Monday, November 25, 2013

Almost Officially Over It

I know Thanksgiving or Thanksgivikkah(thank you, Robyn) is not here yet, but I am already sick of Christmas.

Sick of all the TV and internet ads.
People putting up trees and lights and posting pictures on the internet.

I hate the commercialization of Christmas.

Some of the same people that write "Tis the reason for the season" are the same ones that spends shit tons of money on gifts.

Which, good for you, if you want to and you can.
But, what happened to Christmas is love?
Last time I checked love did not come in a box.

My husband was raised getting tons of gifts for Christmas.
I was not.

He thinks it's a lean year if we can't buy tons of things.
Which is pretty much the norm.

I'd rather give a gift just cause rather than because I have to.

I used to mail Christmas cards.
I barely got any.
I never even got a thank you.

Is a thank you so hard?

I know. I know.
But, I put thought and effort and a thank you to show appreciation is nice to get.

Last year I really didn't care about getting a tree.
This year I don't either.

We don't celebrate the religious aspect of it.

I just I might as well start saying " Bah Humbug!"

Friday, November 15, 2013

Something New Every Day

Feeling pretty good.
Pretty optimistic even.

I get a call from the attorney general's office.
Turns out my house may not have been reaffirmed after we filed bankruptcy 7 years ago.

Our lawyer told us we needed to.
It was listed in the petition.
So we thought we did.

But, maybe not.

Apparently a lot of people are thinking they have reaffirmed debt and
no, they haven't.

What does this mean to my hopes for a refinance?
There could be a problem.

Am I going to be stuck at 8.25% forever?

I got a hold of my lawyer and bank we are hoping to refinance through.
The lady told me today I need to write it out to the company so I have proof that they were told before appraisal fees were paid.

Boy, am I glad she called when she did.
I was all set to pay the money.

Now, I get to wait and see.

Heard back from the lawyer.
The bank never requested one so the request was never filled out.

I really don't know why I should be surprised.
That mortgage company did have to settle a lawsuit for having people fudge on their applications to get the loan in the first place.
A right, stand up organization.

In other, much more awesome news:
My girlie is in Journalism.
She is writing for the paper.
Here is the online edition of her paper.
She didn't think she's do great, but she is fabulous.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Searching Gone Amok

I used to love the search engine.
Type something in:
Boom! There  It  Is .

What happened Google, Ask!, Bing, etc., etc.?
You are starting to let me down.

It is taking me multiple searches to find what I need these days.
If, I can find it all all.

I keep getting asked if I mean this instead of that.
My words are underlined when I know what I mean.

I am looking for a funny picture.
I should have saved it when I found it.
But, I thought
How hard can it be to find?

Pretty damn difficult.

I type in angles and all the answers are for angels.
Is angels the most misspelled word on the planet?
I know it is written angles a lot.
But to the point that Google tells me I spelled angles wrong?

It did give me a few answers on the British too.

And I say something and I get an answer from someone that they just assumed you spelled it wrong.
How many stupid people live on this planet that they automatically think no one can spell?

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Good Old Days

You know what I miss?

I miss when people didn't call between 11:00 and 1:00 or 5:00 and 7:00 because those were when most people ate meals.
FYI- A lot of people still do.

I miss going to the doctor and not having to pay that day if you had insurance.
Now, you have to pay a co-pay or they estimate your share and charge you before they see you.

I miss non-stretchy jeans. Really! Where the hell are they?
If men can still get them, why can't I?

I miss the Susan B. Anthony dollar.
I got it as change once instead of the quarter I was supposed to get. My mom made me walk all the way back to the store to give it back and get my quarter. It was a fabulous day. And then it wasn't.

Yeah, I miss a lot of things.
Aw, well.

That's the breaks.