Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Movie Sequels That Never Should Have Been Made

Sometimes movies are made and just shouldn't be. The first one might be good, but do we really need another?
That's what I am talking about.

Here's my list of movie sequels that never should have come to pass.

1. Cinderella
     Not only was there one sequel. There were two.  They were made in 2002 and 2007. Just...WHY?

2. Mummy
     I loved the first one. It is great! The second one was watchable, but the kid was a brat and the parents ignored him so they could smooch and that is why he got taken. Than was The Scorpion King, which was not Mummy Three, contrary to many people's delusions. The Scorpion King had nothing to do with The Mummy other than the fact that he was a character in the second movie. The last Mummy was bad and didn't even have the original woman actor and the mummy was different.

3. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
     Cute little movie. "Meatier showers" made me laugh. But, the second one just looks goofy. Food that's alive. What is this? The Disney version of Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

4. Police Academy
     I liked the first one. The second one was not bad. By number three, I was over it. And yet, they made more. Seven Police Academy movies have been made and apparently number eight will be coming out in 2014. By the time that movie comes out, it will have been 30 years since the first one. Some of the original actors have died and I bet the rest ain't lookin' too pretty.

5. Hangover
     I know this was a hit. But, I HATED it. I thought it was God awful. I don't even know how that one got made. Than the second one came out. Everyone went to see it. Well, except for me and the mister. He didn't like the first one either. People said that one was bad, but since it made so much money cause everyone "had" to see it they made a third.

6. Meatballs.
     Great summer fun with Bill Murray.

Than they made three more really bad, stupid ones.

7. City Slickers
     I love the first one. One of my favorites. But, you just don't go and replace Bruno Kirby with Jon Lovitz. Nope, sorry.

8. Matrix
     First one was great, second was too. The last was pretty good til the end. They ruined it. They just ruined the whole damn trilogy. Now, I can't even watch the first one without thinking of the ending and what was the point?

9. A Christmas Story
     Did you know there were sequels? Neither have the original cast. They can't. Too old or too dead. The first sequel was called A Summer Story and came out in 1994. A Christmas Story 2 was a DVD release in 2012. 

10. Predator
     This was never my favorite movie either, but what do I know. After the second, came the two Alien vs. Predator movies and than a third sequel- Predators. The creator wants to do more too. So, we have that to look forward to.

What movie do you think should not have been made?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a Handout

People really need to bone up on their vocabulary skills.
Apparently lots of people don't seem to know or understand what a handout is.

I am not proud of my government.
Far from it.

I believe they serve the best interest of themselves and big business and not the people.
I don't care what side.

That being said, I am tired of all the crap I am hearing and seeing about how so many people in this country are getting handouts and how it is so wrong.

First of all, I get this from a lot of extended family.
My grandparents got what used to be called ADFC(Aid to Dependent Family and Children), now called welfare.
If it wasn't for that aid, my grandparents, father, and his 13 siblings could have starved or frozen to death because they were homeless.
And yet, I have heard some uncles, aunts, and cousins bad mouth it.

Think about where you come from before you bitch about things.

Second of all, anything you get without effort is technically a handout.
If you get more money back than you paid in taxes because of the earned income credit or child tax credit, you are the recipient of a handout.
You didn't earn that money, you were given it.

If you participated in Cash for Clunkers, you got a handout.
The dealerships got the money from the government so a $500 car could be traded for $4000.
Government program that someone benefited from without effort = handout.

I am not saying handouts are bad, but lots of people seem to just count certain things and forget about the rest.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Who Steals a Turtle?

There's Rainbow, aka "the bubbers". He/she/ whatever was so named by Kiddo because we didn't know the sex of the turtle.

The females get bigger, but when they are itty bitty it is hard to tell.

Rainbow got taken.
We got up Sunday morning and Honeyman went out to feed him and he was just gone.

This is his home. Honeyman made it. He built the frame and set a koi pond down into it.
If you look closely, you can see Rainbow in the corner during one of his escape attempts.

The water was lower than in this picture.
He never could get out because he couldn't get his flippers hooked over the sides of the tank to pull himself out.

So, the explanation is that someone took him.
People have been known around here to steal kittens and puppies.

But, if by some miracle he was able to get out on his own, I do hope he made it down to the pond safely.

Adding insult to injury was that Kiddo was celebrating her birthday.

Just a few weeks ago, she lost Felix.
Another cat came on property and killed the poor little guy.

Which leads me to the question of why would someone steal a turtle.
Because they a a walking turd, that's why.

No other possible explanation.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I Was Born in a Small Town

I grew up in a small town.
Now, I live outside of a small town.

Nothing says small town like petitions circling to keep a Family Dollar out of our town.

The city council sold an old baseball field to the corporation and it is scheduled to open a store next summer.

The outraged range from not needing a dollar store in my town because they can drive out of town to go to Walmart or Target OR because we must support local businesses.

Number 1- why would you drive a half hour if you could find something right in town.
Number 2- What local businesses? Have you people looked at this town lately?

Other reasons include the name of the field.
It's named after an old coach.
And there are the memories.

From what I hear, the coach was an ass wipe on the butt of humanity. But, he could win games.
So, he is kinda like the Patriot's head coach.
And memories are in your head.
I remember lots of things that are no longer there.

I really am for local businesses over big corporations.
But, the town doesn't have much of any kind of business.

I'm tellin' ya.
It's just like when the grocery store started staying open on Sundays.
Like when Subway came to town.

Cause we don't need none of those new-fangled fast food places.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Forget Me Not

I have not forgotten to post here.
Yet, it feels like I have.

I have been so busy with the garden.
Canning tomatoes and salsa and freezing peppers and broccoli and zucchini.

Which reminds me, I have yet to check my zucchini this morning.
I'll wait til the bees are done doing their thing.

I have come to the conclusion that having a good memory can be a curse.
My husband says I have a mind like a steel trap.

Which is nice, except everyone I know seems to have rusty traps.

I did this mail things to 5 people on Facebook and when a friend of mind ( who signed up to do this) got hers she wanted to know why I gave it to her instead of keeping it.

My cousin and I made plans that when she came through Iowa on her way from Arkansas to Minnesota, she'd stop and we'd have lunch.
She never told me when.
But, she mentioned  going on Facebook and I told her to let me know when and she said OK.
Turned out she drove through the next day and never got a hold of me.
Drove back through a few days later, spent the night 30 minutes away and not one word.

Yesterday a friend was supposed to come out and pick up some tomatoes and zucchini.
We talked about it the night before and she never came out.
My daughter said she probably forgot.

Is this stuff really so hard to remember?

From one day to the next?

So, I get a little irritated.
My husband forgets a lot.
My daughter forgets a lot.
Well, she forgets unless it is something in one of her books.

My oldest sister forgets.
The other one too.
My oldest niece forgets all the time too.

The list just goes on and on and on.

And there is me.
I am one that remembers a comment someone made on my blog a year or two ago.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Is Going On?

The weather has been extremely weird this summer.

I can't figure it out.

Cold and rainy.
Dry and warm.
Cool, but dry.
Hot and dry.

Another cool down came along.
We didn't run the AC much in July.

August came and it felt more like September.
Cue, the start of school.

Major heat up.
We are talking schools letting out early for the first week and a half of school.

There was still no rain in sight.

Than two days ago, it started cooling down.
It got down to 52 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

Still no rain.

It is supposed to start heating back up again.
A little bit every day.
90's here we come again!

But, what is it?

Is it the chemtrails(not to be confused with contrails)?
Is it HAARP?
Is it global warming or climate change?
Or it is just Mother Nature being a bitch?