Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are You All Still With Me?

So, it has been awhile since my last post.
Not sure how long because I didn't check.
But, Blogger has changed a little on the posting page so...
Well, ya know.

I did complete my jury duty early.
It took all day to select the jury so the lady said we could consider that duty fulfilled.
I did not get picked.
Obviously, when you know people that have been convicted of sexual crimes and people that have been the victim of a sexual crime, that pretty much means serving on the trial about sexual abuse is not going to happen.

Kiddo got her driver's license.
Hello, Chauffeur!

I've been working on some ways to make some extra money til I can get something steady.

I am working on getting things done with stuff from the garden.
I still need to get herbs to dry and cook up my long neck pumpkins, and finish digging sweet potatoes.

I suffered a setback healthwise, so I am off of refined sweeteners for no.
I tried the low/no sugars, but I lost weight I could not afford to lose.
Just gotta get my body back into balance.

So, that's it.
Now, I gotta go puree some pumpkin.