Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Time

I think the funk that has been casting it's ugly shadow over me has finally lifted.

So, I figured a post to let you all know I am not dead is in order.

That is, unless nobody reads these.

But, I am not gonna think that nobody cares.
I prefer to believe that everyone has been deeply upset that I have not sent any strange ramblings out into cyberspace in a while.
It just helps me get through my day.

So, what is new?

Not the rain that is headin' my way,
that's for damn sure.

Though my garden has dried enough that I can walk into it.

Ooh, there was some thunder and lightning.

Whenever there is a storm I get that cheer from high school in my head.
You know the one.

Thunder and lightning.
Take two steps on back.
Crash, bash, oh whiplash
something, something yeehaw.

something, something= been out of school 20 years, give me a break.
And I did a search and couldn't find cheer lyrics.
So, deal.

Anything else?

I don't really think so.
Been a slow news day.

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