Friday, May 14, 2010

It Goes Without Saying

Why do companies and government have to tell us everything?

Yes, I do know I should not use my lawn mower on 4 foot tall hedges.
But thanks for telling me.

Why shouldn't I use an electrical appliance, like a hair dryer, while I am taking a bath.
Is that a bad thing?

Really, why would you want to use a hair dryer in a bathtub anyway?
Forget the whole electrocution thing.
The whole thing defies logic. Ask Spock, he'll tell you.
Hmmmm, I am getting clean in water, but I hate being wet so I'll just take a hair dryer in with me so as soon as I wash one body part I can dry it. Huh?

Another great one. Snickers.
On back label.
Made in a plant that manufactures peanuts.
It's Snickers.
Shouldn't you know that from the front of the candy bar that says peanuts?
But the company has to put it on there cause it's the law to tell people what is already apparent.

Strangely enough, I just checked my peanut butter jar and nowhere on it does it say anything about being processed in a plant that manufactures peanuts. I guess the Unilever corporation believes we can figure that one out all by ourselves.

Why does soap and shampoo have directions on the back? In case we forget how to clean ourselves?
I think if we need instruction on cleaning ourselves we have bigger problems than oily hair and a dirty butt.

Sure, people do need instructions on some things and heads up about possible allergens.
But some of this stuff is just so ridiculous.

Sometimes people should just be encouraged to pay attention and use their brains.

Next thing you know there will be instructions on the toilet paper.
Tear off a few sheets for urination, take a few more if ya pooped.
Fold over.
Wipe your soiled area.
Repeat if necessary.
Throw dirty paper in toilet.

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