Monday, July 25, 2016

The Ups and The Downs

I have been all over the map lately.

I am getting so sick of all the negativity.
It's everywhere.
All over online and in my home.

Online people are just bashing everybody for everything.
And I mean everything.

It is depressing.
Even when the person seems to think they are being funny.
But, they ain't Joan Rivers and it ain't funny.

My husband is not what you would call a content person.
He always sees the negative.
And that can be wearing.

And of course now he is having kidney problems.
They have had to change his blood pressure meds a couple times and take him off his water pill.
Hopefully that will stop them from getting worse.
But, whatever damage has been done is still there.

We are almost done paying off the truck.
End of the year.
Then we can attack other bills and put some money back.
That will be nice.
And if I want to buy a pair of pants, I don't have to mentally calculate whether it is doable.

That's the downside of getting a lower paying job when you still have the bills of a higher paying job.

The pullets will start laying soon.
Not sure how long the roosters are going to last around here.
Dewey could be meaner, but he is still a bit of a turd.
Moe is more laid back.

My diet is still not back to where it should be.
I mean, I am still not eating gluten. I am adverse to stabbing abdominal pains.
But, my beverage choices aren't so great.

Sometimes I just don't care.
I really don't.

I need to get back to posting more regularly on both of my blogs.
But, I don't know if that is going to happen.

I feel better when I post.
Finding the time is hard.
Making the time is hard too.

Lately all I really feel like posting is about crap that I just hate.
But. I don't want Welcome to Me to turn into a blog I don't want to read.

I am trying to find my focus.
I'm not sure were it went.