Thursday, January 21, 2016

She Just Wants to be Labeled

Yes, some things need labels.

Food, so we know what we are eating.
Stores, so we know whether we are buying underwear or windows.
States, so we know what we can smoke and what we can't.

Except for titles, people really don't need labels.
You do need to know if you are speaking with the CEO and not the mailroom clerk.

That is really where it should stop.

I don't care if you are pansexual, conservative, liberal, right-winger, transgender, blah, blah,blah.

You are a person.
Or, are you not?

We shouldn't be put into a box with a label.
I know I have different ideas and I would have to be put into many boxes or have my own miscellaneous box.

Some people are just assholes and some people aren't.

Maybe we just need two boxes: Asshole and Not asshole.

Political labeling really does annoy me to no end.

Maybe this is why I choose to not be affiliated with a party.

Both sides are so sure they are totally right and the other side is totally wrong.

And they throw conservative and liberal back and forth like they are insulting each other.
But, how is it an insult when the other person is content with who they are?

It's like yelling at me " You, you WOMAN!"

Ooh, you got me there.

How could you be so... accurate?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Many Shades of Broke

Being broke is subjective.
Really, really subjective.

At Christmas time, my cousin shows pictures of all these gifts she bought and she is always talking about going out to eat.
She's broke.

 There are the people that are broke after paying for cable/dish with all the fixins, paying for an extremely expensive family cell phone bill, and going out to eat on a regular basis.

There are the people that are hanging on. Can pay bills ( late ), but not much else.

There are people not going to the doctor because they can't afford the co-pay and/or deductible.

There are people that have to put groceries back at the store because they find they don't have enough money for everything they need.
This makes me sad. My daughter works in a grocery store and said it actually happens a lot.

Last week, I read somewhere that you aren't broke if you can afford air conditioning for your home.
I can't afford not to have it.
My husband can't handle heat and would end up in the hospital and A/C is cheaper than repeated trips for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

I can't afford a cell phone or to go out to eat. I find it hard to pay medical bills.
I don't really feel broke though.
I can pay my bills. Even if they are late.

Sure, it sucks when people tell you that they are in the same boat when they don't have a clue.

That's OK.
I gots the frugal skills.

I reuse everything I can.
Now known as re-purposing.

I can stretch my food dollars so far that dollar groans in protest.

I am broker than some, but not as broke as others.
More would be nice, but I have what I need.

That is what matters.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons to Caucus in Iowa

Most states in the US hold primaries.
A few have a mixture of a primary and a caucus.
Sixteen states are strictly caucus states.

Why a caucus and not a primary?
Cause a caucus is more homey.

Iowa is very proud to have the first caucus in the nation.

Whoop, whoop!

white people in snuggies gif source

Oh, the excitement!

Don't get me wrong.
Choosing the next president is a big job.

But, being the first caucus never seemed all that important to me.

Iowa IS corn, pigs, and the first caucus and that is how it is.

But why is it important to caucus? Let me tell you in this week's Ten Things Tuesday.

Reasons to Caucus in Iowa:

1. You are a Democrat or Republican
     Change your party from Independent or you can't come in.

2. It's a good way to kill a couple hours.
     Notice I said hours, not that you might not want to kill someone for thinking you are wrong and that Huckabee is not going to make it. You just watch, people!

3. Meeting new people
     You already have common political ground. Your soul mate could be in there.

4. Learning new things.
     It's not all about the vote. Discussions are made on the candidates and the issues before you write down your choice.

5. Chance to meet the candidate
     Either the candidate or a representative is present at many precincts. Ask O'Malley to dance a jig.

6. Being alert
     The cold arctic blast of a February night in Iowa will make sure you are wide awake and won't fall asleep before it is time.

7. No lines
     Primaries have lines. It is just like an election. Not a caucus. It's like a stuffy party for the politically inclined.

8. Make your voice heard.
     So, you voted for Sanders and Clinton won. You were there. You spoke up.

9. You might get on the news.
     News stations cover this stuff. You could get your 15 seconds of fame.

10. You get to talk bad about the other party.
     Bitch away about how we need to take our country back. Talk about corporate greed. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

What the Funk

Yes, I have been in a tremendous funk for what seems like forever.

Lot of crap happened last year and I just couldn't deal.

Health problems hit
Two uncles, an old neighbor, a friend, and a guy I graduated high school with died
Got behind on bills
Flubbed a job interview

But, today
I took one of those facebook quizzes to see what kind of personality I have.

I know
I know

They are silly and many times you get an answer and you are just "what?"
But, here's the thing.
I got


You have a uniquely creative personality!

The main things in life for you are your intuition, wisdom, joy, satisfaction and curiosity. The world for you is full of mystery, and is made up of so many different things, situations and people which are all constantly stimulating your imagination. Your life is painted in a multitude of beautiful colours, and you're always looking at it through the prism of creativity. You can turn anything that happens to you into something positive, and you never look for simple answers to life's questions.

You live your life in constant anticipation of experiencing something new and wonderful. However, at the moment you feel a lot of aggression inside. It's possible that recently you've been experiencing a lot of negative emotions and have the desire to finally resolve something that's been bugging you for a long time. You need to calm down and relax. The time has come to do something new. You have the ability to draw a huge amount of strength from yourself, whilst at the same time remaining a tender and loving person.

And I thought to myself. "Damn, I do! This is me."
I am pretty awesome and I really need to start acting like it.

Time to pull my head out of my ass and get on with it.