Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bad Relationship Factor

Don't we all have them?

At least one bad relationship somewhere in our past?

If you have never had one, you are without a doubt
very rare
and very lucky.
It doesn't happen too often.

I have found that it is just something we all have to go through.
Whether it happens at 20 or 40, we almost certainly will go through a bad relationship.

It just happens.

It is like a rite of passage.

Just think of everyone you know and think about their relationships.
You know I am right.

In the older generations when people got married young and stayed married, things were maybe a little different.
But, I bet not a lot.
Some people back in the day just put up with more bad and it was just OK.
Some bad relationships just kept on going.

But today, you see more people having more relationships and not accepting the bad.

But in everything bad, out can come some good.

What good can come out of a bad relationship?

You learn what you want in a partner.
You learn what you don't want in a partner.
You learn what you might need to work on about yourself.

You learn who you really are.

And really isn't that part of growing up?
And no matter your age, you can always learn something.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Next Blog!

OK, so I am perusing through the blogs on here.
Just jumping around.
Or hopping.
Or what say you.

And I wonder how it is decided what blogs come up.

Cause I just got several come up in Chinese.
And it was the same ones over and over.

And than you get sent to one that doesn't have a next blog thing on top.
How do you hop now?

I used to think they sent you to the ones that were recently updated but I was getting ones from December of last year so I don't think that is the case.

But, I notice when I do the next blog thing it seems to follow a theme.
Some days, like today, I get blogs written in ways I cannot read.
Other days I get a ton of religious blogs.

No offense to readers of these, but I don't want either.

I don't mind seeing them, but it is like they come in clusters.

Is it tied to the type of blog you were just on?
Cause I was never on a Chinese blog.
I was on mine.

But, I guess it could be the type of blog.

But, that doesn't always seem to hold true.

But, maybe that is the closest I am going to come to understanding.

But, I am a pretty eclectic kind a gal so I'd just like a total and complete mishmash of every kind of blog that is up.
That is all.

If a Brain Were Really a Computer......

I might have some organization to my thoughts.

When I think of something it can't be just filed away and brought out when I really need the info.

I think if the brain is a computer, it is a computer hooked up to the internet.

It's like you think of something that you need to do later and don't worry about it.

But, it's like your mind just stuck it in an email and sent it out into cyberspace where it becomes lost.

But, one day, if you are lucky you will find your sent folder and know what the hell you were wanting to do.

Usually, it's a bit late.
Or in my case, a lot late.

I have been told I could carry around a note pad to jot down ideas and things I need to do.
But, where's the fun in that.

Maybe none.
But, maybe I should do it anyway.

God knows my brain doesn't have everything put into nice neat folders for quick accessing.
Though I would love it if it did.

Life would be so much easier.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There Ought To Be A Law About That!


Is it so hard to open your mouth and say " All the ______ is gone"
Apparently so.

Men do it.
Little kids, you expect to.
But teenagers do too.

I have been so tired and I would really like to be sleeping right now.

But, no.
I am up making tea.


My daughter, nicely drank all the tea and never bothered to tell me when she took the last of it.

So, I go to shut the light off and there is the jug.
Empty on the table.

I was so mad.

Now, you are probably thinking.
Just go to bed and do it in the morning.

But, there is none for morning and I like to relax in mornings instead of rushing from the time I get out of bed.
Plus, I am just a tad anal about things like this.

Things like doing the dishes before bed.
Even if it is 1 in the morning.

Things like folding laundry as soon as it comes in from the line or dryer.

You get the idea.

So, there needs to be a law that says you always tell that you are out of something.

For God sakes these people put new rolls of toilet paper on the stand but they can't give me a head's up on the food and beverage selection or lack thereof?

What is the deal with that?

When I was my daughter's age I made kool-aid when we ran out.
Maybe I need to teach her how to make tea and lemonade.

She can do a cup of hot tea so that is something.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life Is A Do Over!

Sometimes no matter how crappy things get, I just have to hope it WILL get better.

Otherwise what do I have?

I have learned over the years that life most likely will not turn out the way I always thought it would.

So, I just have to accept the hands that were dealt to me or...

Get off my ass and change things.

Which, believe me, is easier said than done when you have a family to consider.

But it doesn't even have to be big changes that will upset the apple cart of life.

It can be as small as just changing your outlook on things and acting accordingly.

That is different from just accepting things.

Accepting is just resigning yourself to how things are and just living with it.

Changing your outlook can actually help you think about how to make things better for yourself.

That is what I can do for me.

That is what I am doing for me.

My life is not much different than it was a few months ago.
Or even a few years ago.

But, it is different because I am learning how to look at what I can do.
Instead of what I can't.

I am learning that I can fake it til I feel it.
And that is sometimes hard.
The feelings can be overwhelming.

Trying is the best we can all do.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Don't Want No Pretty Boy!

I don't know why, but I have never been attracted to a guy that looked TOO good.

Models or a lot of male actors.

If you look better than me, you just need to go away.

I just have always wanted someone that looked good, but not in a perfect way.

Maybe a too big of nose.
Definitely not perfect bone structure.
Not too skinny.
And not so many muscles that the veins bulge when flexed- that's just gross.

But, I have ALWAYS loved long hair on a guy.

Now, my guy USED to have long hair.
But, he had to cut it for work.
I still miss it.

It went halfway down his back and I would braid it sometimes.

I guess, I am in luck.
Cause there are way more not perfect looking than there are totally pretty boys.

But, it makes me wonder
what makes one person find another person attractive.

Sometimes I just ask myself if that woman is seeing the same thing I am seeing.
Cause I just don't get it.

Maybe that woman thinks I am odd for not thinking that guy is hot.

I know it takes all kinds.

But, seriously
if I most likely weigh more than him and I could hurt him during some "quality time" I really don't want that.
if he spends more time getting ready to go out so he can look perfect I don't really want that.

No, I don't want no pretty boy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could Have Been Worse

So, I had planned to be up to take care of cats and fix breakfast before Honeyman got home from work.

But, that didn't work out too well.

Somehow the time on the clock was PM and I set my alarm for AM.
No wonder it didn't go off.

So it was the fastest making of french toast I have ever done.

So, it could have been worse.

I may not have woken up until after he got into bed.

It rained again last night.
But the broccoli is still trying to make a comeback.

So, it could have been worse.

It hasn't rained today yet and water is not standing in my garden.
Crossing my fingers cause the day ain't over.
Maybe the rain I see on the radar coming my way will somehow, mysteriously jump right over my house.

It is possible!
Yes, it is!

Gwen and I baked today. We made chocolate banana bread and apple dumplings.
What a great mom I am.
I will teach her all I know and she will be a fabulous cook.
Just like me. ;)

That wasn't too over the top, was it?

No, of course not.

It's Time

I think the funk that has been casting it's ugly shadow over me has finally lifted.

So, I figured a post to let you all know I am not dead is in order.

That is, unless nobody reads these.

But, I am not gonna think that nobody cares.
I prefer to believe that everyone has been deeply upset that I have not sent any strange ramblings out into cyberspace in a while.
It just helps me get through my day.

So, what is new?

Not the rain that is headin' my way,
that's for damn sure.

Though my garden has dried enough that I can walk into it.

Ooh, there was some thunder and lightning.

Whenever there is a storm I get that cheer from high school in my head.
You know the one.

Thunder and lightning.
Take two steps on back.
Crash, bash, oh whiplash
something, something yeehaw.

something, something= been out of school 20 years, give me a break.
And I did a search and couldn't find cheer lyrics.
So, deal.

Anything else?

I don't really think so.
Been a slow news day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough

Rain, that is.

I have pretty good soil drainage.
That is a good thing.


The water goes down just enough for more rain to fall and fill it back up.
The garden, I mean.

I should throw some lily pads in there.
We already have frogs in the ditches.
Why not the garden?

My strawberries look like an island.

The ground is so squishy everywhere.
I hope the garden doesn't suffer too much.
We already didn't have time to put the WOW in the ground.

The lawn is gonna be a foot tall before it can be mowed.

Woe is me!

Awesome Is As Awesome Does!

Yes, I am AWESOME!

I am feeling so good about myself right in this very moment.

I must savor it.
The feeling may not last.

But, right now....

I'm queen of the world!

When I am on it, I am on it!

I found out what was wrong with some downloads not downloading and I fixed it.
I know, not rocket science.
But, I am the computer savy person in the house.

But, that is only cause I go in and look around and just have figured out things on my own.
What I can't, I look up on the internet.

That is all you can really do.

One time, no joke, I called my internet support cause I kept losing my internet.
I never got much help and finally figured out why it kept timing out and I fixed it.
They should have paid me.
I sure as hell did their work for them.

I do that a lot.
I try all the troubleshooting things first that I READ that I need to try.
If that doesn't work I call and they have me do everything I already did.
I tell them that I did that and they are just like "Well, let's just try it again".

And than they seem so surprised when it doesn't work.
Oy vey!

I have figured out how to fix things so many times just by reading manuals or looking up on the internet.
Or even just by using the ol' noggin.

More people should try usin' the ol' noggin thing.
It really works!

And that's why I am feeling so very awesome right now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes I Think I Am Supposed To Think That


I am NOT in my happy place tonight.
I hate it when I am not in my happy place.

I swear I do not understand some people sometimes.
A lot of times actually.

I really hate it when things are made out like what happened is all my fault.
Cause I am supposed to know why something did what it did or I am supposed to know where to find something.
And if I don't than it's fair to yell and treat me like crap.

And not apologize.

Ya know, I don't deserve to be treated that way.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paybacks Baby, Paybacks!

I am sure at some point or another we have all been embarrassed by one or both of our parents.

So, I think it is inevitable that this will happen now that I am a parent of a teen.
Not sure how or when.
But, someday I will embarrass her.

But, the one great thing my daughter has ever done for me is to give it back to my mom.

She just totally embarrassed the shit out of my mom at the ripe old age of two.
In public, no less.
It was great.

I have never seen Mom turn all red and not know how to respond.

It's not like we were in a huge department store in a big city.
It was my hometown, which is pretty small.

But, it was in Ben Franklin and there were other people in there.
So, there was potential for others to hear.

We all fart.
It's a normal bodily function.

Some people fart a lot more than others.
My mom is "some people".

Anyway, we were walking around Ben Franklin and Mom farted.
Not a small one either.

And you know two year olds.
They just put it right out there.

She looked right at my mother and said" Grandma, you farted!"

It's not like she could deny it.

I think she'd have preferred other people never noticed or didn't realize it was her.
Kiddo blew either option right out of the water.

To this day, I have never forgotten how I had to try real hard not to laugh.

I can't even count the number of times she has embarrassed me over the years.
When, you are twelve, the last thing you want to do is walk down the street and have your mom start talking loudly about periods and maxi pads.

Paybacks, Baby!

I love it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Sump! I'm Sump Pumpin'!

Somewhere in my pile of taped off the radio tapes, I have this song.

The DJs on my favorite radio station at the time made up a song about sump pumping due to some flooding problems at the time.

Yes, I loved it enough to tape it off the radio.

It was Moffitt and Morgan on KGGO singing Sump Pumpin'
I wish I could find the tapes or even lyrics on the internet somewhere.

Oh well.

I have just been thinking about the song a lot, because I have been sump pumpin' a lot this spring.

Contrary to what news people have been saying, it is not summer.
It is spring and will be for another 10 days or so.

You watch the news to get smarter, not dumber.

But, anyway that's OT.

The topic is sump pumping and how I hope my sump pump keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny.

Cause we have gotten so much rain, that my yard has turned back into a bog.

I seriously believe we should have planted rice in the garden.

And we are supposed to get more, more, and still more rain in the days ahead.

So, go you little sump pump.
Go, pump as you've never pumped before.

Never Miss It Til It's Gone

My phone almost never rings.


I can goes days with never hearing it.

But, I know it's there when I need it.

Only, not today.

Something funky happened and I couldn't call any long distance numbers and I had no internet.

I don't know if I could receive calls, but I don't think so.
Cause the one person I could call was the mil and she had tried to call the old lady that loves up the road from me and all she got was a busy signal.
That is what I got when I tried calling out of town.

I did really miss my internet.
I had some posts to write for yummy stuff and I couldn't do that with no internet.

So, once again this has gotten me to thinking that maybe I should think about a pre-paid cell phone for times such as these.

What if I needed to call 911 and couldn't call out?

I had a dial tone, but what good does that do if every call outside the nearest town just starts beeping?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come on Get Happy!

I just read something very disturbing.

Antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the United States.
And that many people really are not benefiting from them since they don't have severe enough depression problems.

Not that some people don't need to take them.
I used to take them, but I didn't like the side effects.

It was nice feeling happy or less angry and depressed about things, but sometimes not feeling all the feelings that I have just seemed like I was just numbing myself.

What scares me to know that that many people are taking antidepressants makes me think about why.

There are other things to try before taking a pill.
But taking a pill is easier.

Now, I am not talking about everyone taking antidepressants. I do know some people that seriously need the help.

But, other people don't.
Not really.

You can try diet changes.
Too much sugar, caffeine, or certain additives may be harmful mentally.

Try a journal or talking to people.

Go out.
Just out of the house.
Maybe even just a walk by yourself.

Life is not a piece of cake.
We can't be happy ALL the time.

Thinking we need to be is just unrealistic.

The reality is.
A lot of things suck.

We just need to learn to accept things as they are.

I don't think life is supposed to be about being happy all the time.
I think it's about being content with things and getting the chance to be happy sometimes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kicking Butt and Taking Name

Now, I am not entirely sure whose butt is getting kicked and name being taken.

But, sadly it is probably, most likely......

......gonna be mine.

It's video game time at my house.

Crash- Nitro Kart to be exact.

Me facing my daughter for the title of- well, of what I don't really know.

But, I really pretty much suck at any kind of video game.

Let's put it this way-
I am still stuck on the same Madagascar game I attempted to start playing a year ago.

I mean, how hard could it be.
That is what I thought.

After all, it is rated E for everyone.
There should be a disclaimer: E for everyone except the video game challenged.
I know I'd qualify.

I just need Alex to jump up and get the damn flowers and I can't do it. I am too slow.
And than time runs out and I have to start ALL over.

I did good when they were all in New York, but after they landed on the island it just went from bad to worse.

So, now I get to race.
And probably get a time bomb or tornado thrown at me.

I do have fun playing Crash with Kidda.

I just wish I didn't suck so bad.

Jammin' Me

Just call me little Miss Suzy Jam Maker.

Made my first batch of strawberry jam for the year.

I love strawberry jam.

I love having my own strawberries to make the jam.

I just love making the jam.

It gives me a feeling of contentment seeing all the jars of jams and jellies I make sitting there on a shelf.

The Young Get Old and The Old Get Young

Maybe I am the odd one for hating it.
I just do.
It is so unbelievably annoying.

I just want to smack ANYONE to says it.

OK, I can write it down so you know what I mean.
I can do it.

I am feeling a bit nauseous just cause I hate reading it or hearing it.
And now I am writing it.

But, here goes.

Years young.

I hate that term with a passion.

You start off going through life: 1 hour OLD, 2 months OLD, 10 years OLD.
Than, all of a sudden you get to an age when you are years YOUNG.
He turned 65 years YOUNG today.

What are you?
A member of Mork's race where you start off old and get younger as life goes on?
Except we actually do get older, so what is up with all that?

Let's call the old people young so they won't feel old.

Believe me, they feel like they are old.
When they have failing eyesight, have to walk with walkers, and have to take their teeth out at night- they feel old.

I have this strange little pet peeve about misusing words.
So, I believe this fits.

Whoever first said those words together should be shot.
Yes, I really think so.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can I Have That Without A Loss Of Self-Esteem?

Well, certainly.

You just have to kick some self-esteem taker's ass and get on with your life.

I truly hate watching all these entertainment shows and seeing things on the internet about how a perfectly nice looking person looks like crap.

Oh, her thighs are huge.
She's wearing mom jeans.
She has cellulite.( OMG, call the police, this cannot happen to the beautiful people!)
She has a belly bump, she must be pregnant. But she's not.

Why do people have to nit pick about everything regarding other people?

I lost the giving a crap what other people think long ago.

I mean, I don't go to the store in my jammies or hair curlers like I have seen some people do. But, I don't always have to be rail thin and wear make-up before leaving the house.

If you don't like how I look, don't look at me.

I do show respect for others.
Like I don't wear my " A short comparative guide to religions" shirt certain places- like my mother's- so as not to offend them.

My mom is a majorly religious person.
Don't know what happened to me.
Cause, I am so not.

But, I don't count that as a self-esteem issue.
Or a give a crap issue.
It's respecting people I know.

When my daughter was little, I was always telling her what other people think doesn't matter. It is what YOU KNOW that matters.
If you are always worrying about what other people think, you are going to end up scared to really live and enjoy life.

So let people think what they want and say what they want.

I know how cool I am and that is what matters.

Yes, She Is THAT Stupid!

We always end up with what we like to deem the "special" kitties.
Let's put it this way.
If there were buses for cats many of ours would be taking the short ones.

But, for right now, I am referring to Sparkle.
Or as she is also known to us.
Spark Butt.

Of all the things our sweet little Spark Butt does, jumping up is the cutest by far.

She looks up at you, wiggles her butt back and forth and leaps right up into your arms.
Thing is, she doesn't always make sure your arms are out to catch her.
And she has no front claws.
So she just falls.

But, one time Lon was out burning grass from around some small trees and Sparkle came out to see him.
She decided to come jump up.

Since she always has to wiggle her butt and she has a long, bushy tail there was a small problem.

She wagged her tail right into the fire and just leaped at Lon.
Didn't even seem to notice she was on fire.

So, of course Lon wasn't catching her.

But, he did have to put her out.
The fire.

It was just her tail hair.

So, she is perfectly fine.

But, tell me that wasn't stupid.

Look before you leap!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Hate Myself For Loving You!

Why do we always want the things we shouldn't?

Or care about things that aren't doing us any good?

Maybe even causing us pain?

It could be people.
It could be clothes or shoes.

But, it my case it's cats.

I love cats.
They are so cuddly and they love me to bits.

But, alas!
I am allergic.

My throat gets all scratchy.
My nose is always plugged.
And my eyes itch and burn quite a lot.

Allergy meds give me medicine head and I am NOT doing those shots.
You have to get those shots for years.
I'd probably be done with them long enough for me to drop dead.

The greatest thing is I have a cat.

Didn't realize I had allergies til we got a second one.

It seems one cat is irritating, but a second really upped the symptom factor.

And when we go to the inlaws for Christmas Eve, it's the best!.
The best I tell you.

She has two birds and six- count 'em, six- cats.

Last year, my right eye swelled up pretty bad.
My mil thinks I should take allergy pills before going over there.

I think she shouldn't have six cats and two birds living inside a small house.

But, what do you do?

You live with it of course.

We still have both cats.

The first one still lives in the house.

The second one, who is probably the dumbest cat that has ever lived, is now an outside cat.
She got put out for starting to pee on things that do not resemble litter.

The doctor wanted me to get rid of Lacey. But I couldn't do that.
She's family.

Once she is gone we will not have another indoor cat.

Until than, I will live with with it.

I love my kitty.
But, I really hate how she makes me feel.

And I Feel Fine!

Today is one of my really good days.

I don't always have them.
I wish I did.

You know, I hate it when people say everything in life is a choice.
Including choosing to get up in the morning and be happy.

Like it is just that simple.

Cause some days it is really not.

Some days it is really hard.

But today, I am doing pretty good.

I haven't made as much money online as I would have liked.
But, I made more than $0.

I did get other things done online and I am happy about that.

I made brownies.

Baking or cooking always seems to even me out.

Sometimes I wish I had something to bake every day.
Yes, I love to bake that much.

Though I could do without the washing of the dishes afterward.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, I Got To Thinking..........

Don't you think that phrase was one of the stupidest things man has ever said?


It always seems to proceed something insanely stupid.

Why did you do that?

Well, I got to thinking and
Stop right there.

If you had to say you were thinking, you most likely weren't.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that it isn't right.

But, I am right about this.
Stand or sit there and think about every time someone has said that to you and the words that came after.

It's just like when you tell somebody something and they ask you "Really?".

No, Not really.
I just completely made it up so I could have something to say.
Come on!

And if,by chance, I do say "No, not really" just because I am sick of hearing that person ask "Really?" they get all confused.
So funny and yet, so sad.

Once in a while is OK.
But some people just did it ALL the time.

They can be so amusing.

I Was Singing When Singing Wasn't Cool


So you are in the chorus or band in school and are considered a geek or lame.

But, someday you become a member of a band.
Now, you are cool.

How come it was so not cool back than, but it is so cool now?

Very strange, if you ask me.

But, I guess nobody did.

Take My Boobage, Please!


I'd give mine up.

Why pay for a boob job?
Just go around to the very well endowed and I am sure they'd give up some of theirs.

I really wonder why anyone would want super big boobs.

OK, maybe strippers.
Big boobs= big money in that line of work.

But for anyone else?

I don't think anyone tells the woman that wants DDs that there are drawbacks.

Under wire bras get uncomfortable, but you have to have them.
Small boobed women can make do without them.

Bra tops are pretty much out.
They lack support.

That also means no bras are a no go.

You need the support.
You want the support.

Plus, the under boob sweat.

No one mentions that.

But when you get hot, you sweat under your boobs and if you don't have a bra on they will make sweat stains on your shirt right under where your boobage is.
That's real attractive.

But, if after all that, you still want them come on over.

It would be nice to sleep comfortably on my stomach for once.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tears Were Running Down Our Eyes

I am sorry but how does this happen?

I saw a woman say this on some news show.

Number one, Your tears cannot run down your eyes.
Your eyes are not that big to constitute anything running down them.

Number two, Aren't your tear ducts in the corners of your eyes?
So how do the tears move to the tops of your eyes to roll down them?

I think the proper wording should be running down our faces.

Don't you think so?

Woe Is Me!

What a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where to start??????

Monday I picked radishes to give away to the inlaws, but they stopped to drop Gwen off and they just left.
I didn't even have time to take the radishes out the door before they pulled out.


Tuesday I am thinking was actually OK.

Wednesday, Gwen called home 5 times about taking her fishing gear to school to do some fishing day thing.
She came home as red as a lobster and is still sore.
Honeyman got his identity on the computer infected with malware.
It was so locked up I could not use anything to get rid of it.
I am the admins of the computer and was able to get it going from my identity.
It took me to Thursday to get it fixed.

Thursday I did get the computer fixed as good as new, but I was so tired from not getting enough sleep from trying to figure out how to get rid of the malware.
He got the fake windows security alert thing.

Friday is today and it was Gwen's last day of 7th grade. She is also having a sleepover.
So, it is just me tonight.
I still need to do my dishes.

I wonder what fun awaits me on the morrow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids- Gotta Love 'Em

Gotta tell ya though.
I am glad to only have one.

I love her to death but sometimes I am not sure how equipped I am to be a mother.

I have done a pretty good job.

My daughter has actually turned out to be a great human being.
She has good manners and is very responsible.
She is even fun to be around.
And still talks to me.

But, I couldn't handle having more.
I just don't have the patience for little kids.

And I just am not a baby person.

You know.
People that just turn all mushy when they see new babies.

I am an oddity among women in that regard.
Cause I have never felt the need to hold every baby that comes into my presence.
In fact, I'd just as soon not.

The older I get, the less I care to hold a baby.
Even with friend's babies.
I just don't wanna.

It makes me wonder if Kiddo ever becomes a mother, what kind of grandma I'd be.

I try not to wonder that too often, I'd just as soon not think Grandma thoughts for many years.

Honeyman mentioned grandparenthood a couple weeks ago and the thought of that was rather alarming.

It just seems to be many, many years away.
Like a speck in the distance.

Afterall 21/21/2012 is coming up in just 2 years so who knows?
Maybe we will all die and the possibility is all moot.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Cow Was Destroyed But There Were No Fatalities!

What a relief to know that.

I would have thought that a cow dying was a fatality.
My mistake.

But according to the EMS head person in a county in southern Iowa that is exactly what happened.

The cow didn't DIE.

Like it was a barn or something else that doesn't breathe air.

And people say the news isn't entertaining.
I find myself laughing at the stupid things they say all the time.

Honeyman said just listening to that woman speak made him feel like he was losing IQ points.

But, I am sure you are wondering what happened to the poor cow.

I think it was in a barn that collapsed from strong winds.

It is a pretty stormy night in dear old Iowa.

Luckily nothing major at my house.
Tornadoes went south of here.

But, the night ain't over yet.

Please, Fat Lady, start singing.
I'd like it to be over.

Testing..... 1...2...3....

This is only a test.

The Welcome to Me blog is conducting a test to see what in the hell is going on.

If this was an actual post you would be informed.

I'll let you know later how well we did.

Picture Time

This is Rusty with her one and only kitten. It's a little boy and his name is Pepper.

This is Rusty watching us cuddle her kitten.
It is amazing she didn't freak and run away. Usually she will. But today she was watching.

This is Pepper checkin' things out.
He is so cute!
And this is my amaryllis that I told you had a baby bulb. It just sort of appeared on day with a leaf sticking up. Right next to the other two bulbs I had planted.

Ahhhh, It's a Baby!

My amaryllis plant had a baby bulb.

My dad gave me a couple bulbs.
One flowering, one not.
Now I have three leaves coming up.

I don't know where that third bulb came from.
But there it is.

How do bulb plants make more bulbs?

I understand dividing roots and getting more plants.

But, I don't get planting a certain amount of bulbs and when you dig them up you have a whole bunch more.

Something else to do a search on.

I have a book, but it never does explain how baby bulbs come into existence.

I will have to get a picture taken.

Would have been prettier if the flowers weren't dead, but the baby bulb wasn't there when the flower was.

I have lots of things to post pictures of.

I got some pictures of Rusty and some of her little kitten.
Baby boy Pepper.
I love kittens.

I really shouldn't cause I am allergic.
But they are really cute you know.

I will try and get those done and up later.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane.... No, It's My Dryer!

Call me crazy, but I love my dryer to bits.

We always are hearing about the great smell of clothes hung out to dry.

But nobody tells about how dryer clothes are softer when dried in a dryer.

And don't forget the warm.
Ah! The warm!

I love clothes and towels straight from the dryer.
I don't care if it's 90 degrees outside.
I just love the warm.

And when it's cold?
Forget about it.
I'm in heaven.

I have even stuck things in the dryer just to warm them up so I could feel the warm.
Is that bad?
I know it's not too frugal or environmentally responsible.
But, it still feels good, damn it.

Sitting here in the 70 degree A/C, I am really liking my dryer warm today.
Yes, 70 degrees. Honeyman keeps it that cool.