Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life Is A Do Over!

Sometimes no matter how crappy things get, I just have to hope it WILL get better.

Otherwise what do I have?

I have learned over the years that life most likely will not turn out the way I always thought it would.

So, I just have to accept the hands that were dealt to me or...

Get off my ass and change things.

Which, believe me, is easier said than done when you have a family to consider.

But it doesn't even have to be big changes that will upset the apple cart of life.

It can be as small as just changing your outlook on things and acting accordingly.

That is different from just accepting things.

Accepting is just resigning yourself to how things are and just living with it.

Changing your outlook can actually help you think about how to make things better for yourself.

That is what I can do for me.

That is what I am doing for me.

My life is not much different than it was a few months ago.
Or even a few years ago.

But, it is different because I am learning how to look at what I can do.
Instead of what I can't.

I am learning that I can fake it til I feel it.
And that is sometimes hard.
The feelings can be overwhelming.

Trying is the best we can all do.

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