedroom in the next few weeks.
Honeyman got the week off so it's a go.
Windows and doors are on sale this week so we are getting those.

It's very therapeutic tearing out the walls and ceiling.
Honeyman thinks its a big mess.
I think it's progress.

Especially since I have lived here for 12 years and the whole time there has been a big piece of plaster missing from the ceiling.

In a couple weeks, I am going out to my family reunion.
My niece got me to go with her last year after several years of not going.
I actually enjoyed going.

I am trying to talk my sister into going.
I'm doing my best to convince her to go.

Go! You know you want to!
I'll bring coleslaw if you say yes.

I wish I was a jedi.
I could wave my hand in front of her face and that would totally work.
Laura loves her coleslaw so maybe I could be known as the colelaw jedi.

Go! You know you want to.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Just Fer Lookin' At

Yes, I have been missing quite a few of these lately.
It's late tonight.
But, I couldn't get on earlier.

This weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about things that really have no rhyme or reason.
They are just there.

1. The many checkouts at Walmart
   The store's packed. People balls deep in every checkout line. How many lines are open? 5. If you are lucky. All those extra registers? They're just fer lookin' at.

2. Fireworks in Iowa
   You are probably thinking you look at them everywhere. True. But, in other places you can shoot them off and look. Not so in Iowa. You can legally cross the border into Missouri or South Dakota, or well anywhere and buy the fireworks. You can legally bring them back. You just can't legally have fun with them. That big box of 1000 Saturn missiles? They're just fer lookin' at.

3. Little dogs
   Not poodles or schnauzers. Those are what I call yippy dogs. I mean dogs that are so little people carry them around in purses Hilton style. Their whole purpose is to sit and look as cute as they can. Yep. They're just fer lookin' at.

4. My swimsuit
   I am not much of a swimmer. But, the last vacation we took involved a water park so I needed new swimwear. I wore it for that vacation. Now, it sits in my drawer and when I get clothes out I see it. It's just fer lookin' at.

5. Boot Hill
   I don't have a picture or anything. Many years ago out near my hometown, people started nailing boots and shoes to a telephone pole. With a sign for Boot Hill. No reason. Just fer lookin' at.

6. Stuffed animals
   Not the toys. I mean actual taxidermy stuffed fish and birds and deer and bear.
I have some in my house. I really don't see the point. That is what pictures are for. And it's cheaper to take one than to get a fish mounted just so you can look at it.

7. Justin Bieber
   This one comes from my daughter. I have to say though that I do find it amusing that he walks into glass doors and windows an awful lot. Plus, without him there would be no lesbians that look like Justin Bieber website. I guess he is just fer lookin' at. And laughing.

8.  Monster trucks
   I think they are pretty stupid looking and due to the overly large tires, they don't really work as well as they were meant. But, some weirdos think they are cool to look at and I guess that is all that matters.

9.  Locusts
    AKA cicadas. I am not sure they are even for looking at. They irritate me with their noise and their outer shell is hideous. Once they come out they aren't so bad. I guess. They are a bug.

10. Fake fruit
     Who invented this? Why? To look pretty? Really? O. K.