Thursday, July 23, 2015

Potatoes and Such

'member a long time ago when I was writing about going to plant potatoes?

It was back at the end of the A-Z.

You don't remember?

That's OK.
Cause I do.

After all, they are my potatoes.
Sure, you plant them and pretty much leave them be til the plants die.
But, you just can't forget completely.

The time has come to start digging.
I have been digging a few hills here and there.
Digging them as they die and also to save my back.

Aren't they beautiful?

In other, unrelated news, one of my favorite uncles deleted me on Facebook for being OK with same sex marriage. I really did not see that one coming. And yet, he did not delete my husband. Which, seeing as how we have been married for quite some time, you would think he would realize we just might share the same view point.
Oh, well. Sucks to be him. He is just going to be missing out on the awesomeness of me.

What else?
Saw my rheumy Tuesday to go over tests. No fusing or erosion, but degenerative change. Most people do end up with some degeneration as they age, but it also leads the dr. to think that AS is happening. The meds seem to be working so no mri right now.

Family reunion is Saturday. Fun times to be had by all.

I have missed a lot of posts lately and I got some making  up to do getting around to everyone.

Have a great day!