Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder

I wonder about a great many things.

Things I don't think I am supposed to wonder about.

Stupid little things.

Like in the movie 2012, which was movie night #3 last week.
After the dad and son got the gate closed all the way, how did they get everybody out?
They had closed off sections of the ship that was taking on water and there was still water in those sections.
Was there like a drain and when the water all ran out the section unlocked or what?

See, I think about things I am not supposed to really care about.

Or did they have deleted scenes and it was in there? Or man, I didn't even think of checking those.

I normally don't watch those or the alternate endings.

However I love to watch extended versions cause it any deleted scenes are already incorporated into the movie.

Incorporated- I know, it's a big word this early in the morning.

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