Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Young Get Old and The Old Get Young

Maybe I am the odd one for hating it.
I just do.
It is so unbelievably annoying.

I just want to smack ANYONE to says it.

OK, I can write it down so you know what I mean.
I can do it.

I am feeling a bit nauseous just cause I hate reading it or hearing it.
And now I am writing it.

But, here goes.

Years young.

I hate that term with a passion.

You start off going through life: 1 hour OLD, 2 months OLD, 10 years OLD.
Than, all of a sudden you get to an age when you are years YOUNG.
He turned 65 years YOUNG today.

What are you?
A member of Mork's race where you start off old and get younger as life goes on?
Except we actually do get older, so what is up with all that?

Let's call the old people young so they won't feel old.

Believe me, they feel like they are old.
When they have failing eyesight, have to walk with walkers, and have to take their teeth out at night- they feel old.

I have this strange little pet peeve about misusing words.
So, I believe this fits.

Whoever first said those words together should be shot.
Yes, I really think so.

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