Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take My Boobage, Please!


I'd give mine up.

Why pay for a boob job?
Just go around to the very well endowed and I am sure they'd give up some of theirs.

I really wonder why anyone would want super big boobs.

OK, maybe strippers.
Big boobs= big money in that line of work.

But for anyone else?

I don't think anyone tells the woman that wants DDs that there are drawbacks.

Under wire bras get uncomfortable, but you have to have them.
Small boobed women can make do without them.

Bra tops are pretty much out.
They lack support.

That also means no bras are a no go.

You need the support.
You want the support.

Plus, the under boob sweat.

No one mentions that.

But when you get hot, you sweat under your boobs and if you don't have a bra on they will make sweat stains on your shirt right under where your boobage is.
That's real attractive.

But, if after all that, you still want them come on over.

It would be nice to sleep comfortably on my stomach for once.

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