Monday, April 21, 2014

Worth Mentioning- 4/21/14

Seriously just realized it was Monday and I have a worth mentioning.

Been a long day.
Had another "lovely" talk with my mortgage company.
You know, Ocwen, the douchebag company that says it want to help their customers and in reality just pisses them all off.

They raised my escrow payment after just raising it in December.
No letter or phone call.
Just a higher number on my statement.
Not sure they can even do that.
Might be time for another chat with the attorney general's office.

So, anyway...
This week's worth mentioning is Tracy Robinson. Known to the blogging world as Average Girl and to the photography as Thru Her Eyes Photography, Tracy is funny and well written and a great photographer.
She doesn't really blog anymore. But she does have a photography page on Facebook.

Tracy has been one of my first followers and supporters. Not sure how she found me, but I am glad she did.
She shared my  Yummy Stuff: Dips book on Facebook and told me I had talent for recipes.

If you have a chance, go look at some of her photos on Facebook.
Or go to her website.
If you like something,go ahead and buy it.


Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Words That Need To Go Away

I've missed the last few weeks of these.
Well, I am back with another Ten Things Tuesday.

There are certain words or phrases that just drive me nuts.
Lots of things drive me nuts.

I am just very complex and I like what I like.
And I don't like what I don't like.

So, here we go.

1. Selfie
     I understand not having anyone to take your picture. I've been there. But, for the love of God, don't say you took a selfie. Especially if you are a celebrity surrounded by hundreds of people that would take your picture. That is just stupid. And no matter who you are, please don't take one in front of the mirror. I don't care what your phone looks like.

2. Years young
     You are 1 day old, 1 month old, 1 year old and so on and so forth. One day, many years later, you turn in old for young. I don't know when it happens, but it does. And that's just really sad. It's like "let's not offend the old person by calling them old". Trust me, they know they are 98 years OLD.

3. Trending
     Where did it come from? It just appeared. Telling me who is newsworthy, but not why. They are trending. Shouldn't it be trendy? Maybe that's just old school.

4. Closure
     Does that really mean anything? I need closure. They need closure. They have closure now. Does closure do anything for a person? The pain is still there and knowing why or how doesn't really close the wound. Maybe an attempt, but that's all.

5. Viral
     You know what I hate about this word? It sounds like an infection. But, in the internet world, it means that it's a video that everyone all over the world is watching. When I hear " it went viral", I do not want to watch it. It's a turn off. Which brings me to another thing- why is the first thought is getting things on video to post? Your kid talks back to you or scales the refrigerator and it needs immortalized.

6. Featuring
     Remember way back when? When two people made a song together it was a duet. Now, the song is by one person and features a second one. And in some cases person "featured" is in the song more than the one that has his name on the song.

7. Twerk
     I know that Miley Cyrus twerked, but I am still confused as to what it is. It sounds like a made up word. Was it just for her twerk show thing or was it something before.

8. Issues
     Everything is an "issue". There used to be problems and just things that came up. Now, we all have issues about everything.

9. Liberal
     I hate this term. It groups people into categories. If you think this, you must be liberal or if you don't believe in this you can't be.  People are people.

10. Conservative
     Ditto on what I said for liberal. I have a problem with sticking people into piles. I agree with some of one and some of the other and disagree with both sides a lot of times. I am a human and I think. It drives me insane to be told that according to your political ideology, this is what you think. They don't know me.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Worth Mentioning- April 14, 2014

I am feeling better today.
I had myself a cry to release some pent up stress and things are good.

I have decided to make my oldest sister, Sheila Watkins, my worth mentioning this week.

She makes jewelry and sells it.
I have mentioned her before.
She used to have a website, but it  is down or something.
But, she sells a lot at craft shows and farmer's markets.

But, anyway, her jewelry making is not why she gets a mention.

She is six years older than me.
We grew up not having a lot in common.

But, she does so much or my parents.
She lives where they do and helps a lot.
My mother does not drive so Sheila takes her shopping and helps out with the farmer's market my mom also does.

Last year my dad was really sick. He lost so much weight that we didn't even know if he was going to make it.
But, he did.
Sheila planted his green beans for him.

Her husband puts in the window air conditioner in the summer.

She calls them most days to make sure they are OK.

I do appreciate her, even if I am not too good at tell her.

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Ain't Easy

Ever have one of those days when you are so close to telling someone they are an idiot?
So close that you can just feel the words on the tip of your tongue.

I think I may be approaching one of those years.

People don't think before they speak or put something in an email or elsewhere on the internet.
They bitch and whine about wanting something, but they get it and they bitch about it.

Everything is so corrupt.
Every time I write one of my senators or congressmen, there is always a very good reason they don't agree with me.
The reason money is never given, but usually ends up being what it is.

It's always about the money.
Greed makes the world go round.

Why are the stupid people in charge?

Why does it have to be your way or my way? Why is there no middle ground?

Here are some of my rules to live by:

*Sometimes common sense is called for. You can do all the research you want, but sometimes you just gotta look out the window.
*Treating people with respect goes farther than you think.
*You can't just continue to take and take. Eventually you will hit that line that people just won't cross.
*Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
*If you have to hide what you are doing, you probably shouldn't be doing it.
*None of us have as much control over our lives as we'd like to think. You just gotta do what you can.

What are some of your rules to live by?

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Worth Mentioning - April 7, 2014

OK, well, Blogger is trying to make this more trouble than it has to be.
My dashboard is not showing any blogs, no matter how many times I refresh.
It would have made it easier to find what I was looking for.

But, no.

Anyway, I thought I would pick a fellow blogger as my first "worth mentioning".

Robyn Alana Engel has a blog - Life by Chocolate. I never told her this, but I love her middle name. I used to want to give that name to any girl child I had. Alternate spelling, but same name.
I always wanted that name, but Honeyman wanted differently so we picked a different name for our daughter.
Of course, now he tells me that if I always wanted that name, we could have given her that. Seventeen years later!

Robyn is a social worker/ author from California.
She loves all things chocolate( well, I am not sure about chocolate covered bacon because she is Jewish) and is a very thoughtful person.
She is always telling me to be well and have a great weekend.

Robyn's a caring person.
Last November she gave away chocolates(fair trade) and a copy of her book to a breast cancer survivor.
I believe that everyone who entered ended up with a book too.
The woman I entered won and was so touched she sent me a thank you card.

She lives in Chico, California and shows pictures of her city and seeing Dupont, the horse dressed up is fun.
I really like her celibacy posts.

In 2012, Robyn wrote a book of poetry.
This is the book she sent out.
It is called Just the Right Time and is illustrated by Robin Mead.

 Have  great Monday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

OK I Suck

It has been brought to my attention by my brain that I suck.

I've been selfish.
I don't mean to be.

I prefer "not thinking" to selfish.
But, that also means thoughtless which is kinda selfish.

I think of things in relation TO ME.
I don't always think to say thank you
or recognize people for what they do.

I tell Honeyman that I appreciate him and I do.
But, I am not so good at giving credit to others.

I don't think about it.

I am better at it then 20 years ago.
With age comes some wisdom, after all.

But, keeping this in mind, I am going to make Mondays my "worth mentioning" day.
I will mention someone that is worth a mention for whatever reason I want.
They wrote a book, they made me smile, or just whatever.

I am trying to do better.
I swear.

So, Where Do I Start

Ever since I got back from Cincinnati, my days have been all mixed up.
I mean to post.
Then I'd forget to post.

Trying to make a little extra cash that seems to be taking up a lot of time.

Before I forget-

Check it out!
Buy it!

I have their book The Missing Link, which I am still reading and they got some talent there.

Not sure how many people will be seeing this what with this being April A-Z and I opted to not opt-in this year.
Last year I was planning not to and I got sucked in at the last minute.
This year, I just couldn't do it.

Mentally I am just not there.

I did get an email from the sister that isn't speaking to me.
It was short-only a few sentences.
I took that as a good sign.
I wrote her back and haven't got a reply back yet.
I may not.
Baby steps.

I miss her, but having any kind of relationship is on her and I have to let it be.
I could call and talk, but what kind of a relationship is it really if one side is the only one putting forth an effort.
And I know she thinks that I am the one with the problem and that I don't accept her.
I accept how she thinks.
But, I don't accept some of the things she does.

You can love someone and it's OK not to put up with their shit.

They can be valid reasons why you do what you do.
In the end, it doesn't always matter.
You did what you did. You said what you said.

My niece's twins are doing good. They are estimated to be just shy of 2 pounds each and they are movers.
She's getting a little bored not being able to do anything.

Have a great day!