Monday, October 19, 2015

For the Love of Hair

Old school or fuddy duddy?
That is the question set before me.

I don't understand this whole new hair trend going on here.

Dying the hair in colors that are not normal.
For hair.
Either in streaks or just doing all the hair.

Is it me?
Or is everyone else very bizarre?

Women are dying their hair in colors not normally seen in rainbows and they are getting tons of compliments.
Except one.
This one woman I know said her 18 month old son laughed when she did hers.

I don't know if it is mostly women that are liking this trend.
Most of the compliments seem to come from women.

I don't think it's an age thing because older women than me are saying that it is cute or looks good.

I do know my husband thinks "torrid pink" or purple or teal hair looks stupid.

Apparently, Marge Simpson was ahead of her time.

And I seem to be turning into my mother.