Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Nights Alright

Weekends just don't mean much to me anymore.

Back many, many moons ago when I was single I didn't care too much about weekends.
I went out no matter what.

Than as I got older and met and married my Honeyman, I once again had a traditional weekend.
Everyone else was growing up and working and the only time to get together was the weekend.

Now, Honeyman works weekends and Kiddo has weekends off from school.
So, I get woken up every day so I see nothing so great about a weekend.

We never get to go on dates during the week when he is off cause Kiddo has school.
So we want a night out, he has to take the night off.

Everyone I know seems to talk about how great Friday is here( yay!) and Monday is here(boo!).
I don't like Fridays so much. It is the end of Honeyman's weekend.
Mondays are not so bad. It is his Thursday.

But, many Saturday nights, Kiddo and I have a movie night. After Honeyman leaves we get some snacks and drinks, pop a movie in and just do the mom/daughter thing.
She used to like sleeping with me, but she hits and kicks in her sleep and I am not overly partial to pain. So she has to go to her own bed. It is safer that way.


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