Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Have They Done To The Glue?

Is it me or is the glue companies are putting on plastic cracker and cereal bags getting extremely hard to rip open and more prone to tearing?

Also, the safety tops on jugs and bottles are ripping before they come off.

What is going on?

I just annihilated a sleeve of ritz crackers trying to open it.
Don't worry.
The crackers are fine.
It's the plastic sleeve I am worried about.

I hope they aren't using that cheap toxic glue that killed Susan on Seinfeld.
That might not be good for us.

Toxic or not, I am sure they went to this cause it is cheaper to use.

It's always cause it is cheaper, not better.

Maybe it's a combination of the glue AND the plastic.
I think the plastic is thinner.

Why do they have to do this to me? Us? The world?

I miss being able to lift the tab on the ketchup bottles and the safety cover would pull off.
Now, they have a tab attached at the top that says lift to pull off.
And the plastic part does pull off. It pulls off the cover and the cover stays on the bottle.

Now, I am just going to sit here eating way more crackers than I planned, just because of that stupid new packaging they got goin' on.
And I am too lazy to go get a baggie to put the crackers in.


Maybe it is all part of their evil, master plan.

Make the stuff hard to get into so they rip the bag of crackers or cookies.
So they have to eat more.
They will run out sooner.
So they have to go BUY more.

Pretty smart!

Too bad, I'm on to them now.

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