Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Zero Words

We say zero in different ways.
So, since we are at Z in the A-Z blogging challenge and it is a Tuesday I am going to list ten different ways of saying or using zero.

1. O
     I don't know if this is because the number 0 looks like an O or because O is the last letter in the word zero and it is a short way of saying it.
It's a quandary.

2. Zilch

3. Nada

4. Blast-off!
     When you count down to zero, you never just say zero. You just don't.  After one, comes blast-off.

5. Mute
     When you turn the sound down so far you can't hear it, the TV says mute.

6. Operator
     Remember when you could dial 0 and ask the time? They weren't fond of small children that did that repeatedly.

7. Time
     Military time is set on the 24 hour clock. O 8 hundred is 8:00 am . Zero Dark Thirty means really early in the morning.

8. None

9. Months or weeks
     Ever notice how you stay one year until your next birthday, but babies are never 0. They are hours, days, weeks, or months old. Unless you are filing taxes and than they can be 0.

10. Witching hour
     Apparently someone decided midnight or 0 hour was the time when the witches, demons, and ghosts come out to play. No one told my ghost that. She comes out to play whenever she feels like it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Where did YOLO come from?
One day I just starting seeing this YOLO business.

I had no clue what it meant.
I didn't even think to reference my handy dandy internet slang dictionary.

Finally, I saw it used on TV.
I had to ask my daughter.

You Only Live Once.

Well, duh!
We are not cats.
No do-overs!

Unless you are in "Cityslickers".
Than life is a do-over.
But, you just can't wait til you're dead.

But, since you only live once, you might as well go for it.

Either, I live under a rock or these geek speak phrases just take off really fast.
My daughter says that it's text speak, not geek speak.

I call it how I see it.
I figure I could call it worse things.

Happy Y day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Xena: Warrior Princess

This was a TV show that ran from 1995-2001. It starred Lucy Lawless as the bad ass Xena.
She was once known as the "murderer" and is now fighting for the greater good.
This show was a spin-off of the show Hercules.

Who remembers this show?
Did you watch?
Did you enjoy?

This show was on when I was busy moving around and than having a kid and getting married.
I maybe saw it once or twice.

My mother, on the other hand, lived for this show.
It was shown in the middle of the night so she set the VCR up to tape it.

If it got messed up due to a late running ball game, she got so upset.

I can still see her now
excited to watch this show.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, What Do You Know

It's a dairy product and it's made with milk!

Well, what do you know? Isn't it just amazing? I know I am shocked.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feeling Vanquished

Vanquish- beat or overcome.
I feel like I have been the one vanquished.
Right now I am frustrated and I am at a complete loss as to do.

My daughter's school is going on a trip to London and Paris in 2014.
It is the trip that may only come around once for her.

The problem is paying for it.
If we had the money, than we'd decide if she should go.
She is so young, but she is not little anymore.

What to do?

They take payment plans.
But, they have to be paid up a month before the trip.
So, it's $3500 or $250/month.

It's not like there are a ton of jobs around here I could get to pay for it.

So, like any good parent that wants to do for her child and doesn't know what to do- I feel very vanquished.

Shouldn't parenthood get easier as the kids get older?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Story of the Unity Candle

Do you remember when everyone had unity candles at their weddings?

Well, not me.
Cause I had a judge marry me and Honeyman in the judge's flower garden.
We wanted to do it at the courthouse.
But, the judge thought that was unromantic.
Translation- he wanted the fee he could charge for doing it away from the courthouse.

But, anywho- back to the unity candle.

For anyone that doesn't know about them, here is the rundown.
There are three candles, two tapers and one big unity candle.
The bride and groom lights a taper and uses them to go together and light the single unity candle.

Do you think it's a bad sign if the couple can't get the unity candle to light?

Maybe God was trying to tell them something.

I was at a wedding several years ago when just such an occurrence happened.
They got through the ceremony OK until they got to the lighting time.
Try and try they did.
It just wouldn't light.

Eventually the groom lit the thing with his lighter.

Maybe they figured that it was worth it since they had to work at it.

It wasn't.
Five years later they divorced.

I'm telling you it was a sign.

He is due to get married again this summer and they already printed the programs.
I have no clue.
But, all the programs got misprinted.

Another sign?
It could be.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a Trade-Off

Life is all about trade-offs.
Like the saying goes- No such thing as a free lunch.

It doesn't matter.
To get one thing, you give up something else.

Have your cake and eat it?
Wouldn't we all like that?

Oh, but you could say sugar substitutes are a way to do that.
Sure, if you want to trade calories for chemicals.

As much as we want to say that there is not always one,
there is a trade-off of something.

Work overtime for more pay
you lose time at home relaxing, being with family or friends.

Giving up certain foods
you feel better, but there is a lot you can't have.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Snazzy Shoes

I have new shoes! Mine is the rainbow and black leopard spots. 

The orange ones belong to my husband. 
He always wanted orange Converse just like the ones Ace Frehley used to have.
I found some.

The other pair of snazzy shoes belong to a dear friend of ours.

I was way overdue for new shoes.
I decided I was tired of having plain, boring shoes.

I was on a mission.
It took a few stops and a few hours.
But, I found my snazzy shoes!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Losing My Religion

Believe it or not, I grew up going to church and Sunday School.
I was even baptized.
I went to a Methodist church.

I went with my mother and two sisters.
Dad always stayed home.

I am not religious anymore.
That doesn't make me any less of a person.

I just question so much of everything.
So, much just doesn't make sense to me.

I have seen the bad parts of religion.
There is good too.

I know that.

My oldest sister is a wiccan now.
She believes in the Sun God and worshiping the earth.

My other sister is a cult member now.
She wouldn't call it a cult, but it is what it is.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Quit

I wish that people would just quit.

Quit being offended at every little thing.
If you don't agree
agree to disagree or keep your mouth shut.

Quit asking for prayers.
When  I grew up, it was considered a no-no to ask for prayers.
But, now it seems to be OK.
I mean, fine- ask for prayers for someone else.
But, just quit on asking for prayers so you can get a job or you'll find a good sale.

Quit saying uh and um all the time.
Cause I REALLY, REALLY hate that.

Quit posting on Facebook that it is your time of the month.
Does TMI mean nothing to you?

Quit giving your babies entire cakes for their 1st birthday, thinking it's all cute.
Cause it's not.

I could go on and on.
But, I think I will just quit for now.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Just Poured

And poured
and poured.

The thunder and lightening continued on and off all day.

The road is a muddy mess.
So, is the garden.

I'd take a picture, but I don't want to go out in this mess.

Roads are closed south of here because of all the rain.

Is the drought over?
It seems to be.

Honeyman says "You know why it finally rained so much?"
We hooked into rural water.

It is supposed to quit raining this morning.
But, than we might get a mix of rain and SNOW.
At the very least, plenty of sleet.

Where is spring?

I know April showers and all that jazz, but I've got a garden to plant.
I've got to move that big hump of dirt in my front yard.

I have got to get out of the house.

I have spring fever
or cabin fever
or whatever the hell fever it is.

I am just ready for the skies to quit opening up and pouring all this rain/snow on me so I can get some stuff done.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Now

Not gonna lie.
Coming up with a Ten Things Tuesday theme starting with the letter N has been a thinker for me.

I just settled on phrases involving the word NOW.
Let's see what I can come up with.

Here we go.

1. How now brown cow
     Didn't we all learn this when we were little? Just me?

2. Now and then
     Once in a while

3. Now and Later
     It's a candy OR it's like saying have your cake and eat it too.

4. Not now
      Some things should just never happen. Like the water heater or refrigerator dying. It's always when you need to do laundry and just bought groceries.

5. Right now
     Did I say put your clothes away tomorrow? No. Do it right now.

6. Nowadays
     In this period of time, it's not really specified. Just around the present day.

7. It's now or never
     Some things come around once in a lifetime. If you don't do it, the ship will just sail without you.

8. Now,you're talking
     Someone has just had a great idea!

9. Now, now
     Everything is going to be OK. OR, it could possibly mean that you just want it Now! Now!
(Al, feel free to laugh at this point)

10. Now what?
     This is a personal favorite of my mothers. Said in an exasperated tone and tends to give one the feeling that the person saying it just doesn't give a shit.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Moms Work

If you are a mom, you work.
End of story.

I am sick of all this crap about working mothers versus stay at home mothers.

Lately I see a lot of stuff  from memes to blog posts to hearing it from people I know that staying at home is so easy.

I used to hear it from both sides.
The stay at home moms are quiet, as of late.

I've been on both sides and in both you don't get it all.
Like everything in life, there is a trade off.

I work.
I work at home and don't get a paycheck.
But, I work.

Many a times, I work my ass off.

Mothers that are employed outside the home work.
And work hard.
They get paid for their work.

There are times that I am so tired from cleaning, gardening, canning, and whatever else I am doing that day that cooking a meal is not something I want to do.
But, with staying home, comes not affording the little extras.

But, when you work outside the home, you might only have time for convenience foods because you still have to take care of things around the house.
I know when I worked outside the home, we had to buy convenience foods because I wasn't home to cook or if I was I didn't have time or didn't want to do much.

It is nice not having to go punch a clock.
But, sometimes it really sucks staying home all the time.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's the Lu!

This is my cat, Lacey
AKA Lacey Lulu
AKA Lulu
AKA Lacey Lu
AKA Lacey Lacey Lulu.

She's 13 and still has a bit of playfulness in her.

She is also a chair stealer.
Sometimes she even just walks up to whoever and stares at one of us and mentally is urging us to get up so she can have the chair.
Other times, I am busy and she tries to take me to the chair to sit down so she can lay down and snuggle on my lap.

She's my baby.
She does bawl like a baby when she thinks everyone has left.

She stole a big stuffed cat of my daughters and when she is alone, she will drag it in the middle of the living room floor or onto my bed and kneed it like it's her mamma.

I hope she's around for a long long time yet.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kickin' It

You can kick a ball.
You can kick the bucket.
You can even kick the can down the road.

You can kick some ass and take name.
You can kick back and relax.

So, here I am.
Just kicking around some ideas.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jerks Need to Go Away

Is it me or does the whole world seem to be overrun with jerks?

They run our government.
They run corporations.
They may be our neighbors.

I am sick of being around jerks.
They are rude.
They like to control.
 The Jerk.jpg
This guy was such a stupid jerk. Really not unlike a lot of people we see walking around today.

I don't know what happened.

Maybe I just notice them more.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That's Interesting

Isn't that an awfully ambiguous statement?

Is it interesting in a good way
a bad way
or a "you are insane and I am humoring you" kind of way?

I just never really know.
Especially if it's written in a comment or an email.

A few weeks back, I sent one of my sisters an email with a link to something that was found underneath the earth's surface here in Iowa.
The crater found was determined to be 470 million years old.

I thought it was neat
so I sent it on.

I didn't even think about her belief that the earth is only 6000 years old.
So, what I apparently thought was interesting in a good way was just plain goofy to her.

I got a "Thanks, that interesting."

At first,I thought
she thought it was cool too.
Than later, I started to wonder what she really meant.

I am not sure that I really want to know.

Font doesn't exactly scream out sentiment.
But, I guess even when said out loud, it can be hard to tell.

The word interesting can be interesting to figure out.
That is if you are interested to find out.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Hey!

Hey is such a versatile word.
You can do so much with it.
It's also my H word for the A-Z blogging challenge.

Today's Ten Things Tuesday is all about hey and what it means.

Let's get going, shall we?

1. Hello
Just because I love this picture.

2. Hey!!!!!!
     Said in a long drawn out way. Snap, snap, snap with the fingers is optional.

3. Hey.
     Meaning hi, said quietly. Especially when you don't know what else to say.

4. The guy hey.
     What's up?

5. Something that has a good comeback.
    When someone says "hey" you say "No, straw. Hay is for horses." OK it's goofy. It's an old time thing I guess. Or, maybe an old time Iowa thing.

6. Substitution for Hell
     Don't say what the hell. Say what the hey.

7. Hey up
     It's a greeting in Northern England.

8. It's a song.
     "Hey" is a song from Oingo, originally known as Oingo Boingo.

9. It's a day in the sun.
     Heyday is the term and it's when something was experiencing a lot of popularity.

10. Fat Albert liked to say it.
     Hey, hey, hey! It's Fat Albert! He said it all the time. Don't you think he would realize everyone else would know who he was after a while?

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Grieve- Peter Gabriel

 I really love this song.
It says exactly how I feel when someone that I love dies.

Everythin seems the same
and yet, it is not.

I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Failed.

It was yesterday.
I just totally missed the moment.

Right there on the side of the road.
There was a little, teeny, tiny truck broke down with a pile of crap in the truck bed twice as tall as the truck.

I failed.
I had my camera in my purse
but I forgot to take it out until I was too late.

By the time we drove back home
it was gone.

Foiled, I was.

The guy failed in his attempt to drive his pile of crap wherever.
And I failed to get a hilarious picture to share with all of you.


I can show you another FAIL.

This is how people park in my town. For some reason, most of the parents can't seem to grasp the fact that they are no longer on the street, but on a sidewalk.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Not Entirely

It's morning and the day has been too entirely long already.

I am not entirely sure what the day will bring.

I do know I could use a nap.

I am entirely certain that this is not going to be my best E post ever.
Cause I really don't even know where this post is going.

except to say that I used my letter today.
I am entirely sure that this is all I've got.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh, Canada

Did you ever wonder how Canada got it's name?

Well, I am about to tell you.

Picture of Canadian flag                                                 
There was a group of fur trappers sitting around a campfire talking about the greatness of their vast new land.
One of the men stated that they needed to give the new land a name.
Another man shouted out that "it should start with the letter C".
Out came a collective "Eh!"
Another man said " It needs to have an N in it."
Here comes another "Eh!" from the men.
"How bout a D?" says another one of the men.
Another "Eh!" is shouted out.

And that, dear people is how the country of Canada was named.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- It's a Bonanza

If you follow or read my blog, you already know I do a post on Tuesdays called Ten Things Tuesday.
I pick a topic and post 10 things about it.
It might be funny.
Or not.

Many people have themes for this challenge. I do not.
I want to give a sense of what my blog is like all the time so it is business as usual.
Except for posting more often than normal and it corresponding to the alphabet.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is all about the word bonanza.

In no certain order- here we go:

1. It's a town in Colorado.
     It is pretty much a ghost town now with only a few full time residents still there. 100 years ago it was a silver mining town and was originally called Bonanza City.

2. It's a restaurant.
     Specifically, it is a buffet style steakhouse.

3. It means very valuable.
     Also, rewarding or profitable.

4. It's a large amount.

5. Beechcraft Bonanza
     This is a type of aircraft that was first introduced in 1947. It is a small plane similar to a Cessna.

6. Bus line
     It is also known as the Peter Pan line and runs through New England.

7. Origin from Medieval Latin
     It means calm sea.

8. Really large and rich mineral deposit
     Examples are ore, oil, and precious metals.

9. Bonanza.com
     It is an online marketplace that claims over 2000 stores.

10. TV show
     The show ran for 14 seasons from 1959-1973.


Have an awesome Tuesday!

Monday, April 1, 2013


something to do,
somewhere to be.

having to watch what I say,
watch how I say it,
and always wondering what I did wrong.

wishing I could go buy this,
or go buy that.
I can't, because I always have bills.

It's my life.
It's not always fun.
It's not always a drag.

But, there is always something.