Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Did It

I signed up for the challenge.

Not sure if it's for good or bad, but it's done.
No backing out now.

No clue what will come out of me.

I guess we will find out come Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Got

Or nothing.

I don't know what I have.

I now have a daughter with a job.
That's something.

I have a gastroenterologist that told me one thing and wrote something entirely different to my primary doctor.
No mention of considering me celiac, nothing about seeing a rheumatologist, not even gluten intolerance was noted. Even though that was the purpose of my visit and what my primary diagnosed me with.
So, I guess I have an ex-gastroenterologist.

All I do know is that my doctor is glad I didn't eat gluten for the sake of a test that would not change the treatment.

I have back pain, neck pain, pain in hands and feet.
I had blood taken and it's not RA.
Waiting for X-ray results to tell me if it is arthritis at all.

Since it is in several parts of my body, the doctor mentioned fibromayalgia.
I don't know.
It might be something.
But maybe it is something else.

All I know is the pain started in my lower back eons ago and this is the third doctor I have seen about it and of course now the pain is migrating elsewhere.

There is a link between low back pain and irritable bowel disease/syndrome or whatever that doctor wants to call it.
Also to celiac and all that good stuff.

I should be glad nothing is found wrong.
Except now, I just am more confused.

I do know that my body is all kinds of fucked up and that there is NOTHING I can do about it.

I am still thinking on the A-Z challenge this year.
Sometimes I really feel as if I have nothing to say.
I mean I do have SOMETHING to say about a lot of things.
But. I just don't know.
I did look at the list and I still have 29 days to figure it out.