Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sixth Sense of LOST

Watched the finale of LOST tonight.
I know it was on last night.

But Kiddo had her Tae Kwon Do test so it got taped.

But, this way we got to cut out all the commercial and get it all watched in under 2 hours.

Didn't watch the recap show.

If you watched it, you know what happened.

They did WAY too many of those recap shows anyway.

I really am not sure what I thought of the show.
It wasn't bad.

I am sure by now you have seen this or read what happened.
Or heard on the radio.
Or heard from people.
Or saw on TV.

But, just in case.


All the people were dead.

But they didn't know it.

Doing the in limbo thing.

It made me think of Bruce Willis in "The Sixth Sense".
Ya know.
He was dead but he didn't know it.
He found out at the end though.

Just like in Lost.

But at my house we had thought of this scenario weeks ago.

The problem I have with shows ending anymore is that they don't want to give away anymore than they have to so they just shove everything into the finale to wrap it all up.

Get more people to watch the finale this way.

Maybe I am the only one that feels like this.

I feel they did it like that with Friends as well as Lost.

Maybe that is how finales should be.

I never did really like how how showed their LA world along with their island world.

But, I don't know that their was a better way to do it.

And I guess they couldn't have told much more in earlier shows without people figuring it out.

But, still.

Remember in past seasons it took months to cross the island and tonight, they are going from one to the other and fixing planes in no time.

I don't know.

Not bad for a finale.

But so many passengers weren't there.

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