Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

We have moved. We now live in a BOG.
Pretty nice, but it is a bit squishy when you walk on the grass.

We had movie night tonight.
Fixed some chicken enchilada dip and we ate that with chips while we watched Avatar.

Avatar was about like I figured. Watchable, but NOT as great as everybody tried to make it out to be. I thought it was a bit long.
I also think that James Cameron took a bunch of different movies, wrapped them up and turned it into his own movie. Dances With Wolves, Matrix, The big bad Iron Man dude that Iron Man defeated, Eragon, and you can probably come up with more of your own.

But, we got that watched and Kiddo is in bed.
Honeyman into the "humongous" town of Monroe to see some friends.

So, it's me. All alone.

I am needing to get some work done online.
I have been doing some internet neglect lately.
But am just not feeling it.

Bye All

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