Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Know This Much!!

Two things I know!

It is not supposed to be this freakin' cold this time of year. It is going to get close to freezing tonight and it is extremely blowy.
Ya like that word? Blowy?
I have a friend that calls extremely windy days blowy. And that pretty much describes the weather right now.
Cold and blowy.

The other thing I know?

I need to buy a second set of nice sheets.
If I had that right now, I wouldn't have a clue how cold it was getting cause I'd be all cozy, curled up under my blankets and SHEETS instead of being UP waiting for my one set to dry so I could make the bed so I could go to sleep.
Since Honeyman sleeps days, I can't wash them during the day. Or in the evenings cause sometimes he naps.
So, I do them after he goes to work.
Yay me!

By the way- what is this new trending thing Yahoo and msn are putting on their front pages?
And WHY is Chaz Bono trending?
Am I missing something?
He/she is gay and was a girl named Chastity and now is a guy named Chaz- I get it. I knew that a long time ago and I didn't really care at that time and not understanding why I should care now.
Are there new developments? Anatomically speaking, maybe. But, that really isn't what I meant.

Oh, it doesn't matter.
I never was trendy so me caring about what is TRENDING doesn't make much sense now does it?

Peace Out!
(just trying out sign offs to see what is good for me)

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