Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Cow Was Destroyed But There Were No Fatalities!

What a relief to know that.

I would have thought that a cow dying was a fatality.
My mistake.

But according to the EMS head person in a county in southern Iowa that is exactly what happened.

The cow didn't DIE.

Like it was a barn or something else that doesn't breathe air.

And people say the news isn't entertaining.
I find myself laughing at the stupid things they say all the time.

Honeyman said just listening to that woman speak made him feel like he was losing IQ points.

But, I am sure you are wondering what happened to the poor cow.

I think it was in a barn that collapsed from strong winds.

It is a pretty stormy night in dear old Iowa.

Luckily nothing major at my house.
Tornadoes went south of here.

But, the night ain't over yet.

Please, Fat Lady, start singing.
I'd like it to be over.

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