Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- The Good About Getting Older

Last year, when I turned the big 4 0 I did a post on 10 reasons why I was staying 39 forever.
I have since determined that the 4th decade is not so bad and that it's just a number.

So, this weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about being comfortable about my age.
I turned 41 yesterday.

1. I can admit I am over 40.
    Before I turned 40, I dreaded it. One day and I'd cross over to a new number. I hated it. Now? I can't say I love saying those high a numbers, but I can say that you are only as old as you feel and I don't feel old.

2. I don't care about gifts.
    I don't know why it happened. But, it seemed to correlate with the year I turned 40. When I was little, I didn't get much for gifts and I always wanted good gifts and now I just want something that shows me the person cares. Wash my dishes, make me something, call me. That is what really matters.

3. I am who I am.
    I am not sure if this was due to just turning 40, but I know I am much more comfortable with who I am than I was even a couple years ago. Life is not so much fun when you worry about what other people think.

4. I am smarter.
    I don't just think the news is automatically true. I delve deeper and look at everything. Maybe more informed is a better word.

5. I am healthier.
    I think that goes hand in hand in being more informed. I feel better and am healthier since I quit paying attention to what the government and news people are saying what is best for our health. I just wish I had paid attention sooner.

6. Elections should not be based on one issue.
    When I was younger, I based my yea or nay on the basis of one issue. That one was a make or break for me. Now, I realize that when everyone does that, things don't work. Get all the facts and than choose the best candidate overall.

7. It's OK to tell my mother that she isn't right.
    I'd probably say more to her, but my dad will have to listen to her complain and I don't want to subject him to that. But, I will voice my opinion more than I used to. Sometimes I get sick of her little comments and something needs to be said.

8. It's OK to experiment with cooking.
    I never used to deviate from a recipe. I never made anything that I didn't learn from my mother or a cookbook. Not anymore. If it sounds good, I stick it together. If it turns out good, I give it a name. If it doesn't, we shall never speak of it again.

9. I trust my instincts.
    If something feels wrong, I pay attention. I get feelings about certain things. I used to try and not listen and in the end I should have. It could have saved a lot of money and frustration.

10. When someone dies, don't JUST be sad.
    Also, be grateful that you knew them and that they were in your life for as long as they were. You can't just remember the bad in them passing. You have to remember the good times you shared. It's what gets you through.


Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- That's my Status!

 This week's Ten Things Tuesday is a list of some of my Facebook statuses.
If I give an explanation, it is under the status.
None really do, I just felt like giving ya one.

1. Everyone should be born with a bullshit radar.  Maybe they are and some people's are just broken.

2. Sometimes trying to talk sense into someone is like hitting your head against a brick wall.  It's useless and now my head hurts.

3. How lucky are we? Stone Sour tickets on sale for cheap so we got 'em and they are now sold out.
    Tickets were only $5 at a small venue in Des Moines. Show sold out in under 3 hours and almost no notice was given before the sale.

4. I hear thunder!
     In a drought, that sound is some mighty sweet music.

5. A word is just a word. Fuck, shit, tacos, damn.
6.  What's good about the upcoming elections? The PACs, campaigns, and political parties are keeping the post office in business.

 7. Sometimes you just have to let go of all the nasty crap before it chokes you.

 8. Bullshit wrapped up in a pretty little bow is still bullshit.

9. I could stand to win the lottery right about now. I guess that means I'd have to buy a ticket...

10. Hi, my daughter's name is ___________ and she has a sharing problem.
     If she had to go 15 minutes without sharing on Facebook, her head would explode. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I'm back in my room.
Just two months later.
Or 2-1/2.
But, who's counting?

It is so nice not to be sleeping 1 and 1/2 feet off the floor anymore.

The closet is not completely done and my shelves for the wall have not been built.
But it's all good!

 Not too bad for a DIY job! Took three coats when it was supposed to be one, two at most since it has built in primer.
 I know. I didn't paint the inside of the closet. After painting the walls, I just didn't care about a space no one will see but me.
 Nice moulding around the windows, wouldn't you say?
 The TV went up as soon as the paint was done so it wouldn't be sitting around on the floor.
I didn't do such a bad job on the floor.

Now, life can get back to some sense of normalcy.
I hope.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- October Goodness

October is just a nice time of year.
Not too hot and not too cold.

Maybe it is if you live on the equator or the North Pole.
I don't.
So, it's good for me.

But, it's not just the temperature outside.
This week's Ten Things Tuesday is on great things about October.

1. Moving back into my bedroom.
    Woo Hoo! OK, it hasn't happened yet, but we are on target for a couple days from now.
My closet door isn't on yet and my shelves still have to be built, but I can live with that.

2. Product evaluations
    I do surveys for extra money, ya know. Sometimes that involves trying out the product. It's been a little dry in that department. Not this month. I have 4 going on right now. Go me!

3. Halloween
   So, some churches are calling it an evil holiday. I even saw an article about some minister wanting to change Halloween to Jesusween. Well... Halloween, if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

4. Rain
    Over the weekend it rained here so much. My well was much appreciative. It rained over 2".

5. Home Improvement sales
   We are already a few hundred dollars over budget so finding a sale is so nice. Plus, my light was on clearance.

6. My birthday
    It's the 29th. I don't care so much about the day except for the birthday dinner. I have always let the birthdayee pick what they want for dinner. And no substitutes will be made. I can even make sweet potato fries and Kiddo can't say boo.

7. Having some garden things still alive
    It froze here, but my broccoli and Brussel sprouts are still going. So is my cilantro, oregano, and chives. The herbs still living is odd, but a good thing.

8. Finding out Beyonce is doing the superbowl halftime show
   This means I don't have to worry about missing something good when I go to the bathroom, get snacks, clean, etc. I would have worried for months.

9.  Making baked sweet potato chips
    I tried them a few days ago. They are awesome! Now, I don't have to buy the ones that have extra ingredients I don't want.

10. Leaves turning colors
    I love seeing all the leaves on trees turning colors. It is especially neat on a hill with all the trees displaying different colors.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Is It November Yet?

I'd really like to say November 7th,
but we all know the bitching about who won will commence as soon as the returns come in.

I am going to give it to the 20th before things settle down.
That may be a wee bit optimistic.

I am tired of all the labels and names.
I am tired of being labeled stupid for having a different viewpoint.
I am tired of the stupid people being stupid by calling other people stupid when their facts are skewed by their feelings.

I wish I lived in a country where people actually realized they had more than 2 choices and that voting a different way would not be "throwing their vote away".
If enough people thought this way, it might make a difference.

I hate talking politics with people.
I can do it with Honeyman, because I know it's not going to lead to an argument.

I read this quote on Facebook today.
Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions. G. K. Chesterton 

I really don't agree.
When is accepting another person's ideas having no conviction?
I don't have to like your opinion or agree, but I will tolerate it.
I will respect it.

I have friends on Facebook that won't be friends with someone that is a liberal(GASP)
or a Rethuglican(Oh no!)

Guess it's a good thing I am neither.

Of course, I am starting to wonder why I am friends with them.
Oh yeah.

I tolerate.
They don't, but that is another thing.

That and I hide their political rants and photos.

Maybe I am getting the meaning of the quote wrong.
But, that is what I get.

Another thing I was thinking of this morning, was something George W. Bush once said.
Either you're with us or you're against us.
This is where US politics is right now.

Two major parties and no one wants to compromise.

I don't believe either one is the answer.

I will vote.
But, I am not holding out much hope that things will actually change.
Well, for the better anyway.

Go Puppets!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- I Remember When...

I do not feel old.
Not a bit.

But, I have seen my fair share of changes in this thing we call life.

Some good changes,
some bad changes,
some things- not good or bad- just different.

That's this week's ten things Tuesday.
Just stuff I remember.

1. Dialing a phone
    No pushing buttons for me. You stuck your finger in the number hole and dialed to the right. It was novel when the neighbors got a fancy new kind of phone with buttons. It still looked like my phone except with big ole buttons. I wanted one.

2. Popping popcorn on the stove
   These days I have an air popper. Once in a while I'd like to do it the old fashioned way.
Pour a little oil in a big pan, add some popcorn, put the lid on and shake it back and forth over the hot burner. But, I have a flat, ceramic top stove and I'd be afraid I'd scratch it.

3. Wringer washers
   When I was little, the new automatic washers were making their debut. However, my mom liked her wringer-washer. It took her all day to do laundry. Finally Maytag quit making them and she was forced into the modern era. She actually liked having her laundry all washed and hung up BEFORE noon. Who knew?

4. Heating up leftovers on the stove
   Yes, I remember life before microwaves. We got one for my mom when I was 13. She still has that same microwave. I can't even tell you how many microwaves I have gone through.
The glass plates make great platters FYI.

5. No FM radio
   It was AM or nothing. Oh we had FM, but hardly any stations were actually on it. But, when FM took off, all the good stations were FM while the lame stayed on AM.

6. There was no cable OR satellite
   But, now that it is available, I think most of the shows are junk. Does anyone remember when you could buy a satellite dish and than you could just watch without paying for it every month?
Sort of like buying an antenna.

7. Gas was under a dollar
  YES! Under $1 a gallon. It didn't even go much over a dollar until I was pregnant with Kiddo. It hit $1.36/gallon and that was so expensive. Now, look at it 16 years later.

8. Generics came on the scene
   All you could buy was national brands. No off brands or store brands. Then the no label products started popping up. I called them black and white brand because the label was black and white and just said what was in it. My mom used to buy black and white brand spaghetti sauce. She hated it that I called it black and white brand. I was supposed to call it generic. Hey! It was black and white.

9. The 8-Track
    They were a fat funky looking version of a cassette. You had to have an 8-track player, of course. I wonder if anyone that went out and got one got pissed when they turned out to be unpopular. But, if they kept it, they'd be able to sell it for a lot of money today.

10. The Laserdisc
      It was like a giant DVD. It came out about the same time as VHS and Beta max video cassettes. I think you know who won the war. I did see a movie on laserdisc once. It was pretty cool to see a movie that way. Now, the discs are so much smaller and it doesn't seem all that impressive.

What kinds of things do you remember from when you were younger?

Have a great Tuesday!