Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, She Is THAT Stupid!

We always end up with what we like to deem the "special" kitties.
Let's put it this way.
If there were buses for cats many of ours would be taking the short ones.

But, for right now, I am referring to Sparkle.
Or as she is also known to us.
Spark Butt.

Of all the things our sweet little Spark Butt does, jumping up is the cutest by far.

She looks up at you, wiggles her butt back and forth and leaps right up into your arms.
Thing is, she doesn't always make sure your arms are out to catch her.
And she has no front claws.
So she just falls.

But, one time Lon was out burning grass from around some small trees and Sparkle came out to see him.
She decided to come jump up.

Since she always has to wiggle her butt and she has a long, bushy tail there was a small problem.

She wagged her tail right into the fire and just leaped at Lon.
Didn't even seem to notice she was on fire.

So, of course Lon wasn't catching her.

But, he did have to put her out.
The fire.

It was just her tail hair.

So, she is perfectly fine.

But, tell me that wasn't stupid.

Look before you leap!

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