Monday, September 21, 2015

Because I Don't Know

It's been a humdinger of a month, let me tell you.

Two days after the funeral of my uncle on my dad's side, my uncle on my mom's side died.

Can we just say....

Too many God damn funerals!

And finding out about both deaths over Facebook was not something I ever hoped to see?

Maybe lots of people don't care how they find out. I do. Facebook is for links and pictures and stupid duckface selfies and what you had for lunch.
It's not for announcing within minutes that a family member has died.
I guess I am old school.

In other news, an error was made somehow in paying my truck payment and they submitted a debit to my credit union for $438,027.00. The credit union called me and asked if it was fine to bounce it back.
Well, duh.
And the credit union proceeded to charge me $25 for NSF.
I did call them and they refunded that charge even though there was a fee to send it back.
So, I was nice and said "thank you" for their generosity.
Because, I would clearly be making payments of $438,027.00 for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

I did apply for a job and interviewed.
I realize that my interviewing skills are rather rusty.
I can't say that I bombed totally.
I can say that I was consistent in my interview,
Consistently unimpressive.

But, they had me fill out papers for a background check so it could go either way.

Just PT.
Not sure I can handle FT right now.