Monday, June 7, 2010

And I Feel Fine!

Today is one of my really good days.

I don't always have them.
I wish I did.

You know, I hate it when people say everything in life is a choice.
Including choosing to get up in the morning and be happy.

Like it is just that simple.

Cause some days it is really not.

Some days it is really hard.

But today, I am doing pretty good.

I haven't made as much money online as I would have liked.
But, I made more than $0.

I did get other things done online and I am happy about that.

I made brownies.

Baking or cooking always seems to even me out.

Sometimes I wish I had something to bake every day.
Yes, I love to bake that much.

Though I could do without the washing of the dishes afterward.

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