Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

Listening to some Lacuna Coil.

Have you ever heard them? If you like rock, give them a shot. The female lead has an amazing voice.

I love music.

It pretty much helps me keep my sanity.

It always has.
Even when I was a teen, it was there for me.
I'd get so mad or depressed and I'd go in my room, close the door, turn out the lights, and turn up the tunes as loud as I could.
Loud enough to block out all thought.

After all these years, music is the one thing that can truly speak to me.
I can always find a style to fit my mood and what I am doing.

Certain songs have to be played at certain times.
When someone I really care about dies, I always break out "I Grieve" by Peter Gabriel. That song says, to me, more than any other exactly how it feels to lose someone I love.
On my anniversary "Built to Last" by Tom Petty comes out. Honeyman and I are BIG Petty fans so it is apt.
"Hump de Bump" is the groovin' tune by the Chili Peppers.

So many songs, so little time.

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