Friday, May 21, 2010

I Can't Think Of a Title

Well, I did think of one, but it turns out I had already used it.

And Can't think of a title seems not to be taken.
So, here we are.

I had a great visit with my niece yesterday.
She stayed quite a while.

Tonight, Kiddo is going to a dance at the middle school.
I hope she enjoys herself.

Not sure why she is going though.
The last time she went to one, she hated it.

She is definitely not a pop rock or country music loving gal.
Give her Avenged Sevenfold or Mudvayne and she is happy.
Give her Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift- not so much.

And they always play the crap she hates at these things and she has to pay to get in to hear said crap.
But it is her allowance money.
And she MIGHT enjoy herself.
It is possible.

She's got some girls to hang out with so she might have fun.

I used to go to all the dances in high school and middle school.
I danced all the time.
Except for the slow ones cause I didn't have anyone to dance with.
But, I loved it.

I love to dance!

And back then, they played the good stuff.
Billy Idol
The Beastie Boys
Billy Squier
Van Halen
and can't forget Nirvana

Ya know, the good music.
The kind to shake your booty to.

Yes, I did dance my way through the 80's where there was fantastic music goin' on.
But, I know there is some good new rock goin' on.
Yet, sad to say, many people just listen to the CRAP available.
And so that is what the schools play at dances.

Poor kids.

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